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May 28, 2015

Top 10 Ways To Solo Carry A Game

Once in a while, you get one of those heavy games. Everyone on your team is feeding, nobody knows what the heck they're doing, and you strongly suspect that one of them might be a blind chimpanzee. There are only two ways to conclude this game: Roll over on your back and admit defeat; or put the team on your back and wrench that victory from the jaws of defeat with your bare hands. But how do you go about doing it? Check out the top 10 ways below:


Once in a while, you get one of those heavy games. Everyone on your team is feeding, nobody knows what the heck they're doing, and you strongly suspect that one of them might be a blind chimpanzee.

There are only two ways to conclude this game:
  1. Roll over on your back and admit defeat; or
  2. Put the team on your back and wrench that victory from the jaws of defeat with your bare hands.
But how do you go about doing it? Check out the top 10 ways below:

1. Dump on your lane. Hard.

This might seem intuitive, but the old adage "win lane, win game" holds true for the majority of the time. Games where you win your lane, you naturally create a strong advantage for your team.

Even if your teammates all lose their lanes slightly, if you absolutely crush your lane and end up going 1v2, 1v3, 1v4, or even 1v5 and still coming out on top, then losing the game is very, very difficult.

2. Split-push like crazy

Similar to #1, if you create advantageous situations for your teammates to fight in by drawing two or more people to a specific lane, you're naturally allowing your team to get back into the game. Further, by practicing good movement from lane to lane, you can create openings where by winning one teamfight, you can take out two lanes rather than one.

Meanwhile, if you simply become an unstoppable force (see: fed Tryndamere), you may end up killing enemy champions one by one while taking turret after turret.

3. Take down towers

Taking down multiple towers have a dual benefit. First and foremost is the massive amount of global gold that it provides your teammates. Even if your teammates have fallen behind in farm, by taking down several towers in succession, you've allowed them to close the gold gap.

Secondly, taking down turrets forces the enemy team to either spend more gold on warding, or simply lose control of a side of the map. This slowly creates more and more openings where your team can hide and wait for an advantageous fight to break out.

4. Pacify your teammates

When Riot's tooltip comes up saying that teammates that verbally abuse their own tend to lose more games, it's true. Meanwhile, teammates that stop their teammates from verbally abusing their own win more games. Use the following tactics to win more games:
  • If your teammate is depressed about your chances of winning, always say that your late game is better.
  • If your teammate is bullying another teammate, change the subject.
  • If your teammate is bullying you, ignore him.

5. Control the map

As mentioned in #3, controlling the map opens up your team to many more advantage points to invade their jungle, gain extra farm, and move around the map without the enemy team responding in a timely manner.

Sweepers and pink wards are your main tools to do so, although you should try not to spam too many green wards. If you find yourself needing to place excessive amounts of green wards down, it may be best to upgrade your yellow trinket instead of getting a sweeper.

6. Buy valuable items

If your team is getting crushed by some specific champions on the enemy team and your build can fit it, then two of the most valuable items in the game are Aegis of the Legion and Frozen Heart.

These two defensive items are barely noticeable to your team and will likely go without praise, but they are by far, the two highest impact defensive items you can possibly buy. The amount of damage reduction that Aegis can provide vs even a single AP champion with AOE damage is absurd.

7. Call out timers

There is nothing that screams "tryhard" than calling out timers. While buff timers and objective times have largely been integrated directly into the game, calling out things like dragon timers when your team doesn't have vision of the pit and/or summoner spell timers inspires confidence in your team.

It says to your teammates, "there's else someone on our team that might not be a chimpanzee, this is good news" (no offense to chimpanzees of course). 

8. Last hit objectives

Never ever rely on your jungler to smite anything.

There's nothing more obnoxious than a fed Leblanc complaining about a jungler missing smite on Baron. If you're a burst damage champion, or even just someone like Graves with some burst damage attached, save some of your burst for last hitting objectives.

More times than not, the person who steals an objective isn't even the enemy jungler. If you have any sort of burst, use it to ensure that the objective is secured. 

Never rely on your jungler to smite anything.

