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May 8, 2015

Top 10 Highest Skillcap Champions

Some champions are naturally much more difficult than other champions to play. They wield fancy skills, small nuance based "secret techniques" and difficult to master timings for maximum efficiency. If you're the type of person that likes to play games on expert or master mode, then check out the list below!


Some champions are naturally much more difficult than other champions to play. They wield fancy skills, small nuance based "secret techniques" and difficult to master timings for maximum efficiency. If you're the type of person that likes to play games on expert or master mode, then check out the list below!

1. Riven

Although all managing all her skills in perfect sequence is the hallmark of a master level Riven player, simple mastery of her Q is enough to bring her to absurd levels of strength. Perfect animation cancelling, wall-hopping, and combing with Q and E/Taunt make Riven's advanced mechanics some of the most progressive in the game. Each day, new mechanics are being discovered. This combined with the fact that her 3rd hit of Q is as versatile as Thresh's flay or Janna's Tornado make her a very high potential champion indeed.

2. Vayne

As an AD carry, Vayne sports one of, if not the highest technical skillcap in the game. With her nearly instantaneous tumble, she can avoid nearly every skillshot in the game. This combined with the geometric magic of her knockback/stun make her a champion that can reach extremely high pinnacles of perfection with pinpoint reactions and extremely high mental calculation skills.

3. Kalista

Where Vayne is more of a timing based champion, Kalista plays more as a continuous game of chess, forever planning her next move and the exact timing/positioning she wants to end up in. Where Vayne is a high stakes goal keeper, Kalista is a consistent pool player, always planning 3 or 4 steps ahead to make sure she's positioned well enough to take advantage of whatever situation she's in. She also requires high synergy with her ultimate partner, and has the possibility of achieving maximum displacement potential if she times an allied Blitzcrank pull perfectly.

4. Zed

Using his strong displacement skills and multiple shadow clones, Zed can dodge all sorts of otherwise undodgeable spells as well as retain a 100% kill rate completely outside of enemy range. However, this requires pinpoint calculation of summoner skills, potions, damage, and enemy allied champions to ensure the perfect fade-away kill.

5. Leblanc

Most people know Leblanc for her powerful all-in technique and escape potential. However, a true Leblanc king knows that her greatest asset actually lies in her poking ability. By playing her perfectly and spacing at the appropriate angles, Leblanc players are able to safely "poke" away half the enemy carry's health instantly, then follow up a few short seconds later for an easy kill.

6. Nidalee

As the queen of map movements, Nidalee is absolutely one of the most versatile champions in the game. While her dual skillsets are fairly easy to synergize at the moment, proper cooldown management, aim, and  mechanics allow Nidalee to remain completely safe from almost any and every danger that enemies can throw at her.

7. Jayce

A fellow transforming champion, Jayce actually excels at things that are much different from Nidalee. Where Nidalee is excellent at staying alive and keeping good spacing, Jayce is extremely powerful when executing his combos in quick succession to allow insane burst and strong knockback effects with input cancelling.

8. Rengar

Similar to Jayce, Rengar relies heavily on his ability to annihilate enemies before they have a chance to react. While he can combo very well as a tank alongside an allied Orianna, it's really assassin Rengar that strikes terror early to mid game into the hearts of laners everywhere, especially top laners. With his insanely fast burst, good Rengars offer very little in the way of counterplay and terrorize players from Bronze through Challenger.

9. Thresh

When it comes to high skillcap champions, no list would be complete without Thresh. The amount of utility offered by his Flay alone is enough to nearly make it onto this list, but when combined with his ever so powerful hook, he has to make an appearance on the Top 10. There's a reason why Madlife made his name on a single champion, and here he is.

10. Lulu

When it comes to pure utility champions, few come close to Lulu when it comes to "having it all". Lulu's skillset is so versatile that the number of things she can do, but often fails to do are insane. If Lulu were to play perfectly, she's absolutely one of the strongest champions in the game in nearly every position. Luckily enough though, she's still very difficult to utilize correctly, especially in solo queue where much of her talent relies on teammate synergy.

Honorable Mention: Lee Sin

As a renown champion for the myriad of movement choices he has at his disposal, Lee Sin is a favorite of many highly skilled players for his play-making ability when played at the absolute highest level.

