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Dec 24, 2014

How Many Seconds After Being Damaged to be "Executed"?



Oftentimes, (more so on ARAM), I see a lot of people wait a few seconds after taking damage, then attempt to suicide into turret for an execution. Almost half these times result in a free kill for the enemy team. So what's the correct amount of time?


After taking damage from another champion, 13 seconds must pass before being executed

Interestingly enough, some people actually don't realize that an execution still gives experience to nearby enemy champions, (but no gold).

Additional Facts to Consider: 

While executions take 13 seconds without being damaged, when a player dies, all enemy champions who assisted in the last 10 seconds will receive assists (or the kill).

While short, hopefully this post has been useful to at least some of you. Happy holidays!

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  1. This is certainly helpful, I've seen tons of people screw up executions :3

  2. I always thought it's 12 seconds.
    Because the "in combat" usually means: "receive or deal damage" (even when the damage is shielded/blocked/dodged/parried) within 2 seconds.
    If the champion "buffs" the allied champion and that champion deal damage, it's counted as "assisted" within those seconds too.

    And 10 seconds is from the execution normal of Turrent/NeutralMonster/Minions.

  3. Daniel BarcelosDecember 27, 2014

    Assists should have 13 off advantage too, it makes me mad when i'm the supp/tank, i die in order to kill a super feed riven and my team only kills her 1~2 seconds after and i don't recive an assist.


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