9. Keep lanes pushed

Waves operate on a very simple rule. The wave with more minions will likely outpush the wave with less minions (not including any strange pathing by ranged minions).

This means that most of the time, it's easy to tell when a small wave will eventually grow into a big wave. Late game, you don't need to push all your lanes all the way to turret, simply making sure that the lane is going towards the enemy lane is enough.

By pushing lanes late game, you're able to possibly draw enemies out of teamfights to clear waves, and to also potentially pick up two lanes worth of objectives if you win a teamfight.

Early game, keeping lanes pushed invites jungle pressure, alleviating it from your other lanes and also forces the enemy laners to try harder to CS.

10. Backdoor

Finally, the famous backdoor. If your team is absolutely getting slaughtered, there's no way for you to win a teamfight, and there are no objectives left, then this is the last resort.

Pop your Highlander. Take out the enemy nexus. Laugh at your 2-70 victory over the enemy team. Winning never tasted so sweet.

Got more tips? Which one is your favorite? Comment below!

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  1. Victor LiuMay 29, 2015

    Most useful post ever.

  2. Haha the best post ever.

  3. Grigorios T.May 29, 2015

    I think that you need to write an article on how to snowball, bause it seems an essential part of solo carrying. Many people, me included, can win an early advantage for themselves, but don't know how to utilise it later. Very often I go 4/0 during laning, and end the game 11/8 or worse. I'd appreciate such an article, since, personally, I can snowball sustained damage champions (like AD Evelynn or Bruiser Elise) but fail miserably with burst champions (like Leblanc or full AP Nidalee). Especially with Leblanc, it's so disappointing to go 6/0 in the first 15 minutes and then end the game losing with a 12/11 K/D.

  4. Florian VogelMay 29, 2015

    i think you have to go full aggressive if you have an advantage. harrass them as much as you can and go full in! zone them and deny them farm. you have the DMG! if you can't kill your lane opponent, roam bot or top and help your mates. but keep your lane warded, the jungler sure want to gank you often.

  5. DarthLeonMay 29, 2015

    I feel like "We have late game!" doesn't really work because someone always says it in every game even if it's blatantly untrue. Frankly, I feel kinda insulted when someone like an 0/4 Renekton tells me we have late game, but I look and there's an 4/0 enemy Jax also in top lane.

  6. Fr4ntic95May 29, 2015

    Unless your actual lvl is way over your current division (ex: a futur final plat that is climbing the silver) I feel that a troll/feeder/afk'er will always counteract your best efforts, even if you win your lane hard. The only way to carry this type of players is to play a hard carry like Lb, Kata, Trynda...guys that can 1v3 easily...and be 15/0/30 before late game, and even with that, you start everygame with 50/50 chance to get the "troller/afk/Bronze 5 carryed in Gold" vs the "I smurf Diamond" and get trapped between these people that have no reason to game with you, the poor guy who is playing at your level without cheating others... Face this situation 3 time in a row, and this is how your mmr get broken and the "loose 20 pts, win 15 pts" hell happens...

  7. Romao SabandarMay 29, 2015

    I think if you're fed and are already carrying you should give up kills to your other carry/carries.

    This give them a feeling that they are also important and ofcourse give them some needed money/exp.

    My second point is positioning. More then often the fed players tend to engage because they have the feeling they need to. Especially as the fed carry try to fight behind your front line.

  8. After last night, the "we have late game" lane is come true!
    After 3 of my team tried to surrender 2 times (at 30 and at 40 min, when we were down 9k and 7k gold), I told that 2 times and then we won at 57 min. The satisfaction! =D

  9. Grigorios T.May 29, 2015

    I've no idea why or how i'm writting in italics. I'm talking about when the teamfighting starts. Some of these champions are not good splitpushers either and splitting is rarely a good tactic in soloqueue anyway because your stupid team will take all the 5v4s and we all now how it goes from there. I mean I can stomp my lane, or, usually, get fed from lanes jungling, but then I can't press on the advantage if they don;t surrender early enough.