Think I've left someone off the list who deserves to make an appearance? Comment below!

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  1. ItsTheFerrettMay 08, 2015

    "but when combined with his every so powerful hook"
    Scuse u m8

  2. The DoctorMay 08, 2015

    Good post, I think for HM could be Yasuo and Rumble. Maybe add them? :D

  3. Drew FergusonMay 08, 2015

    Uhhh no Lee Sin?!?! This HAS TO be a mistake.

  4. Shuvo SahaMay 08, 2015

    Master Yi. The amount of things this guy can do with proper timing with his w and q, are insane.

  5. black jackMay 08, 2015

    Orianna, Lee Sin, Elise.

  6. I dont agree with this list. Maybe 3-4 Champs of it are really difficult in mechanical matters but the rest is not rly hard. There are way harder champs to play.

  7. Urmas KrünerMay 08, 2015

    Where is Lee sin, yasuo, and.... draven ?

  8. shushubannahMay 08, 2015

    Don't agree, where's Tryndamere with his insane right-click and complicated skillshot mechonix?

  9. zauberrsMay 08, 2015

    Pretty poor article imo. Not sure what excuse there is for not including Lee on the list and saying Madlife made his name through his Thresh play is hilariously wrong.

  10. thecheezelMay 08, 2015

    The only champ on the list I could see maybe being replaced by some that are being mentioned is rengar. I think some people are looking at the flash of a Lee sin or a yasuo over the somewhat boring kiting of kalista or lulu's sometimes hidden abilities.

  11. I think Elise and Draven should be somewhere in this list.

  12. Orianna has to work with open vectors for her Q, in opposition to all other champions starting they skillshots on themselves (except for Viktor E and Rumble R but they still can define the exact line cleary for that and don't have to consider variable). When she used E on allies, the points in question are even moving.

    Sure you don't have to consider all that to be viable with Orianna, but to perfectly master her is imo definitely more difficult than for most other champions on that list. Plus, no other champion in the game has an ultimate that can be so easily wasted, but on the other sides so easily win teamfights by itself if timed and placed properly.

    Also agree that Lee Sin should be on this list due to his complex options like Insec move etc.

  13. Puddleglum567 .May 08, 2015

    Dude amumu needs to be on this list.... He's one of those champs that is hard to master because you have to learn to proc you passive and when you stun someone with ur q in a gank you have to learn to aa and then walk in front of him it's quite difficult

  14. Dazed and DeadMay 08, 2015

    That moment where the ball resets to your location as you hit R. ;_;

    Maybe SSJ will add both Lee Sin and Orianna as at least Honorable Mentions to this list.

    That would be nice.

  15. You might want to change the title of this one, most these champs are fairly easy to learn and play to a fairly effective level. Something like "Top ten champions with highest skillcaps" would be more fitting imo.

  16. Mahdi El MourrakouchiMay 08, 2015


  17. I Hate EzrealMay 08, 2015

    autoattacking before e is not as difficult as a riven's perfect combo or a lulu that saves 4 teammates with 1 hp from a karthus ult

  18. SSJSuntasticMay 08, 2015

    I like that proposal

  19. Puddleglum567 .May 08, 2015

    Yeah ur right

  20. i.e. Riven. You can carry yourself to gold with only keyboard smashing before having to rely on mechanics

  21. TenobaalMay 08, 2015

    Riven #1??? I guess he was drunk while typing the list.

  22. Azir should be on this list, although with his last nerf its hard to win even if you are a master Azir :/

  23. Allexander Zawisza-PalikotMay 08, 2015

    Bard, Azir, Lee Sin, Viktor instead Nidalee, Lulu, Jayce and Rengar

  24. True for elise but just eliaease is kinda weak right now to be hanest.

    I dont agree with Jayce.

  25. I do not agree with jayce but maybe it has something to do with the fact that I love him and really like playing him, have a few games practise experience of him in my back pocket too.

  26. Alex RaduMay 08, 2015

    Kalista should be first on that list. I don't think Vayne and Riven are as high skill-cap as people think.

