Nov 5, 2016

Top 10 Season Ending Tips to Keep In Mind

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The end of the season is a stressful time, full of tension and pressure to perform at the highest levels. As we close out the last two days of Season 6, let's all keep a few things in mind. As you close out the season, remembering the following will help you win more games and stay out of trouble:


The end of the season is a stressful time, full of tension and pressure to perform at the highest levels. As we close out the last two days of Season 6, let's all keep a few things in mind:

As you close out the season, remember...

Be Kind to Others

If you've already achieved your hopes and dreams, you are probably playing at the cusp of a division, often with other people trying to accomplish the same. Be kind to them, even though you already made it, there are other people who are trying really hard to get there!

Where one season ends, another begins

Even if you don't get to the Season that you wanted this time around, don't sweat it. Nobody cares what you were last season since it is only the current Season that matters. If anything, you can talk up how much you improved since the end of last season by ending in a lower bracket.

Play your strengths

Often, people pick something crappy because they assume they already lost in champion select, trying to save their stats or maybe trying to force a dodge. Nobody's dodging. In fact, that jungle Ryze might just be the best jungle Ryze to ever exist. You don't need to play first time Braum top. We can win.

Belief is free, anger pays a price

Nobody ever rage quit a game because someone said, "we can still win late game". There have certainly been a few rage quits at, "GG this Draven is trash" though. No matter what you think, 5v5s are statistically proven to have better odds of winning than 4v5s.

Better safe than sorry

You ever see professionals play super cautiously and farm up? It's not because they like being boring. It's because they like winning games. Don't take unnecessary risks and always go for the conservative play.

Vision wards are 75 gold, kills are 300+

Some people don't like to buy vision wards because it costs gold to do so. However, if you die you give the enemy team 300 gold or more. Meanwhile, if you can deny vision to the enemy lane, your chances of a successful jungle gank will easily make up for that gold spent.

Don't feed the trolls

There is nothing a troll loves better during the end of a Season than to yell "GATEKEEPER" and run it down mid. Don't talk about how you need to win a game, and don't talk about how good you're doing. In fact, don't talk to trolls at all; it just feeds them.

Nobody wins games in post-game lobbies

Keyboard warriors might win some arguments, but they don't win games. Riot is not going to give you points back just because you convinced eight other people to report a troll. Move on and maximize your gaming time.

Remember real life

There's a reason athletes try and stay in tip-top mental and physical health. It makes you sharper and a better competitor. Eat, sleep, and drink plenty of fluids. Also, stand up after each game and keep that blood flowing!

Good Luck, Have Fun

This might be cliché, but remember that in the end the point of the game is to have fun unless you're a professional gamer. I suspect most of you are not, but still run into a lot of high stress situations. Good luck, have fun, and try not to feed.

Got more good tips to remember as the season closes? Comment below!

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