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Nov 12, 2016

Top 10 Ways Twisted Treeline is Different From Summoner's Rift

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The new Twisted Treeline queue option allows for another ranked ladder grind with MMR separate from your Summoner's Rift MMR. What's different about this map though and how much of your skills will transfer over? Check out the article inside!

What's the Difference Between Twisted Treeline and Summoner's Rift?

Besides the obvious, the Twisted Treeline map is focused on fighting and pushing objectives early in the game. Invading is a core strategy, and good team synergy often shines brighter than individual skill as a result of stacking crowd-control spells.

Core Differences

Less Lane Farm Oriented

On Summoner's Rift, it's possible to get killed in lane, but still come out ahead simply via out-farming the enemy. However, on Twisted Treeline kills snowball into jungle control, which snowballs into map control, and allows one team to massively out-farm the other.

More Snowball Potential

There are no wards on the map. This means that avoiding the enemy team in jungle can be difficult, especially since objectives cause the enemy to gain sight of you when you stand on them. Even if your laners survive, teams can press an advantage by choking out the enemy jungler's farm, resulting in a 2v3 game.

Faster Paced Games, But Difficult to End

As a result of the ability for enemy teams to choke out farm, it often ends up very one-sided. However, the inner turrets (especially the nexus one) are difficult to siege on compared to the outer turrets. Because of this, winning teams will often have to continue farming before siege if the enemy team simply turtles behind their turrets.

No Wards

The largest difference on this map of course, is the lack of wards. This causes champions like Maokai to be insanely good as a result of the free vision he can provide combined with chokepoint control ability.

More Bush-Camping

On Summoner's Rift, face-checking bushes can be bad, but is generally somewhat safer since there are fewer bushes to hide in and enemies are not always sure it's unwarded. However, on Twisted Treeline, there are few paths to and from lanes. As a result, camping in bushes is a keystone tactic on Twisted Treeline, and often makes or breaks games.

Trinket is Life & Death

The trinket that you are auto-equipped with is exceedingly powerful, and good usage is often the difference between winning and losing a game. Learning its range allows you to check dangerous bushes for enemies, completely negate invisibility champion abilities, and prevent instant losses.

Crowd-Control Stacking 3v2

In a standard 2v2 on bot lane on Summoner's Rift, champions die very quickly if two people stack their crowd-control spells on a single target. Meanwhile, if the jungler happens to be ganking, 3v2s area extremely difficult to turn around. Twisted Treeline feels this way at all times. Any 3v2 fight that breaks out is essentially the same as getting ganked by the enemy jungler from an unwarded river. 

Carrying Baddies is Harder

You know how when one lane gets camped players demand the jungler helps to gank it? Well in this case, the jungler better be ganking and counter-ganking 24/7. Similarly, following your lane is extremely important to avoid the awful 2v3. The best way to do this is to make sure the battles focus around your least wary person. That way, they can't help but be in the fight.

Jungle Farm Oriented

As mentioned before, choking out the jungle farm is key to winning any threes game. Beating enemies in lane is great, but jungle camps tend to be more important as a result of their slower spawn time. By taking out the jungler, it also opens up the altars for capture, furthering the gold lead.

No Spawn Timers

Unlike the casual 5s game where spawn timers are explicitly shown, key objectives in this game have hidden timers. Here are the most important ones:
  • Vilemaw: Initial spawn: 10:00, respawn: 6:00
  • Jungle Monster spawn: 1:35, respawn in 75 sec
  • Altar and Ghost Relic unlock: 3:00, respawn in 1:30
  • Surrender Time: 15 minutes

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