  27. Daniel BarcelosMay 08, 2015


  28. Chibi Fiddle, the kawaiiMay 08, 2015

    Champions that easily carry without any need of being mastered at all:
    Annie, Jinx, Cassiopeia, Cho'gath, Hecarim, Graves, Sejuani, Irelia, Ahri

    honorable mentions: Amumu, Leona, Malzahar, Vladimir, Ashe

    Champions that don't takes much knowledge to carry, but, if mastered, are broken:
    Riven, Thresh, Kalista, Viktor, Leblanc, Lulu, Yasuo, Jayce, Nidalee, Zed

    honorable mentions: Nautilus, Gragas, Rek'sai, Sivir, Lissandra

    Champions that need to be mastered, in order to carry:
    Azir, Bard, Janna, Vayne, Gnar, Anivia, Lee Sin, Soraka, Urgot, Vel'koz

  29. Yukari YakumoMay 08, 2015

    Bard? Azir? Elise? Draven? I think that this top should be "top 15" instead top 10.

  30. RegeneratorMay 08, 2015

    He is in no terms difficult to play or hard to master. If you didn't know, he used to be considered a recommended champion for new players due to his real easy to use kit which offers a low risk and high benefit ratio.

  31. Jim PaponettiMay 08, 2015

    the fact you have Ahri and Cass as champs that can carry without being mastered shows you know nothing. Both those champs are very high skilled.

  32. Fishbones the DragonMay 08, 2015

    Draven should most definitely be on this list, replacing Kalista. Kalista has an innate reliance on her support for both passive and ult interactions. I will admit that akin to Vayne and Draven her positioning is paramount and very difficult to master in terms of chasing, kiting, and overall teamfights but you are only judging her E and her passive. Now as to why he should be on the list; Draven's Q is his main source of damage and requires that the player lead the axes to where the player wants them to land. This opens him up for skillshots, gapclosers, and any form of hard CC because the enemy always knows where you will be going in skirmishes. Juggling two axes to maximize his damage while leading them both makes him an extremely high skill cap champion. His W isn't much to speak of other than mana management. His E is reminiscent to Thresh's Flay and Riven's third Q, as it can potentially interrupt gap closers. Landing not one but both parts of his ultimate requires the player to either have great planning or he has to know when to reactivate the skill to return the axes just as they hit the enemy. Draven is equally as hard as Kalista, if not harder.

  33. You put Riven into a lot of these articles. Do you have any personal bias with Riven? Just curious.

  34. Zach01000101May 08, 2015

    Azir needs to be on this list he has the need for kiting/stutter step like an adc, needs to know the position of his soldier and where they will be like orianna or zed, and has some decently tough combos like his e/q and more exotic things like riven.

  35. Enzo Di CapriMay 08, 2015

    azir seriously ? ok some guys play azir very well but still what kind of noob champ is that. on korean server, before he got nerfed 2 months, he was always banned cause even without skill any decent plat/ dia can drop a soldier and move to the opponent without taking any damage ... the only skilled move would be to dash to ur soldier and drop the ultimate but that s not hard at all and u really dont need that when u can bully ur line so easily as long as u warded. if u go too far with vayne or kalista u r dead, azir just drop soldiers and mvoe them from a distance .......

  36. Lionel AlmaidaMay 08, 2015

    Think that the ppl learned a lot about her mechanics, and/ or there's more hyperbroken champs out there right now. I still thinking that she deserves to be deleted to the oblivion in the same way that Kass was, or just sent to the forgotten land like K6 and others.-

  37. MaripichuMay 08, 2015


  38. Maripichu (Worst Lulu)May 08, 2015

    I don't think Anivia has to be mastered in order to carry.

  39. NoxianSpidercrabMay 08, 2015

    I wanted to smash my head in the wall when I saw Riven.

    Not because I though she didn't require skill...but because of my bronze buddies saying they have skill with Riven. Makes me cringe.

  40. Mac MorrisMay 09, 2015

    Where is the Nunu?

  41. WindAerisMay 09, 2015

    Cute avatar :v

  42. Maybe you just aren't high enough in ranking for you to be scared of your enemies :p if you are playing below your skill level in ranked, why would you be scared of your enemies?