  10. ConfusedTeemoMay 29, 2015

    Bonus round: Know where you stand. If your are 0-2 top against let's say a fiora but your bot and mid are a combine 8-1 there is no reason to go for the "I need to get back in this game" play. Play safe, clear waves quickly to force her to stay in lane, ward well to negate camping and maybe ask mid (POLITELY) to roam top. You are just as likely to get people who will carry you on your team as you are to get trolls/feeders/afks. Don't throw away your freelo games

  11. Yup backdooring. A victory never tasted to yummohhhh.

    VERY GOOD tips!!!!!

  12. Yeh.... depends. have stupid assumptions of people and prejudices. I only say it when it's true

  13. PetepeteMay 29, 2015

    Be a well-known player and everyone will try to impress you - gg ez

  14. ConfusedTeemoMay 29, 2015

    Sadly unless you are high diamond or better or you are very a charismatic streamer this isn't really an option.

  15. VhallghastMay 29, 2015

    "There is [nothing?] that screams 'tryhard' like calling out timers."

    Found a typo, SSJ. Also, I don't actually think it's that tryhard, since if I can see the buff on the enemy team, I'll call out the timer and I don't particularly call myself "tryhard". (Then again, I might not be aware that I'm actually that big of a tryhard.)

  16. SSJSuntasticMay 29, 2015


  17. But who even plays yi anymore?

  18. Lol a little tru but idk.

  19. Alfred DunnerMay 29, 2015

    Great post.

  20. Is there anyway you can do this as a Main-Support? Its so frustrating trying to feed kills to your ADC but he won't take them or feeding your ADC 2 or 3 kills but Mid/Top/both going something like 0/8...

  21. Aldo TorresMay 29, 2015

    This applys only to games where there aren't people with ego problems that refuse to take advice from you, even if you are the best of the team and you are stomping your lane.

  22. Nicolas CageMay 29, 2015

    As a support, you don't really have the flexibility to do everything on here as a support (read: Leona is not the best champion to try and backdoor with), but much of this advice still applies.

    I find I have an easier time carrying games that're going extremely poorly with more damage-oriented supports. Vel'Koz and Zyra would be examples of this. If your team is playing as they should, these champs aren't always preferable (if your team is lacking initiation at champ select, you're better off picking Leona than Soraka) but I find I can do more to carry a game where my team is doing absolutely nothing when I play a champ like this.

    My main gripe with playing support at low elo especially is dealing with ADCs who cannot position well, because your team loses any sort of late-game strength when your carry is getting blown up instantaneously during every team fight. I tend to only play support when forced to, or when duo-queueing.

    Not that support isn't a great role to carry from at any level of play, it's just that if your entire team is fumbling most supports have a harder time putting their team on their back, overall. It's still possible, certainly (many supports have ultimates that can totally alter the course of a losing teamfight), but you just have to understand your champion's limitations.

  23. Great Article! Keep it up!

  24. Couldnt more than agree with you^
    SoloQ is all about urself and what u can do to take your team to victory.

  25. Sam GreenMay 29, 2015

    well you could get banner of command and/or zz portal to push for you. Also ohm wrecker is good if your team doesn't really listen and like to dive turrets.

  26. My team is Garen/Nunu/Brand/Graves/Teemo vs Nasus/Maokai/Veigar/Kog'Maw/Thresh..... Don't worry gaise we have better late game! just wait till 60 mins and we will win easy.

  27. You could play Annie support and build full AP lol. Or do AD Thresh and get tons of souls for the strong late game.

  28. challenger smurfs who want to carry a bronze game.

  29. Nicolas CageMay 29, 2015

    Well, that's not really what I said at all.

    Teamwork is significantly more important than the actions of any individual. Significantly. It's just that in some games, where your team is doing nothing to help, you have to step up and adopt a "putting the team on my back" mindset. But that mindset doesn't win games all the time, it's just a last ditch idea for when teamwork fails. But teamwork should be prioritized.

  30. Leona is super strong for backdoor man. Just build IE/PD/Greaves/Ohmwrecker/GA/Ravenous Hydra. Use ohmwrecker to take down towers without minion support :D

  31. "dung worry we have lategame"…. said every Nasus ever.

