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Nov 20, 2014

Nightblue3 Releases Preliminary Jungling Guide


With the release of Preseason 5's jungle, plenty of experienced junglers are falling like flies to the stronger, more sophisticated creep camps.

While I haven't had the chance to do extensive testing on in the new jungle, North American challenger tier player Nightblue3 recently put together a quick guide detailing his thoughts on new jungle paths.

Check it out below!

Smiting RED gives HP back, smiting BLUE gives mana back

Sustain Junglers:
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Warwick
  • Pantheon
  • Elise
Start first buff(leash) -> second buff(smite it) -> camp afterwards
SSJ: I believe he means you can start at either red or blue as you have the sustain to polish off either one the second buffs by yourself, and then head to any other jungle camp after you get both buffs. I'm a little confused why he considers Pantheon a sustain jungler, but I guess it's because of his shield?
Non-sustain/low sustain junglers:
  • Rengar
  • Kha'zix
  • Wukong
  • Udyr
First camp (strong leash) -> first buff (smite it) -> second camp -> back and buy jungle item -> second buff.

Notes: Try to smite red buff at the perfect hp or when it’s lower than your smite damage to get maximum hp out of smiting it (it heals for your % current missing hp)

Tentative Tier List (A-Z Order)

SSJ: Take the below with a grain of salt, while Nightblue3 is indeed a very good jungler and his guesses are a good starting point to go off of, feel free to test and develop your own strategies! Personally I have won't have any idea what I'm doing until at least this weekend, so this will be where I'm starting from as well.

* = More likely to get this item

Strong Junglers
  • Elise - (Rangers->Juggernaut)
  • Fiddlesticks - (Stalkers ->Magus)
  • Kha'Zix - (Rangers->Warrior, Max W Evolve W every game? ) ** be very careful pre level-3 **
  • Lee (*Rangers or Poacher->Warrior)
  • Nasus - (*Rangers or Stalkers -> Juggernaut) *try juggernaut into trinity force (maybe finish trinity before juggernaut)*
  • Nunu - (Rangers->Juggernaut) 9-21
  • Pantheon - (Rangers->Warrior)
  • Rengar - (*Rangers or Skirmishers->Devourer) ** be very careful pre level-3 **
  • Shaco - (Rangers->Warrior) ** Will do more testing for tank shaco (full tank after Warrior) & DPS shaco (shiv/tiamat) ** *test ap quint shaco*
  • Shyvana - (Rangers->Devourer)
  • Sion - (Rangers->Juggernaut)
  • Udyr - (Rangers->Devourer) ** need to test Rangers->Juggernaut ** Skill order: R,Q,E,W Max Order: R>W>E>Q make 2 rune pages: 1 attack speed runes/masteries | 1 cdr runes/masteries
  • Vi - (*Rangers or Skirmishers(if they have invis champ)->Warrior) ** be very careful pre level-3 **
  • Warwick - (Skirmishers->Devourer)
  • Wukong - (Rangers->Warrior) ** be very careful pre level-3 **
  • Zac - *ap quints* (Rangers->Juggernaut)
Other Misc Junglers:
  • Aatrox - (*Skirmishers or Rangers->Devourer)
  • AP Amumu - (Rangers->Magus)
  • Diana - (Rangers->Magus)
  • Gragas - (Rangers->Magus)
  • Hecarim 21-9 - (Rangers->Warrior)
  • Jarvan - (Rangers->Warrior)
  • Maokai - (Rangers->Juggernaut)
  • Nautilus - (Rangers->Juggernaut)
  • Nocturne - (Rangers or Stalkers or *Skirmishers (still needs testing)-> Devourer
  • Sejuani - (Rangers->Juggernaut)
  • Skarner - (Rangers->Warrior or Juggernaut(Still needs testing)
  • Tank Amumu - (Rangers->Juggernaut) * if you are going to play amumu go AP quints or clear will be hard *
  • Trundle - (Rangers->Juggernaut)
  • Volibear - (*Rangers or Skirmisher's, still needs testing -> Juggernaut)
Needs More Testing:
  • AD Malzahar - (Rangers->Warrior)
  • Cho'Gath - (Rangers->Juggernaut)
  • Eve - (Stalkers or *Rangers-> *Warrior or Magus (still needs testing, try warrior then trinity force)) *Save chilling smite for ganks*
  • Master Yi - (*Skirmisher's or Rangers-> Devourer)
  • Mundo cloth start - (Rangers->Juggernaut)
  • Rammus - (Ranger's -> Juggernaut)
  • Xin Zhao - (*Rangers or Skirmishers -> *Warrior or Devourer)