  43. Azir is hard to play, he has relatively low range when dps'ing, so he relies on good positioning and fairly high mechanics to play at a proficient level. This is the reason why his win rate is so low, but he still sees competitive play(LCL, LCK)

  44. He prefers to talk about the strongest champions right now, to analyse them... Riven is super strong right now, and 'cause of her high skill ceiling, there's a lot to talk about

  45. I think you are looking at the list a little wrong :p although I agree that draven is really hard to play, and maybe deserves a spot, like azir, kallista is on the list, not only because of the high mechanics needed to play her, but her potential to avoid skillshots and outplay etc. Draven doesn't have that ability, and is in fact more vulnerable to those :p

  46. SLAAAYEEEERMay 09, 2015

    just for the sake of me understanding this right, this list is about hard to master, and not about hard to pick up as a new champ?

  47. While I do agree Riven is a high skill ceiling champion, she's still a bullshit champion in my eyes. Plus her players are usually toxic so there's that.

  48. thecheezelMay 09, 2015

    I wish I could say I was too good for where I am. At the start of the season I was and I think my rapid climb from s4-? will be over soon. Think I will be sitting in Plat 5 for a while when I make it but hey, then again I said the same thing about gold.

  49. Dicks EverywhereMay 09, 2015

    at the "easiest and dumbest champions in the game" list.
    Hes number 1 there

  50. Dicks EverywhereMay 09, 2015

    Really? no Lee Sin nor Draaaven? I'm surprised

  51. It's hard to recognise sarcasm in the internet, isn't it?

  52. 6. Nidalee

  53. This is about the Champs with the highest Skillcap, all those Champs have either a huge amount of Skillshots or rely entirely on their mobility, hence they all lack sustain and HP.

    I'd say that all of those Champs are NOT easy to pick up and it will take you quite a few games with them to even understand what is to do in what situation.

    These are Champs i would not recommend to play as a new player since they don't forgive mistakes like other champs do.

  54. Draven actually is more about "Skill" in terms of gameknowledge and mapoverview, hence one gank cutting is passive stacks into half usually pretty much makes him useless the rest of the game.

    Considereing the champ: there is one mechanic you have to learn and master: leading and catching your axes. Apart from that Draven is pretty straight forward - get passive stacks, get the kill presented by your supp/jungle before the enemie's kill you, wreck faces like a steam roll with autoattacks.

    But srsly, Draven is not about being badass skilled with the champ but more about understanding how laning works and not to die to ganks.

  55. Beside the fact riven's numbers are a bit off, have you ever played riven? It's more like people do not understand that Riven is all about the all in. If you manage to get her to use all her pots before killing you, you are actually in a good spot since her sustain simply sucks.

    If you are stupid enough to let her wreck you before, it's your fault and either riven did a good job - riven player is skilled - or you just screwed up.

    Vayne dies as soon as she is out of position. Her laning phase sucks hard from lvl 2 - 6.

    And Kog? Either playing him AP or ADC, his game is all about getting LvL 16, getting his essential items and wreck everything from a ridiculous range with W and R. He does not have quite nearly as much play-potential as Thresh.

  56. Pedro León DabossMay 09, 2015

    I'm gonna have to disagree on Nidalee, LeBlanc and Thresh. I'd consider their skillcap on medium at most.

    To me, the number 1 should always be Draven. No mobility, tons of counterplay, predictable movements and a global boomerang skillshot.

    Number 2 should be Bard. His counterplay is so much that he is considered unviable because of it. His skillcap is so much he can both sentence his team to death or win him the game.

    Rumble also belongs in this list. His kit is quite bad if you don't keep it above 50% heat, so usually only good Rumbles manage to do well unless their enemies are bad. Plus being silenced at the wrong time is super scary, forcing you to either take risks (most of those champions' risk reward ratio is quite low) to get the most of his kit.

    I still consider Orianna and Azir harder to master than Zed or Vayne, simply due to how different their kits are compared to everyone else's.

    Then there is Anivia and Vel'Koz (I'd dare to say post-gutting Veigar, but we are probably only talking about good champions) Squishy, mana hungry, again, with a lot of counterplay and no mobility, have weak laning phases to make up for their devastating teamfighting and there are clear times when they are weaker than usual.

