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Feb 20, 2015

FOTM Report: New Greater Stealth Totem



Hi everyone, I just wanted to highlight this small but extremely important change to wards in Patch 5.3.

Greater Stealth Totem now stores up to 2 charges

This means that if you're a mid, top, or AD carry, you should be upgrading to the new totem at level 9, there's pretty much no reason not to since it only costs 250g


  1. Costs 250g. So cheap.
  2. Recharges every 60 seconds, and you can store up to 2 at once. 
    • This means your team could have 10 wards up at a time INSTANTLY. 
      • Without buying wards. 
    • When was the last time your team had 10 wards up at once?
  3. RECHARGES - I can't stress how important this is on Baron fights, especially if you transition over from a prolonged push mid or at dragon. 


Currently, I think sightstone is still important to buy early, especially if you're a melee support. The reason for this is that it gives you good lane control and bulk early. Additionally, many teamfights can occur before level 9, and it's definitely still very good before the enemy team starts getting sweepers.

I'm still relevant :(
Ranged Supports - You may consider simply buying the regular green wards until level 9 if you're a ranged support, as you can pick up items with a bit more utility. However, you and at least one other person will definitely need to upgrade to the greater stealth totem.

Blue Trinket

I think there's still a (limited) place for blue trinket on team compositions. Personally, I think it's only useful if you've started falling behind and the enemy team has effectively taken complete control of your jungle. 


Buy the new Greater Stealth Totem. It's super OP right now impacts the game HARD.

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  1. Loved the change. Hopefully my team gets used to it. If they don't, that's a paddlin'.

  2. Oooh! This is going to be great.

  3. The junglers nightmare X_X

  4. I think the Scrying/Farsight Orb is still better on ADs especially with the buff of the upgrade.

  5. I cannot stress enough how people aren't upgrading it. After 4 wards placed it's gold efficient and you can have up to 15 wards on the map at one time because each charge is 60 seconds.

  6. I think supports supports should still always get sightstones because god knows nobody else is going to buy a sweeper.

  7. BoltOfSpadesFebruary 21, 2015

    Not that this is going to save the people too busy going ham to notice Vi is ulting them.

  8. Jim PaponettiFebruary 23, 2015

    Riot could give kids the chance to have unlimited wards with unlimited charges at all times and they still wouldnt go around warding

  9. I think smiles made best use of it.

  10. Ikr, I love it. I don't even buy sightstone now on my ranged support. Just death. I mean, useful team saving items~!


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