1min 40s spawn
  • Raptors
  • Gromp
  • Wolves
  • Golems
3 min spawn
  • Crab
Razor Sharp(Oracles) lasts for 1min 30s

TESTING Jungle Clear Speed/Routes with Jarvan:

Blue Side:
  1. Red start (no smite leash)  -> blue buff  camp -> back afterwards Level 2: 2:18 Level 3: 3:14 Ganking Time: 3:14 with 3/4hp
  2. Golem start (no smite leash)  -> red buff wraiths -> go back and straight to blue Level 2: 2:28 Level 3: 2:54 Ganking Time: 3:45
  3. Gromp start (no smite leash) -> blue buff  -> wolves ->go back and straight to red Level 2: 2:08 Level 3: 2:54 Ganking Time: 3:48
  4. Alternative options (still needs testing): smite your blue after leash -> gromp -> wolves after : smite gromp after leash do blue wolves after
Purple Side:
  1. Blue start  no smite leash    to red buff    camp afterwards Level 2: Level 3: Ganking Time:
  2. Gromp start  no smite leash    to blue buff    wolves    go back and straight to red Level 2: Level 3: Ganking Time:
  3. Golem start  no smite leash    to red buff    wraiths    go back and straight to blue Level 2: Level 3: Ganking Time:

XP Table (Coming Soon):

First camp gives 300 xp, buff gives 200 xp. second gromp gives 160?

DOs & DONTs:

  • Counter Jungle
  • Leave one little monster
  • Clear buffs completely if you have time so you can get the timer and xp
  • Smite Wraiths
  • Smite enemy Wolves
  • Try to save smite for wraiths if you don’t need it to kill buffs
  • Start bot side (on the golem camp/gromp) with carry junglers (rengar,kha’zix)
  • Ask for strong leash (to 10-20% HP on first camp)
  • Buy Skirmisher if they have invis lane champ (akali,talon,rengar,shaco,vayne) if you can afford to (not talking about gold, talking about jungler needs)
  • Juggle (run back and forth to reaggro dragon while it’s charging up it’s auto attack) dragon (very easy to do now)
  • Smite Crab (unless contested)
  • Buy Stalkers on carry junglers who farm (Rengar, Kha’Zix, Jarvan)
  • Try to do risky barons
  • Early dragons with non sustain junglers
  • You can smite any camp if you are going to back afterwards, or wraiths are not up


  • Harder to maintain vision control & start dragons in this patch
  • Tank Junglers are a lot better in this season due to itemization, scaling, and carry junglers having a tougher time early. (Does not mean tank junglers are better than carry junglers)
  • If you are playing a feral flare (devourer) jungler, buy it ASAP to start stacking
  • Hybrid (AD/AP) champions highly benefit from first dragon, securing it becomes priority
  • Hard to make poacher’s effective because of the long respawn timers of camps
  • If you are playing a carry jungler and don’t get a good leash on your first camp (golems/gromp) just do your first buff after and go back (level 2) straight to your second buff
  • General Statement:Efficiency of jungle items (best to worst): Rangers>Skirmishers>Stalkers>Poachers

Thoughts? What has your experience in the new jungle been like? Comment below!

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  1. There is no Eve here. Kappa.

  2. SSJSuntasticNovember 20, 2014

    He does have Eve on there, under the "needs more testing" part.

  3. I didn't search the page for Eve, but Evelynn.. ;_;

  4. SquirrelNutkinsNovember 20, 2014

    This is super helpful.

  5. So basically, we're kind of back to the old S1 and 2 start where we need a leash on wolves or wraiths, then straight to the buffs (red/blue)??

  6. It's a confirmed maybe. I'm fairly certain majority of the junglers can still start on buffs.

  7. Exevier EtcheverryNovember 20, 2014

    I try Morgana Jungla and she is very good. Test it.

