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Dec 25, 2014

The Importance of Early Game Autoattacking



Earlier today while playing on a smurf account at gold level, I found something very interesting. While marksmen players tend to understand that their main goal is to auto-attack as much as possible, it seemed like a lot of other players rarely, if ever, auto attacked (even when they were in range to do so).

The worst offenders by far appeared to be AP casters, who seemed to rely solely on their spells for harass, even during laning phase. Although this may be the safest route during teamfighting in order to stay out of harm’s way, during laning phase it's a massive damage increase that often becomes the difference between victory and defeat in a 1v1 battle.

Let's check out the top two worst offenders, AP mids and melee supports:

Strength of Autoattacks

AP Mids
Let’s take a simple example. Level 1 Syndra has a base damage of 54  whereas her level 1 nuke deals 70 + 60% of AP in damage (estimated 88 with 30 AP to start). This means that magic resistance and armor aside, every TWO auto attacks effectively deals MORE damage than a single nuke.

Now think about how many nukes you miss in lane trying to harass…wouldn't it be easier to just land two autos instead?

Melee Supports
Meanwhile, let's take Taric for a melee example, as I see a lot of melee supports also fail to put in as many auto attacks as they should.

Level 1 Dazzle40 damage
Level 1 Shatter40 damage
Level 1 Auto58 damage

Every auto-attack you do does MORE than a single shatter! Not only that, but Taric's passive also gives his next attack 20% of his armor in damage! (about 64 total at level 1)

Even the armor reduction isn't enough to make up for that, which equates to about 4% more damage taken from autos (about 3~4 more damage from an average ADC auto). Of course, if you can get in 3~4 autos between you and your ADC then of course feel free. But if given the choice between only a shatter and an auto, the auto actually does more.

Best Time To Autoattack

So you're convinced that you need to auto attack more. Do you just do it willy-nilly? Of course not, there's always times that are better than others to throw an extra auto in.

The optimal time to auto-attack is always when the enemy laner has just performed an auto-attack themselves. The reason why? Because there is a time delay between one auto and the next.

This means there are two times when you should auto:

1. Right when your opponent is about to CS
2. Right after your opponent has harassed you.

Never take harass unless you at least get CS or a chunk of the enemy's health for compensation!


Auto-attacks are much more valuable than many players believe, especially early in the game. Even if they don't "feel" very effective, they stack up quickly and are often the difference between winning and losing an early skirmish.

Thoughts? Comment below!

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  1. Furor UmbrasDecember 25, 2014

    i have just recently learned this i never thought it mattered because it was so small thats why i thought rune were worthless i have just recently changed my opinion

  2. YES! AA's rek people! Yes!!! Harassing with ranged autoattack owns.

  3. SSJSuntasticDecember 25, 2014

    Good to hear!

  4. Matias Ignacio Araneda ArayaDecember 25, 2014

    If you AA's a lot i highly recommend use hybrid penetration marks over magic penetration, it will help you at farming and your AA´s will hurt a lot

    Pd: sorry for bad englando

  5. i am a decent janna support but i dont janna main so i take ad runes on her and aa with her at that time is brutal poke on opp adc (along with the shield) and that basically has won my adc countless lanes. but whnen i play adcs i dont see other supports doing the same.. i hope this post helps them :D.

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  7. Josh ThurlowDecember 26, 2014

    Thanks for posting this SSJ. Recently I faced an LB who used a ton of autos. It's really annoying and it really did do a lot to me. Thanks for all the info you put up, I always take note and it has helped me become a better player.

  8. Carlos Archundia CejudoDecember 26, 2014

    when I play ryze I ALWAYS auto-attack, the funny thing is that they don't react to it until they're at half health. no-one expects ryze's AA to half them, or maybe it is because they're so hard to see...

  9. Exevier EtcheverryDecember 27, 2014

    Minions since 4.20 doesn't have armor.

  10. haha ik that feel. that is why if i am playing a ad early game champ v lb i alwayhs take dorans shield @ start cause good lb players aa a lot cause of her good aa animation

  11. MasterOfMetalDecember 28, 2014

    i never actually noticed, but this is very true. i've noticed that the only champ i AA with is malz, and thats because i can take 1/3 to 1/2 an enemies health at lvl 1 by placing e and AA'ing them while they run away (cuz ppl are stupid and think retreating helps), thanks for the tip. but i can understand melee supports not wanting to facetank all of the damage they would take getting close enough to get in a single AA

  12. Exevier EtcheverryDecember 28, 2014

    Hybrid penetration was better in 95% of AP (and junglers tanks) champs. Except Karthus for example, or Mundo against a ranged.

    1) More damage.
    2) More last hit/clear in jungle.

    Now hybrid penetration is only more damage.

  13. Josh ThurlowDecember 31, 2014

    Best champ with this is Teemo lol. Shroom then autos.... hate him >.>

  14. Actual best champ is Jaycee because of his ability to increase his attack speed and ad making him if played right able to land 4 autos 3 of witch will be empowered and if he has crit and Crist somewhere in there the dps is insane

  15. Annie, Anivia, Zyra and Ziggs are king of AA harass in mid lane, but trye to to dit with Morg, Karthus or Swain and you will take free dmg for nothing.

  16. Even the weakest Leblanc AA that hits like a wet noodle will add up quick. LEBLANC: "I ATTACK WITH PRETTY COLORS"

  17. I don't think I fully understand when to auto attack. Whenever I auto attack, the minion aggro switches to me, and I take almost as much damage as I put out...What am I doing wrong?

  18. You're aaing in creep range. They need to be going in to last hit and you cannot be in their creep wave....


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