Mar 8, 2018

Top 10 Ways to Gain Lane Advantages

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Lane phase tends to be a relatively tame time during the game with limited spells and a focus on farming. However, there are certain tactics that can give you an advantage in lane and translate to an early game win. Check out our favorite tips below!


Lane phase tends to be a relatively tame time during the game. With limited spells and a focus on farming, generally making action plays is riskier than it's worth. However, there are certain tactics that can give you an advantage in lane and translate to an early game win. Check out our favorite tips below!

Attack while enemies are auto-attacking

Every time an enemy champion auto-attacks (for a last-hit), they’re vulnerable for a brief moment. If they don’t cancel their auto animation, this can be especially long. This is the perfect time to throw a skill shot or auto-attack harass. Although it might be tempting to get a few extra shots off, beware of minion aggro as that can quickly turn your advantage into a bad trade.

Pull minions out of skillshot lines

Some champions like Thresh have difficulty landing skill shots through thick minion waves. If you attack an enemy champion near minions, the minions chase you for a bit. With good lane positioning you can thin the wave towards one side of the lane. This gives you a clean trajectory on the opposite side of the lane.

Move enemies towards allied junglers

As easy as it is to manipulate enemy minions, manipulating enemy champions is almost as easy. If you rotate around he lane, enemy players tend to rotate out of range by moving to the opposite side of the lane. If your jungle is ganking on one side of the lane, rotating around the opposite side will move your enemy closer to the hidden threat.

Stun minions during trades

Minions tend to be the highest source of damage in early game trades. However, if you can use an AOE stun you can out-trade inside the minion wave.


Many players tend to just pick whatever they think is strong. However, there are niche champions that absolutely counter enemy champions in lane (think Heimerdinger vs Illaoi). If you pick correctly, you can give your team a free major advantage.

Shove to turret

Here’s one of the easiest ways to gain a lane advantage, and many players do this without realizing why they do it. Pushing to the enemy turret makes it more difficult for enemies to CS, adds damage to the turret, and reduces their vision. However, remember that a 50 CS lead isn’t a real lead until you shop for items.

Freeze in front of turret

If the enemy lane is trying to push to your turret and you can prevent it and lock it in front of your turret, it renders them in danger. Doing so allows you to open them up to jungle ganks. If you’re in bot lane it also allows your support to zone them off the minion wave.

Bait cooldowns

Understanding the range of enemy champions allows you to skirt just outside their range. Doing so allows you to bait out their cooldowns and win trades afterwards. However, if they have kill potential make sure you’re aware of if they have flash or not.

Take Plants & Scuttle Crabs

Many players ignore plants and scuttle crab unless they’re jungling. However, controlling blast plants and scuttle crabs in top and bot lane can greatly diminish the potential of enemy ganks. If you’re about half health picking up health pellets is also helpful. However, make sure you know where the enemy jungle is.

Hide frequently in unwarded bushes

Moving into the river in an unwarded bush after pushing in your lane gives you a ton of advantages. It causes enemies in other lanes to play safer since you’re MIA. It also gives you the ability to gank your own lane or better, the enemy will face check the bush and give you the first offensive move.

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