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Mar 19, 2015

Top 10 Underrated Items

Welcome to another episode of Top 10! This week's topic is going to be underrated items, items that are surprisingly good and may perform a niche role, but are somewhat rarely built. Let's check them out!...


There's a certain set of items beloved by the majority of League players and includes honored greats such as Infinity Edge, Randuins, and Deathcap. However, with such a multitude of weaponry to choose from, it seems like there are definitely some that have fallen under the radar, despite their strong potential. Let's take a look at some of them!

Zz'Rot Portal

Recently buffed, the portal provides extremely strong tank stats in the form of armor, magic resist, and health regeneration. It also provides a movespeed bonus near turrets and of course, the ability to spawn voidlings.

Using this item, whoever wields it can easily siege or set up a split push while still being safely near the rest of their team. I think this item will see more use soon.

Banner of Command

This item performs a similar function to Locket of the Iron Solari, but varies in that this grants half as much health and 60 more ability power. The active also provides less in the way of damage mitigation and more in the way of split push potential.

Similar in function to Zz'Rot Portal, Banner of Command allows more passive backline mages like Soraka and Sona to assist with split pushing while still maintaining a good proximity to their team.

The extra AP doesn't hurt either.

Wit's End

This item is actually a pretty decent first purchase on top laners and possibly even certain junglers after their jungle item. Although it's generally skipped over for Blade of the Ruined King instead, against double AP compositions it works very well on auto-attack heavy champions such as Irelia, Xin Zhao, and Cho'Gath.

Warwick also benefits an insane amount from this item, and the on hit bonus damage allows champions that build it to start building defensively earlier on and still remain relevant. The mixed damage it provides AD champions also allows them to burn past seeker's armguard if their opponent builds it.

Ardent Censer

A very situational item, this item receives a lot of bad press as it only itemizes well for AP champions like Soraka and Janna, and is completely lacking in terms of any defensive statistics.

However, in solo queue, along with a team that contains at least two auto attack heavy champions such as Irelia and Draven, this item works well as a 3rd or 4th item.

Zeke's Herald

This item is a bit of a strange buy for supports since it gives lifesteal, but again, on a team full of auto-attackers, this is also a decent 2nd or 3rd item if you want to continue playing offensive.

Righteous Glory

This item gives an absolutely INSANE amount of HP and a solid amount of mana/health regeneration. It works exceedingly well on certain top lane champions like Maokai, and also greatly benefits support champions if they have the gold for it. While I don't think it's necessarily a good first item to rush, the active 60% movespeed boost is extremely good for initiation.

Face of the Mountain

It baffles me slightly when I see melee supports that sell their relic shields for a different item rather than finish their face of the mountain. This item is extremely gold efficient, and continuously gets stronger and stronger as your champion scales up with health. While I would never build it on anyone except for a support (that era is over), this item is extremely good for its stats and active.

Boots of Swiftness

Although situational, this item is insanely good against certain champions such as Ashe or Nasus. If you're playing a champion that's "easily" kited such as Udyr or Volibear, this item can be extremely powerful to assist in closing the gap and jumping on top of your targets. It also provides much more in-battle utility than boots of mobility, but I rarely see people build it.


This item is amazing on AD based champions when fighting against burst mages. Oftentimes, a lot of these champions have little to fight with after their initial burst. With an early Hexdrinker, champions like Zed and Talon can snowball hard while maintaining a safe lane dominance. It also has an excellent gold efficiency ratio even without the shield, so it's definitely not wasted gold.

Greater Stealth Totem

I may be beating a dead horse at this point with how much I mention this item, but it's seriously so, so, so good. For 250 gold you get an auto-recharging sightstone and maxes out your wards on the map? That's insanely strong.

Think I missed one? Disagree with an item on this list? Comment below!

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  1. Jonathan KlineMarch 19, 2015

    Ghosts (Twin Shadows) is a situational pick, but it can be amazing. Decent AP, CDR, and an active that is absolutely amazing if the game turns into a bunch of teamfighting in the jungle.