  32. Jarett 'Panda' LogliaMay 29, 2015

    One thing that I would add to this list is spread your advantage to other lanes, this is especially true for mid laners and supports. If a Mid laner is ahead, they can roam extremely well to both lanes. If bot lane is far enough ahead the support can help out the other lanes if they do it correctly and at the right time. Very important and something that is not done enough in my opinion. "I won my lane and my tea

  33. Jarett 'Panda' LogliaMay 29, 2015

    But, if their team comp is Jax, Leblanc, Kalista, Sona, Lee. And you have Renekton, Oriana, Jinx, Leona, Sejuani, you do have the better late game.

  34. koolaidfromthehoodMay 29, 2015

    i always last hit smite dragon and baron

  35. koolaidfromthehoodMay 29, 2015

    wait tell us the roles cuz im confused about teemo and brand

  36. koolaidfromthehoodMay 29, 2015

    me, cowsep, some challenger/diamond players like S 7 or ichigo(NA)

  37. koolaidfromthehoodMay 29, 2015

    backdoor tryndamere GG

  38. koolaidfromthehoodMay 30, 2015

    yay i pulled a xpeke with tryndaquere

  39. Das DragonMay 30, 2015

    brand support teemo mid

  40. I was on Anivia, but that's also true XD

  41. OrdainedMay 30, 2015

    In low elo if you have to support, just pick jarvan and start relic. Go 21-9-0 and build full attack damage. Don't bother with sightstone, just get the ward upgrade at level 9. Your e-q-r should one shot after your core (tiamat,brut,last whisper). You can't carry from support unless you are an absolute god, or if you go some cheesy full damage build.

  42. Jens ColeMay 30, 2015

    when I backdoor or splitpush and we are behind, my team always flames me, because 'they could've won the teamfight if I was there'.

  43. 0GAMEDOS0May 30, 2015

    "you should give up kills to your other carry/carries"

    quite wrong

    at lower elos players tend to not be able to make use of any advantage they get thus you taking the kill is better unless of course you are full build and lvl 18

    "More then often the fed players tend to engage because they have the feeling they need to"

    that's because you are SUPPOSED to engage to force the enemy to focus you so that your weaker teammmates can do their job without dying

    "Especially as the fed carry try to fight behind your front line."

    quite ironically ADC arent able to carry if the other lanes are feeding

    I have like 1k+ games and I dont remeber the last game I was carried by an ADC

    actually it is usually the ADC who feeds/AFKs on the games I carry

  44. 0GAMEDOS0May 30, 2015

    but a fed lee does BS amount of dmg late game and is also tanky

  45. I dunno I was thinkin Brand mid and Teemo supp. I just needed an early-game champ that falls off, but normal supports don't really fit the early vs. late game terminology since their items and utility spells are more important than how their stats scale. I guess you could call Blitzcrank an early-game support since his goal is to snowball his lane, but his damage scales poorly without offensive items and he isn't very tanky like Leona or Braum. Even so it's hard to say his lategame is bad since hooking the right enemy at the right time can potentially win a team fight.

  46. Anivia's scaling is pretty awesome. Her ult starts as "look at me farm minions waves" and becomes "Articuno used Blizzard. Critical hit!! They're all dead!" also her rank 1 ice wall kinda sucks because it's so short people walk around it easy, but lategame you can make sick plays especially in the jungle

  47. True for most midlane champs, but some top-lane tanks are just better off pushing the lane hard (Tryndamere). Of course if you're Singed, your best bet is to do retarded shit like farming behind their towers and then you hope your team can take objectives while the whole enemy team chases you (Singed is such a retarded champion to play xD).

  48. Yes, always this shit. noobs cant def 4vs3/4vs4/4vs5... Even for just 30-200 seconds.
    And they blame even tho creating preassure

  49. If your team is fighting you aren't split pushing.. if you can't create pressure where ever you're at to prevent the enemy from risking their engage then you aren't big enough to be doing it anyway. An ideal situation forces the enemy to back because no one can 1v1 you at that point in the game like Trynd or Yi's dueling potential late game. Creating pressure means taking objectives WITHOUT losing elsewhere. You need to put the other team in a no win scenario otherwise a splitpush is a waste of time. Roughly 80% of gold elo and lower games can be heavily influenced by a single player. Blaming your team does nothing when you could be the reason you win more often then them being the reason you lose.