    Well... That's just my opinion. It just seems that the champions you mentioned constantly get picked in the pro scene too, where the strongest champions are usually picked, while I accounted risk/reward, viability and mobility in my list.

  57. SLAAAYEEEERMay 09, 2015

    if it is meant this way, I would put Zyra on the list, since she's very unforgiving for missing skillshot or misposittioning.
    I also think thresh, nidalee, riven are quitte easy to play to a certain level, but are very hard to be used to full potential

  58. Gabriel Thomazine DamettoMay 09, 2015

    azir, lee sin and Draven requires more mechanics than Jayce, Rengar, Nidalee, etc

  59. No Orianna? I Disagree with the Jayce/Rengar. I feel like Orianna should be replacing one of them and draven the other, as orianna requires 2 times the positioning of any champ except maybe Azir, every one of her abilities is a skillshot to do damage with, she is very squishy, and just a difficult champ to play.

  60. I feel like Ezreal should be in this list somewhere; not necessarily as an adc, but as a mid-laner Mage.
    •AP Ezreal has to rely completely on abilities.
    •His abilities are all skillshots and his E, although not necessarily a skillshot, might as well be since it requires perfect positioning to be able to use to its full potential.
    •He is squishy. Obviously not the squishiest, but still very squishy
    •He falls behind...A LOT, when he doesn't have a good early game. It can't even be mediocre, because then he starts being meh. He can still pull away if you bring it to late game though
    •His mobility is subpar. He has that amazing E, but his base movement speed is slower than my grandma. Still, if you don't know how to utilize that E, you might as well bury yourself
    •He is mana costly. Yes, that won't happen if you land all his shots, but that's harder than soloing Baron with Ezreal.
    •He has no sustain since he's not an adc, and let's be honest, spell vamp isn't really effective on him.
    Now as for his adc side
    • Let's be honest, it's not particularly good late or early game. It shines mid game, and that's only if you have an okay early game.
    •He's pretty meh in general, damage-wise, and relies a lot on his Q, which is a skillshot
    •Otherwise, everything about AP is the same for the Adc

  61. Arman KheyrabadiMay 09, 2015


  62. Benny KeitaMay 09, 2015

    No Cassiopeia... GG....

  63. Edwin MartinMay 09, 2015

    No KhaZix? I feel like he is a harder to play version of Rengar with more potential all based on positioning

  64. MasterOfMetalMay 09, 2015

    Idk, Garen is first in my books, def hardest champ ;)

  65. Jur Coello MedinaMay 09, 2015

    Thresh is not that hard to master I think Yasuo is harder or even evelynn

  66. Draven? He requires forethought in regards to movement. His 'E' can create opportunities other champions can not create such as creating an opening in minions for blitzcrank to hook the enemy champion on the other side.

  67. SLAAAYEEEERMay 10, 2015

    reading this list, I think ap ezreal is hard because it isn't very good

  68. this is ridiculous ahri? without any need of being mastered... really??? i think you should study more

  69. LlorencioMay 10, 2015

    Anivia laning phase isn't that weak. With 2 abilities with 1.0 ap scaling, you can crush a lot of champs early. The thing is not being greedy.

  70. Why not Azir?

  71. marco de knegtMay 10, 2015

    What about shaco controlling 2 champs at the same time

  72. Leo DouglasMay 10, 2015

    then we would have to put annie on the list

  73. Maty FernandezMay 10, 2015

    I stop reading after i read riven and zed. Yes, i know that is hard to really master them but is relatively easy to do okay with them. Azir on the other hand is extremelly dificult to play even at okay level

  74. Actually, I specifically put all the cons without putting much, if any, pros.
    Reasons why AP Ezreal is good:
    •Insane snowball ability. He ends up 2-3 shotting enemies at full health compared to adc Ezreal who can't do that even if fed. I admit it isn't the best with the current tank meta, but Adc meta is pretty much gonna be the next thing and he'll murder them in a few seconds.
    • Amazing late game. He has the highest burst damage I'm pretty sure according to a research conducted by a League player.
    • If you're with people you know, he gets a lot easier. It's the type of champ style that depends on team composition. If your team lacks burst and is more tank/bruiser type, then you'll find that AP Ezreal will perform well.
    • He's high-risk, high-reward. Now this isn't necessarily a pro, but it is for me because he's challenging to play and satisfying.
    • Never falls off completely. Unlike adc Ezreal, who, if he falls off early game, will probably do horribly mid game, and will eventually be useless the entire game. AP Ezrea, no matter what, will be viable late game as long as your team can bring it to late game.
    When mastered, he's a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, people dont really see it because of the low play and win rate + one of the highest skill caps in the game leading people to believe he's just bad. Oh, well.

