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Jan 15, 2016

Top 10 Easiest Champions

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Some champions are easier to play than others. However, this does not mean they are by any stretch of the imagination "weak" (see Dr. Mundo and Trundle below).

That being said, let's check out the top 10 easiest champions to play in the game along with some advanced mechanics you can use to play them to an even higher level.


Some champions are easier to play than others. However, this does not mean they are by any stretch of the imagination "weak" (see Dr. Mundo and Trundle below). 

That being said, let's check out the top 10 easiest champions to play in the game along with some advanced mechanics you can use to play them to an even higher level.


More difficult than she was upon release, Sona still performs a very similar support role. Her main skill set comprises of mostly auras and a single champion prioritizing nuke. Additionally, her ultimate is a very large AOE skill shot stun, making it both simple to land and highly effective to boot.

Her main trouble lies in deciding which power chord to use on her passive, but generally most people can get away with just her Q or her E power chords to great effect.


Soraka's primary purpose in the game is to stay alive and healthy enough to provide her team with a nearly unlimited health pool. She only needs to land her personal heal once every few ally heals or so, and can remain in relative safety the remainder of the time. By positioning herself well in back of her allies, assassins need to jump exceedingly far to get a paw on her. Her AOE silence also makes it very difficult to take her down as they need to rely solely on auto-attacks while within the circle.

As far as difficulties go, staying alive when she is the main target is Soraka's major difficulty. She also needs to watch ally health bars to time her ultimate to its greatest effect, but otherwise she's a very safe and simple to use champion.

Dr. Mundo

As an unstoppable late game tank with super low cooldowns on his CC, Dr. Mundo is extremely forgiving to play. While mistakes may still result in his eventual death, for the most part he can get out of almost every situation safely (especially when he has his ultimate available).

Dr. Mundo's major difficulty is in his early game, where he may not be as durable as other champions, and also deals significantly less burst damage. Many Mundo players end up going too aggressive and have to play a game of catch-up before they're strong again.


Where Dr. Mundo needs to play more passively early game, Garen relishes the thrill of an early cheese kill for first blood. His all-in ability is extremely high with his auto-attack resetting ability at level one. The same ability (Q) also silences the enemy champion; this prevents retaliation from spellcaster type champions and gives him an advantage in most trades.

Garen's main difficulty lies in controlling the bush top lane, and making sure to maximize his damage by auto-attacking before each Q. He also has the ability to cancel his spin early, which may be beneficial if you want to use your ultimate sooner.


As a major FOTM pick lately, Trundle is gaining a lot of notoriety. His in-lane sustain is exceedingly high if you combine his passive with Grasp of the Undying, and his trade potential is amazing as a result. He can also work in a lot of extra auto attacks early game via his Q reset and W aspd/ms boost. This means his in-lane bullying potential is very high considering all you have to do for the most part is right click. 

Trundle's only major difficulty in the game is to make sure you don't accidentally trap your teammates in a bad spot with your pillar, and to make sure you ult the tankiest target on the enemy team. Other than that he's an exceedingly straight-forward champion.


As a jungler, Warwick is almost entirely an ult-bot. Where Trundle targets the tankiest member of the enemy team, Warwick targets the squishiest/most important member. His jungle path is extremely flexible and extraordinarily safe as a result of his lifesteal abilities, and he is heavily considered the most comfortable starting jungler for beginners.

For veteran Warwick players, ganking pre-6 is a definite possibility, but proper management of his Blood Scent (E) is necessary to sneak up on unsuspecting laners. Good Warwick players will also need to constantly check enemy player's item sets to see who buys a Quicksilver Sash, and watch to see if they use it early or if there's a secondary target that he can ult for maximum effect.


Although Warwick is the easiest starting jungler for players, Nunu arguably has THE healthiest clears in the game. The main difference is, Nunu's level 6 is not nearly as much of a power spike as Warwick's level 6. During teamfights however, his role is even simpler than for Warwick, as all he has to do is use Bloodboil (W) on his own marksman, Ice Blast (E) on the enemy marksman, and get his Absolute Zero (R) on as many targets as possible.

For more advanced Nunu players, they'll want to know exactly how strong they need to be to solo dragon/baron, and to also counter-jungle effectively against enemy teams without getting collapsed on.


One of the biggest lane bully in the game, Yorick sustains through any harass enemy laners can push through and continuously force enemy laners to back off of trades to prevent falling behind in lane.

Veteran Yorick players should learn good mana management, as well as a good understanding of which ally targets to use their ultimate on for maximum effectiveness.


Incidentally, the best counter to Yorick happens to also be on this list. With his built-in passive lifesteal, Nasus is extremely difficult to push out of lane. He can also build primarily defense/cooldown items and still deal a ton of damage. This makes him particularly difficult to prevent from farming up his Siphoning Strike (Q) and eventually becoming a massive late mid-game monster.

More experienced Nasus players just need to do what every other Nasus player needs to improve on as well, which is last hitting and understanding how many people you can take on by yourself. Many games have been thrown when Nasus thinks that 1v5 is still a battle in his favor.


Despite the fact that Taric will be receiving a rework soon, I think this list would not be complete if Taric was not included. With one of the few single target point-and-click stuns in the game combined with a targeted heal and two auras, Taric can be extremely effective even in the hands of a player who does not understand how to play the game.

Advanced Taric players will simply need to make sure their auras are in range of the right people, and weave in auto-attacks between each of their spells to take full advantage of his passive.


The champions above are some of the easiest to pick up and play in terms of sheer mechanical skill required. If you're looking for some new champions to add to your pool, the selections above will take you relatively little time to learn, and most are still very effective in the current meta.

Think there's an easier champion not on the list? Planning on picking up a few of these for your own pool? Comment below!

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