Mar 6, 2016

FOTM Report: Rumble in da Jungle

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After a long bout of Rumble-less League, he quite suddenly surged into popularity in patch 6.4 not in his usual role as a top laner, but as a jungler. With a 65% role rate in the jungle, it looks like not only is Rumble in the jungle, but he's a natural fit. Just look at that picture above!

How did he suddenly burst into viability? Check out the details below:


After a long bout of Rumble-less League, he surged into popularity in patch 6.4. However, Rumble's did not return to his usual role as a top laner, but instead has been reborn in the jungle. With a 65% role rate as a jungler, it looks like not only is Rumble in the jungle, but he's a natural fit. Just look how happy he is in that picture above!

How did he suddenly gain viability? Check out the details below:

How to Play
RunesAbility Power Quints, Attack Speed Reds, Flat Armor Yellows, Flat Ability Power Blues
Masteries: 12-0-18, Tanky Jungler Masteries
Abilities: Q, W, E then prioritize R > Q > E > W
Core Items: Stalker's Blade (Runic Echos), Sorcerer's Shoes, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Liandry's Torment, Zhonya's Hourglass, Deathcap

Why It Works

Runic Echoes
As a champion that relies on "sticking" to his opponents for maximum flamethrower magic (damage), the movespeed that Runic Echoes provides allows Rumble to perform very well and builds easily as a core jungle item. It also gives Rumble exceedingly fast jungle clears and strong map pressure. Similar to Udyr, Rumble can quickly clear out waves and use his Scrap Shield (W) and Runic Echoes empowered speed to reposition back into teamfights.

AP-Based Jungle Damage
In a meta that often contains champions like Zed and Yasuo mid lane, Rumble provides a key source of sustained AP-based damage from the jungle. This is often crucial to properly balancing a team, and he works as a front-line/engager as well if need be.

Extremely Healthy + Safe Clears
As a manaless jungler with low cooldowns and a shield for sustain, Rumble's early game jungle clears are extremely safe and flexible. Even if he gets invaded, Rumble can easily turn things around or escape without taking a large amount of damage.

Potential Pitfalls

Low Crowd-Control
Although Rumble's Electro-Harpoon (E) is an effective early game slow that can force flashes during his level 3 ganks, he's unlikely to kill enemy champions outright before picking up Runic Echoes for movespeed and chasing power. Late game, he also has trouble taking down single targets or peeling for the back line. As a result, he relies heavily on his burst damage to get things done.

Difficult to Position Ultimate
Calling Rumble's ultimate "difficult to position" is very subjective. However, the fact of the matter is, a nicely landed Equalizer (R) can often be the difference between victory and defeat. Unfortunately, many skirmishes tend to occur mid-lane, which leaves enemies plenty of space to quickly get out of it.

Not A Real Frontline
Despite picking up points in the resolve mastery tree and having a great shield to mitigate damage, Rumble is generally not considered a true "front-line" tank and can't really just walk at enemy teams expecting to come out alive. Similar to Nidalee, Rumble needs to play in a manner that maximizes the amount of spell rotations he can get out. This means that his low range spells can be detrimental to his effectiveness if he doesn't snowball.


Jungle Rumble is a decent enough champion selection, but he doesn't offer anything particularly outstanding that other AP based junglers don't already provide. He's unique in that he's manaless, but I don't see any reason you'd select him over Udyr, Nidalee, or Amumu except for fun or to throw your enemies off-guard. 

Suggested Rating: High Tier 2

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