  75. I agree, I mean Riven and Zed both have a high skillcap but they have relatively easy lane phase and it's pretty easy to snowball on them and win just from item advantage alone. Azir is difficult to play at all stages of the game.

  76. Annie? More like Orianna. Annies ult is just the same as Viktors in that respect. Actually having to position a champ for health/autoattacks, and an anomily for damage.

  77. Kevin BottMay 10, 2015

    I love the fools talking about Cassi and Draven on this, apparently have no comprehension of the word outplay. How many outplay moments do you see a Cassi do ever? She has no skillcap, similar to a nasus in the aspect that you play her for lategame scaling. Saying she is technically difficult with draven is the same as putting Annie on the list essentially.

    Watch a Faker riven video and then tell me Draven is along the same tier as mechanically difficult. These boards make me lol

  78. CyrilrayanMay 11, 2015

    The only reason most of these people can make "outplays" is because they're fairly mobile.. Able to just dodge at the right moment is automatically mastery in this list.
    Cassiopeia actually has a lot of play room with the bait and chase tactics which tend to involve using your opponent's lack of vision against them..
    Unlike Annie, Cass's stun involves a lot more toying and mind games; while her range is longer than Annie's, she has to predict a lot more than Annie would given skillshots. To say that she has no Skillcap is totally incorrect because there is so much more to Cass than late game, especially since by the time she can blow up everyone they can blow her up quicker if she's not smart, or misses her poison. They're not as glorified as Riven plays(even though most of the Riven plays look damn near the same), but there still is some skill in it. Definitely enough to say that she does have a skill cap, relatable to Syndra.

  79. Well even when you hit that point there's always room for improvement :3 personally I ban riven because of her ability to take over a game from a relatively small lead, but I know I'm closer to where I should be rank wise.

  80. Aaseem D. KapilMay 11, 2015

    You always forget Master Yi... the only champion who can damage while dodging targeted abilities like Zed's ultimate... Kassadin and Leblanc's Q and channeled ultimate like Requiem(Karthus) and Absolute Zero(Nunu) . He is very easy to learn but very hard to master... Rito only calls him "Master" for this very reason. I believe all the animation cancelling stuff people talk about Riven is much more important for Yi as a well timed meditate can not only negate a huge chunk of damage... while also reset auto attack and proc spell blade for those elusive Trinity Force Yi.

    I believe Yasuo and Azir should at least get an honorable mention with Lee Sin.

  81. Duc QuocMay 11, 2015

    Dodging targeted abilities then dealing damage? First thing comes to my mind is not Yi, but rather Fizz and Lissandra.

    I agree with you about Azir, yet not about Yi. He's kind of hard to master, but somewhere at Jax's level - not the highest skillcap. (Jax title is "grandmaster" though)

  82. Man I was about to laugh if you put Yi on this list

  83. Eramnius Dw Sári ZénóMay 11, 2015

    I miss Azir. I'd replace it with Vayne. The other I'd like to add is Fiora. You have a lot of aa resets. Like dash->AA->E->AA->Hydra->AA->Dash->AA. If someone have a video about this amount of aa animation canceling, I really'd like to see. IfI face a riven, I always see the same thing, snowball heavily. well, you just need to bee a half step ahed, the enemy is dead becouse your scalings, not becouse your mechanincs. And you provebest in teamfights and ther're no real windows to outplay. Just cc and kill like the Fish thing or Yi, but you're more durable.