  2. MasterOfMetalMarch 20, 2015

    Hexdrinker is hell, that is all

  3. Righteous Glory is an amazing item, however the champs that build it are having a very hard time in the current meta: Lissandra!!

  4. I hate when I TAB and the only upgraded trinket on the team is my scrying orb (adc), all those yellow trinkets that could become "sighstones" for just 250...

  5. thecheezelMarch 20, 2015

    As a gold player I am very disappointed I gotten questioned for wanting to get that trinket as a jungler. I t just makes it too easy in conjunction with the scuttle to keep river vision

  6. I <3 the improved warding trinket so much i literally buy it unless i have a sightstone cuz in solo q vision is an issue as only the support wards and other laners never buy normal wards to help out
    it is also nice when u invade the enemy's buffs, u take it, and ward around and kill them when they come get it. I do it like every game when playing assasins lol


    I remember my newbie days when I always bought boots of swiftness in every game cuz it gives most movement speed except roamer boots.

    AND! I love ZeZeROT Portal! It's such a good item, gives tankyness and that active ofc...

  8. Also thresh can build it very nice

  9. Aaron K SmithMarch 20, 2015

    Lol same! I buy swiftees because i gotta kite man! I need that extra 20 ms. I prefer banner of command though, because whatever it kills, you get paid, and decent tank stats with a team aura. Its like a supports dream come true, you can splitpush and babysit your team. Nailed like all 4 side turrets because of this.

  10. I always feel weird about Wit's end on Cho'gath. His E makes attack speed good on him but I always tend to play Cho as more of a caster and I only start autoatracking during a full team fight when I'm in the fray soaking up damage. When I play Cho in the jungle Wit's is a natural item to build tho. Wits is a must have on Warwick tho imo

  11. Swiftys plz cuz fuck Nasus omg wither OP

  12. It's rediculously amazing on Skarner.

  13. Which minion type is best to upgrade with banner of command? I'd assume siege minion, but if the wave doesn't have one is it better to upgrade ranged or melee? The magic damage immunity is hilarious tho I once watched a Karthus spam his Q on a promoted minion for 10 seconds he was so confused.

  14. NotEnglish But Spaghetti :DMarch 20, 2015

    here's my thoughts about those items:
    -righteous glory is the better version of warmog (portable sivir's ult>150 hp and some hp regen),seriously if you are gonna buy a warmog buy glory instead,also good on jungler who would like to buy roa if they are in lane(maokai).
    -wit's end is super strong on jungler who already got a magic damage on their autos(ww,kayle,tf,ecc...)
    -boots of swiftness should be bought only by champs notoriously know for being easily kited since their cost is pretty high compared to mobility.
    -hexdrinker is such a strong item early game,if you are an ad bruiser jungler take it as fast as you can,he's op
    -face of the mountain is literally one of the best item for save life at your ad carry and coupled with aegis is just insane but if enemy team lack burst or considerable dots ascension is flat out better
    -ardent censer should be rushed by everyone who can make a good use of it(spammable 5 men atk spd buff with alistar is op)
    -zeke's herald is a bit strange and imho he needs a rework for being a much appealing item
    -banner of command is the ap version of aegis with a splitpush active,could be good on ap supports or jungler
    and "dulcis in fundo"

  15. NotEnglish But Spaghetti :DMarch 20, 2015

    wit's end on cho is good only on tankier build imho,if you are playing him as an ap bruiser definitely focus on ap rather than atk spd and on hit effects

  16. NotEnglish But Spaghetti :DMarch 20, 2015

    promote makes the minion immune of magic damage if i'm not wrong so karthus was literally dealing 0 damage on him XD

  17. Didn't mention Luden's Echo?

  18. lmao true... if didnt use basic attacks :-D

  19. Very very new item and its not underrated fo shur

  20. BobfranklyMarch 20, 2015

    Swiftness Boots, I build this on Janna all the time. While Boots of Mobility can get you into the fray faster, Swiftness can get you back out of it. Also helps when chasing down the runner (provided you have vision ofc).

