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Dec 14, 2016

Official Mid-Patch 6.24 Updates Released!

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Patch 6.24 is shaping up to be quite an interesting one as the ranked grind beings and the try-hards are out in full force. To make things a little more balanced, Riot shipped out a few changes this patch, mostly in the form of champion nerfs.

Junglers are also performing a little too well in the current patch, so Riot hit Smite with a small love tap as well. Check out the full changes below!


Buffs: Azir, Taliyah
Nerfs: Ivern, Leblanc, Rengar, Shaco, Teemo
Tweaks: Smite Summoner

Mid-Patch Updates

Since 6.24 will be the patch we’re playing on into the new year, we’re shipping some quick follow-up to smooth out a few wrinkles. This is also that really big pre-patch for the client update we told you about.

PS - as with past balance updates, tooltips are occasionally wonky until our next big patch. Sorry!


Azir’s buffs this patch were outweighed by how hard he was hit by the Rylai’s changes. We’re giving his soldier damage a mid-game boost to help mitigate that loss of strength.

W - Arise!

SOLDIER STAB DAMAGE, LV 1-850~66 (unchanged)
SOLDIER STAB DAMAGE, LV 9-1569/72/75/85/95/110/125 70/80/90/100/110/120/130
SOLDIER STAB DAMAGE, LV 16-18140~170 (unchanged)


Triggerseed maxes are still pretty dominant. We’re following up with a more substantial cut to Triggerseed’s power at all ranks, especially as the game goes on.

E - Triggerseed

SHIELD80/120/160/200/240  70/100/130/160/190
SLOW DURATION3 seconds  2 seconds


For somebody with a lot of roaming tools and dueling potential, LeBlanc’s wave clear doesn’t leave opponents with many options to deal with her. We want LeBlanc’s opponents to feel more rewarded for pushing her in.

Q - Shatter Orb


W - Distortion

DAMAGE85/125/165/205/245  85/120/155/190/225


Rengar is having a bit too much success at starting the snowball, so his base damages need to take a hit.

Q - Savagery

DAMAGE PER STRIKE40/60/80/100/120  35/55/75/95/115

E - Bola Strike

DAMAGE50/100/150/200/250  50/95/140/185/230


Shaco’s burst damage is too high - especially AP Shaco's. It’s one thing to have a high-damage combo, but Shaco’s ability to murder from stealth doesn’t give opponents enough time to react.

Q - Deceive

RATIO0.5 ability power  0.4 ability power

E - Two-Shiv Poison

ABILITY POWER RATIO0.9 ability power  0.75 ability power
ATTACK DAMAGE RATIO0.85 bonus attack damage  0.75 bonus attack damage

R - Hallucinate

CLONE EXPLOSION DAMAGE300/450/600  200/300/400


These changes boost Threaded Volley’s damage no matter how many rocks she lands (except in rare cases where Taliyah gets crazy amounts of ability power), but they’re especially focused on the first few hits. This makes Taliyah’s damage more reliable, even when she doesn’t have the perfect 5-rock setup.

Q - Threaded Volley

DAMAGE60/80/100/120/140  70/95/120/145/170
RATIO0.4 ability power  0.45 ability power
DAMAGE FALLOFFRocks after the first deal 50% damage  40% damage


This one’s just a bugfix.

E - Toxic Shot

BUGFIXFixed a bug causing Toxic Shot’s poison to count as ability hits for the purposes of effects like Thunderlord’s Decree


Pre-season’s changes have given junglers too much early-game power. We’ll continue investigating early clears as we move into the new year, but for the moment, Smite’s sustain is going down so junglers can’t convert their early advantage into lane pressure so efficiently.
HEALTH RESTORE100 + 10% maximum health  70 + 10% maximum health


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