  84. You think? Personally i think kha is the easier champ of the two,even though they are pretty similar.

  85. what i see in you list isnt champs that have kits that themself are hard to use to the maximal efficency, but champs that have kits that in themself arent that hard, if you have the proper understanding of the game and posistion themself right, so what you need to master those champs isnt the mastery of all the small techniques, but a lager ubderstndin about how to play the game, with the exceptionof maybee azir and some others. Like take a look at a pros thresh, and you will see that the way they use his kit in the right way easily carry a team, but its really hard to do that. Then you have bar, who have potetial, but as you said has loads of counterplay. That dosent mean he`s hard to master, just easy to play against. That may just be my opinion though

  86. Tonight, we Hunt!May 11, 2015

    Idk about Rengar being hard... I play him obviously and I mean, spamming buttons pretty much works. That's actually what drew me to him, as he was an easy assassin to play. I'd replace him with Orianna tbh

  87. Tonight, we Hunt!May 11, 2015

    Khazix is def more easier. He has many escapes, rengar is just a poor kitty who goes hard or goes home

  88. Tonight, we Hunt!May 11, 2015

    Can't agree with Velkoz. All he is, is just skillshots. I main him mid, and I do it because hes kinda easy. In teamfights you press every button and melt everyone. Its quite satisfying and simple. I don't want to be jumping around trying to outplay, giving me a billion moments to fuck up, I just want to melt bitches with ease

  89. Orianna is an easy mid lane champ though

  90. Mac MorrisMay 12, 2015

    Garen disagrees xD

  91. Black KidMay 12, 2015

    I think elise deserves some credit for "High skill caps"

  92. Miguel Alejandro MirandaMay 12, 2015

    wtf no Cassiopeia? No Azir? No Kog'maw?

  93. Miguel Alejandro MirandaMay 12, 2015

    This person obviously just hates cassio xD she can get outplayed so bad if you're not smart.

  94. 謝君揚May 12, 2015

    imho, arguing about which champions are harder will only cause endless debate.
    There are champions that are theoretically hard such as Lee, Riven and Vayne, but when you're fed, they take less skill than others because you can just delete the enemy without paying much attention to the combos or your positioning.
    There are some champions that have a much friendlier learning curve than others (I can't imagine you constantly going 0/10 on Garen if you can constantly go 10/0 on Kalista)
    And there are some champions that provide more outplay potential in that less people are aware of their capabilities (INSECing was incredibly OP back when nobody expected it, but now everybody tenses up as soon as the Q lands, and it's less about how you outplay and more about how much the enemy reacts)
    But each champion provides its own unique challenges if you wish to master them completely, you would need to first know the exact range and damage of all you abilities. I would even say it's equally mechanically difficult to play all champions to their fullest potential.

  95. Christophe McCarronMay 12, 2015


  96. Strahinja Čedo ObradovićMay 12, 2015

    I'm starting to think this site is trying to fuck with us...

  97. JaavittumitMay 14, 2015

    HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA RIVEN TOP 1?!?!?!?!?!! This is bullshit

  98. lucaslallstarsMay 15, 2015

    Are you Bronze??? A good Cassio can fucking shit on you by ulting at right times. Apparently you don't know that Cassio can kite. Outplay? rengar jump u ult. using r flash to engage in fights. Draven on the other hand is difficult too. He's one one of the most micro-intensive champions in the game. Having to move in a certain direction every auto-attack is not something you can pick up so easily. Outplaying with Draven? pressing e at right times, it's like thresh's e. So before you post shit like this learn the fucking game

  99. Danilo CvjetkovićMay 16, 2015

    I agree with everything but vayne. I find her very easy to play and you just have to follow few things:
    1. dont chase enemies for stun
    2. try to shoot 3 arrows at enemy when poking(use q as gap closer)
    3. and have blitz as support- instant victory

  100. Danilo CvjetkovićMay 16, 2015

    My thoughts about these champ:
    Riven- it's not that hard
    Vayne-i, for some reason, find her easier to play than ashe and if you have blitz as supp, it's game over for enemies
    Kalista-on the other hand kal is very hard cause of the passive(hard to use) and ult(it's useless if your supp is not around or if it's soraka)
    LB- you need to be fast thinker or have good instincts to be good (which i'm not btw XD)
    Nid- just learn which form is best for which situation
    Tresh- it woudnt be so hard if people would actually click on your lantern.
    Lulu- very easy and she has button for every situation

    others on this list i dont usually play so it wouldnt be fair for me to comment them

    other hard champ are: Elise- she should be 1st on every list, i dont get her at all, Draven- all that enemy supp needs to do is shot their cc on place your axe is going to fall., Orianna- i play her as support only, i dont get how she deals dmg...