  21. Lay Waste pretty much is Karthus' basic attack lol xD

  22. So apparently Janna's shield applies Ardent Censor buff to the non-laser towers.... OP?
    Righteous Glory's speed active is so good and it builds from catalyst which is a great item for in lane sustain. Warmog's passive gives more health regen on most health stacking champs, but with the buff to RG's health stat Warmog's is really only better on manaless champs like Garen, Mundo, Zac, or tank Lee Sin. I could see a Volibear building both items if he's going for a megatank build xD.

    Also swifty boots plz cuz fuk Nasus omg wither slow so OP

  23. Ey what about Abyssal Scepter? I love that item... 2440 gold. 50 MR. 70 AP. Lowers 20 (TWENTY) MR to everywhere in a 700 range radius. I don't think everyone takes seriously what this item provides.

  24. Eduardo Fortino Velderrain ValMarch 21, 2015

    SSJSuntastic do you recommend upgrading frostbang?

  25. Really love that item for Sejuani.

  26. What my friend likes to do with Boots of Swiftness is getting it on Warwick while purchasing Frozen Mallet. Basically, he would auto attack his target and run around them for a good minute while making jet noises, then kill them.

  27. I am surprised that Ohmwrecker isn't on this list.

    That item has HP/Armor/CDR, perfect for Tank Junglers since Cinderhulk has no CDR, and there isn't a point to build Sunfire Cape anymore. It's perfect against a Physical DMG oriented team and the Active is awesome for Tower Diving

  28. That's not underrated at all, it's a very very common first item on mids since DFG removal. Ahri, annie, katarina, etc.

  29. SSJSuntastic.. Do u think that instead of building sightstone can support start bilding Greater Stealth Totem>

  30. Zeke's Herald plus Ashe Support GG

  31. Abyssals on Support Thresh if you are doing well it's good plus funny

  32. I think Spooky Ghosts is best for AP supports when your team is having difficulty maintaining vision control, or if they have like a Twitch/Shaco. I think Righteous Glory kinda replaced the Ghosts as an item for engage or pick plays.

  33. You can't upgrade trinket until level 9, also as a support you'll probably need wards more often that the trinket recharges when taking dragon and other objectives. I thinks it's still best to get sightstone and red trinket as support

  34. I wished guinsoo rageblade was on the list....even if i see it more than the others, its still an unpicked item who's completly ovepowered, and that on almost every champs....

  35. One of my friend plays jungle cho a lot and this is his build. Its pretty fucky but works pretty well.
    He goes Stalker/Devourer, Wits end, Frozen Heart, Hextech Gunblade, Ninjatabi, and Locket. Is actually pretty good in terms of damage and tankiness if you get 6 stacks.

  36. Dazed and DeadMarch 23, 2015

    If you have a jungler who builds sightstone/red trinket then maybe you could skip the sightstone as support. Otherwise, I think most supports should try and control vision as much as possible.

  37. Dazed and DeadMarch 23, 2015

    Yeah, Abyssal is pretty common on short range AP champions. Not so much on poke mages obviously.

  38. I never see it as a first item for ANY champ, I do see it but not as often as I think this item deserves to be bought. This item is almost a must for every match that has 2+ AP champs in total (between both teams).

  39. Dazed and DeadMarch 23, 2015

    I use it on a few champions. It is a little more situational than other items but I love it on Ziggs, Lux, and Xerath.

  40. Dazed and DeadMarch 23, 2015

    Really? Katarina, Kennen, and Rumble come to mind as champions who could benefit from Abyssal as a first item IF they are matched against a strong AP laner.

    There are others that build it a bit later in their builds i.e. Karthus.

  41. Miguel Alejandro MirandaMarch 24, 2015

    I always buy the greater stealth totem now, soooo good, it really helps when making rotations. Vision wins games.

  42. aceofacez10 .March 24, 2015

    All hail the Greater Stealth Totem, King (Queen?) Totem of all low elo solo queue. =D


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