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Dec 21, 2016

Analyze Your Allies and Enemies - Analytical Tool For Arming Yourself with KNOWLEDGE

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Hey guys, earlier this week I started getting tired of opening up pre-game analysis sites up manually, so I decided to make a small utility to make things easier. I figured if it's useful for me, some of you might find it helpful as well!

Use This Tool Before Each Game to
Increase Your Chance of Winning!

Input Fields

Pregame Lookup

During the pre-game lobby, copy the summoner names into the input field box above (you can leave in the "joined the lobby" part, then click anywhere outside of the box. Key things to look for:
  • Don't ban your teammate's main
  • See if your teammates are playing on tilt
  • Get a feel for what level the game will be

Loading Screen Lookup

Once the game gets to the loading screen, this is when you get to scout out the enemy players too. Look out for the following:
  • How many kills does the jungler have per game? If high, watch out for ganks
  • How many kills/deaths per game does the enemy laner have? If high, look out for early all-ins
CTRL + Click the links below to open in a new tab (after copy pasting the summoner names in the input box)
Lolnexus uses more season data per champion, whereas Lolskill only uses Season 7. Lolskill also has the added benefit of calculating a "chances of winning" stat which is interesting, but doesn't work well if anyone is still in placements. I personally like to use both at the same time.


Copy paste the block of text in the chat window from your client that looks like the below into the input box. Select a region if it's not already the correct one, then click anywhere on the page other than in the textbox.

Report links will appear. If they don't, turn on javascript.

More Tips on Analysis

See if your teammates are playing on tilt
If your teammates seem to be on a long losing streak the last few games and are also selecting champions that they've never played before, they're probably on tilt. In this case, see how good the rest of the team is on the champions they play, and decide whether it's worth dodging and losing 3 LP or not.

Get a feel for what level the game will be
If you're still in your placements, then games may have very wide spreads in terms of skill level. If you notice that you've landed in a high division game, check out these tips for playing against higher division players. If you notice you're playing at a lower division, check out these tips for climbing as a superior mechanical player.

Statistical Analysis

Junglers with High KDAs:
  • Is it an early game jungler like Lee Sin or Evelynn? Watch out for an invade and consider starting at a different buff if you're jungling. If you're laning, be wary for continuous ganks. Players that don't successfully execute ganks quickly fall behind on farm and can be counter-jungled.
  • Does their win rate reflect their high KDA? If it's fairly mediocre in relation to their KDA, they may be overly aggressive late to mid game and throw games. Stay in groups and try and isolate them. They may also be prone to tilt, so don't count the game over until it's over, even if they're 12-2.
Marksmen KDAs
  • If the marksman has high kills and high deaths, they may be more aggressive than most players. Take advantage of this and have your jungler camp the lane.
  • If the marksman has high kills and low deaths, check to see if they are duo with the enemy support. This might indicate they do well coordinated plays like Alistar's level 2 flash pulverize. Make sure to time their summoner spells and watch out for the all-in.
Mid/Top Lane KDAs
  • If most of the enemy mid/top's games are extremely bipolar (either really good or really bad scores), then expect constant all-in fights. Play defensively and have the jungler camp again. As an allied jungler, make sure to hover the lane early and try and snowball a lead.
Support KDAs
  • Supports with high deaths generally indicates that they are not good supports and are likely auto-filling or just plain filling. Watch out for flash initiations and roam constantly, as the map is likely not well warded.

Do you have any ideas or revisions to this tool that you'd like to see implemented? Comment below!

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