  101. nah ,as a vayne player i tell you, shes the most unforgiving champion in the game, wrong flash is insta death, wrong E its insta death, and you need to do the fast 3 W trade in lane or else you're doomed, shes the most mechanically demanding champion in the game, and unlike riven you need all of the mechanics to be useful

  102. Aaseem D. KapilMay 16, 2015

    Fizz and Lissandra can dodge damage but they do not get resets on their abilities so they cannot repeatedly do it. Jax is an okay champion who is a great duelist and splitpusher where as Master Yi is arguably the best clean up when enemy have used their hard cc and ultimate abilities. Nobody can escape a Yi when their abilities are on cooldown.

    Grandmaster at Arms is a title given to him for being the best tournament fighter... unlike Yi who has 'mastered' Wuju style.

    In game he is just Jax whereas Yi is always Master Yi! :P

  103. Danilo CvjetkovićMay 17, 2015

    Everything you said stands but still i find Kalistas and Qinns mechanic much harder then Vaynes. Maybe it's cause Vayne was the first adc i played with so i got used to her but i'm not really a pro player (silver 2 XD) and if i got used to her everybody can

  104. kalista is forgiving due to her passive, quinn's E and ult can get her out, also both of them are good in lane unlike vayne

  105. And shaco goes once again unappreciated.

    He does not have the highest mechanical skillcap in the game, which causes people to shy away from him or call him bad, but he is unique in the fact that he is one of the only champions with a high MENTAL skillcap.

    Anyone can place boxes, ult, and use q. The nuances behind the when where and why, though, are what make shaco so scary, and so hard to play.

  106. Lee sin, are more harder than lulu

  107. Illdusion .May 19, 2015

    Just cause you don't understand a champion doesn't mean that champion is hard. Draven does insane amounts of dmg both early and late game. You can manage your Q so it will come behind minions so enemies can't cc you. As for Orianna, supports aren't supposed to deal much dmg.. her base dmges aren't really high, so it's not strange that she doesn't do much dmg. For the champs you just smashed to the ground, to manage rivens passive and combo's well and keep your head cool to do wall jumps in risky situations is hard. You're mostly right about the others though.

  108. Edwin MartinMay 20, 2015

    Rengar does not require hit enemies to split up to do most of his damage. Regar also has better sustain and more CC and a longer invis...

  109. Chad EblingMay 21, 2015

    What about Azir?

  110. NoxianSpidercrabMay 22, 2015

    Woah. Cannot believe Azir isn't on this list.

  111. Michael69May 27, 2015

    its all clear if you play ori as supp

  112. Adrian Estay-BanksMay 28, 2015

    thresh?? what is this???

  113. Danilo CvjetkovićMay 28, 2015

    well, this was based on my personal experience. it's very rare to see someone playing elise and even rarer to see that he plays good. on the other hand i've seen some good dravens as i play mostly supp (nobody wants to be supp :( ) but he'll need to leave that minion wall sometime and when it does he's dead, or you can make him get exposed (morganas flash ult combo). and now why i think riven is easy. there is not much difference between riven thats played for month or the one that started today, she'll still kick ass, on the other hand new syndra and ori will do pretty bad till they get what they need to do

  114. Danilo CvjetkovićMay 28, 2015

    Try it! You'll get surprised. Just watch not to ks anyone :D

  115. koolaidfromthehoodMay 28, 2015

    i think yasuo shouldve been in here

  116. Sander ShiJune 13, 2015

    yasuo is just qqqqq then ult and azir is just that hes bad early game but at late game just auto

  117. Kevin KimJune 29, 2015

    if you can perform perfect animation cancel and being able to use actives inbetween then you'd understand. There is more to just spamming her spells.

  118. How did bard not make it. He has so many little things he can do that makes him godlike

  119. It's That EasyJuly 12, 2015


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