  50. disisdeathwingMay 31, 2015

    it does work wonders in yoloqueue.
    i duo with my friend some time so I can somewhat afford beind a massive troll towards enemy team
    (like chasing a yorick, stunning him with udyr whenever possible for 10 minutes straight)
    he is a vayne daimond

  51. that's all true, especially when you do the archangel staff+rod of ages build

  52. KingoftheSocksMay 31, 2015

    As an extension to no.4 here's a phrase I've used to calm many situations
    "Can we please leave the flaming until after we've won?"
    This gives your team hope that you're actually in a winning situation, even if you're even/slightly behind, reassuring that even though we made a mistake we'll still win this. It also gives people the idea that they'll still get their rage out in the post game lobby (which by that point they'll have probably forgotten).

    Do not use this if you are very far behind though as it'll likely just spark more rage by someone going "ha noob still thinks we can win".

    Also low elo junglers who want to solo carry games, play skarner, even if the enemy team gets one of the dreaded assassins (kata, zed, Yasuo) skarner even if behind can just ult them and make them easy pickings for your team, also works on Nasus, Yi, Tryndamere basically any melee champion

  53. zpantalykuMay 31, 2015

    I have the same problemo.
    I didn't really solved it out yet (Imho Annie supp shows her strength only with good team that will no wait till stun from your ult goes off to attack).

    I am usually trying to concentrate on gaining good vision control so my I-am-sure-I-can-go-solo chimpanzee will less often encounter 1v2/3/4/5.
    When my adc is good I am asking him/her to play safe for couple minutes and trying to go help the lane that have problems - usually so they may get confidence back, some wards and let the enemy chill a little bit. - Not sure thug if that is what I should be doing.

  54. Jonathan KlineMay 31, 2015

    Play Leona support. At any level gold+, your ADC will know how to proc your passive (if they're an ADC main). Team-fighting, you have one of the most visible engages in the game and even bronze players can follow-up on a Leona ultimate. I main support and I've tried almost every support champion at several different levels of play: Leona is simply #1 for carrying as support. She can shut down assasins, she can tank like an insane beast, and she can initiate. Another benefit is that early-game gold on Leona is REALLY good, so if your ADC can't even pick up kills it's still okay. You can snowball just as hard as they would early, and they'll get their gold eventually. Also, Leona has a tendency to get more jungler attention from your own team. A little communication and a good level 3 gank will keep that jungler coming back over and over again ... who cares if they have a fed Kat when you have a fed Udyr, Graves, and Leona?

  55. Romao SabandarJune 01, 2015

    I guess it's all about preference. Often when I ADC I would like to have a good frontline. When I'm already fed, why shouldn't I give up kills for my tanks to protect me late game? Furthermore having a damage source beside yourself is always good so you won't be the main focus of the enemy.

    Also my statement is about ranked in general, I do agree in Silver & Bronze some players don't know what to do f.e. a 1/7 Renekton who gets a kill is trying to finish his hydra instead of going tanky.

    This is the point where you as fed carry have to shotcall, more then often players tend to listen to the players that are fed (because somewhere I'm doing something better compared to them). And not by screaming in chat that we have to do this or that, but offering options and support them with viable arguments. F.e.:

    Sejuani can you build a Locket or a Banshee's because they have an Annie & Vladimir with lot's of AOE AP. If you buy it we can might be able to sustain through the fight.

    Lastly why would you want to be focussed as fed carry (you most likely will be but still) ? It's your job (especially as ADC) to DPS. I rather have them focus my Sup/Jung/Tank while I'm dishing out the damage.

    As AP fed AP mage it really depends on the what kind of champ your playing, I might've been wrong on that point. But I do get it you want to engage as an Annie, Syndra, Yasuo. But for the rest I think it's better to wait/bait all of the hard CC on your own tanks.

    I'm talking from own experience here but I've often carried my whole team, even when we were 15 kills behind.I'm not saying I'm the Vaynelift kind of player, but just sharing my opinion for how to win a game.

  56. Jordan LewisJune 26, 2015

    he said mid-laners and supports. Not top-laners.


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