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Oct 30, 2018

How to Farm Honor in League of Legends FAST and get out of zero honor!

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Stuck at Zero Honor? 

We all have bad days, some more than most. Maybe you had a few too many bad days and Riot suspended you and reset your honor back to zero. Unfortunately, you need to be Honor Level 2 (or higher) in order to get ranked rewards. The good news is, once you stop being honor locked, there's still a possibility of getting back to Honor Level 2 before the ranked season ends but it's going to take some grinding...

What We Know About Honor

Here are the facts of what we know so far about Honor, which is shrouded in a bit of mystery:
  1. Pre-mades give "less" honor than randoms;
  2. If everyone honors someone, the entire team gets a boost;
  3. Getting reported may or may not affect rate of honor gain; and
  4. Getting reported at zero honor will slow the rate at which you get out of zero honor. 
With that in mind, let's check out how to work around these facts...

Play Bot Games or ARAM Out of Zero Honor

Zero honor is honor hell. If you receive another report while sitting at zero, it amplifies your stay and you're stuck there for even longer. The best way of generating honor and more importantly, avoiding reports is to play low stress games. Bot games are perfect for this since everyone basically honors someone after each game. Same with ARAM, but sometimes players are saltier after losing and may end up not honoring someone or worse, reporting.

Swap or Trade Whenever Possible

A good first impression is always worth more for generating honor. If your teammates want to swap or trade roles/champions, do it. Remember that your goal is getting honor, not necessarily winning. 

Don't Say Anything Critical

There's nothing that will turn your teammates against you faster than a few negative words, and even something that you thought was innocent WILL screw over your chances of gaining honor. Missing enemy pings are also not going to win you any friends.

Don't Die...unless it's to save your ally

Getting kills is all fine and dandy, but what's really impressive is simply not dying. If you stay alive a lot more than your team mates, not only will you gain a natural gold advantage, but it'll also look like you carried the game. Meanwhile, willing to give your life for your ally is even better than not dying, but make sure they know they would have died if not for your valiant sacrifice.

Build team-oriented items and tell your teammates

One of the easiest way to get honor, especially in ARAM is to build team-oriented items and make sure your team knows you picked one up. Saying something like, "I'll buy a Locket and a Redemption for us" early on and following up with "I just got Knight's Vow for you :)" is a quick and easy way to make your team think you're the cat's meow.

Spam Games

After all is said and done, it really comes down to a numbers game. Keep playing as much as possible to rack up as much honor as possible. You could try doing premades if you get bored, but that has a greatly reduced honor reward. However, as long as you keep playing without getting reported, you'll quickly recover your honor for those sweet season end rewards.

How's your honor grind going? Did you get reset this season? Got more honor grinding tips? Comment below!

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