  8. I thought the buffs spawned after the camps?

  9. Most do, but it's important to save smite for a more important effect later on. I mean, even though I start blue even with Rengar, it's pointless to smite it since the effect is pretty much useless.
    Either we'll need a really hard leash or rethink the routes.

  10. i dont think implement that initial pbe change in live server

  11. I've been jungling like this:

    Smite Gromp/Golems but DON'T KILL THEM and do Blue/Red (leash), if you have low sustain then back when you are low health (Hello Kha'zix)
    Also, NB3 said Jarvan doesn't need Stalker cause' he farms a lot, I don't agree at all... I gank until the enemy rages

  12. warwick can pretty much solo dragon at level 5 and with just skirmisher (no enchanted yet), 2 pots and a pink ward just in case

  13. why you shouldnt kill gromp/golems?

  14. Some people do it and that's ok, but when you do your golem you are gonna struggle a bit

  15. But people will actually start banning ww... I already did for much of last season because of his unfair ganks and gold yoloques inability to properly counter him... expect ww to start being banned more often... this leave my beautiful yeti to be the dark horse that I always wanted him to be

  16. i noticed you earn less gold in the new jungle, yes its 20% more gold now, but the old gold generating passives are gone, smite is in a higher cd and is more difficult to clear. i think carry junglers will have trouble getting items

  17. Damon vanTentNovember 21, 2014

    Dude panth level 3 dragon before 5 minutes :D

  18. I don't believe you

  19. Damon vanTentNovember 21, 2014

    Legit go have a try if you can juggle dragon correctly you can do it easily. best on purple side (havent tried blue side yet) p.s I play on colour blind mode :o

  20. RisingFlamesNovember 21, 2014

    Try AD Malzahar. Seriously, super OP at taking Dragon and Baron.

  21. RisingFlamesNovember 21, 2014

    Eve is ridiculously weak in the new jungle, poor sustain leads to terrible first clears, and she gets executed easily.

  22. Surprised to see that Yi was still being tested. On PBE he worked well for me if i just got a solid leash. He's got quite the solid sustain and great damage. I think it goes without saying that stalker-devourer still gives him that same massive damage and snowball potential.

  23. So Wukong is more healthy, that's a good thing to hear

  24. Actually Wukong's clear is brutal before your first back. You have to really put some thought into your first smite, probably either on gromp or on red right before you get executed...

  25. I'm surprised Jarvan's not listed as one of the strong junglers. Because of his safe clear, he's become one of my prime choices; as he can do his 2 buffs and a camp between without leash; and if he gets a leash, he can do 2 buffs, one camp in between and have 70% HP to gank top or mid.
    His passive is beastly at low levels, and his E steroid gives him a lot of artificial gold both to you and the leashes (who will be able to sneak an additional AA); not to mention his ganking is really strong.

    If it wasn't for the fact over three quarters of the champions popular in today's meta can jump his wall really easily, I think he could be just plain broken.

    WW is probably too strong; he can do his 2 buffs without a leash, and then go steal enemy second buff if they needed to go back. His kit is inherently boring and lacks interaction; he probably just needs a rework. I sincerly hope they're cooking one, else he'll get Yasuo'd and we'll forget he ever existed.

  26. ah you mean smite gromp/golems FOR the buff, but dont kill on your first clear and go to do your jungle? well that haves sense, imo both of those are the best smite effects (wolf effect is pretty lame, why i want a seriously short ward in my jungle, maybe at counter-jg; wraith effect is somehow better, a free oracle isnt bad, but you dont get the ward deactivated so the laners will see you clearly killing the ward)

  27. im surprised its not mentioned that pantheon is able to do dragon as early as level 1 solo

  28. pantheon with AS marks and quints, can solo at level 1, dragon now attacks about once every 3 secs (ish), giving you enough time to get your passive up, using q and AA. And is much easier once you have q,w+e you'll never take damage

  29. I see that now and expect either ban hammer or nerfs to be incoming

  30. I don't know man, she's very obviously dying faster, but as soon as you get some more health you're okay.
    First time using Eve in the Jungle:

  31. That's exactly what I did and it went just as usual :)

  32. pantheon can do it at level 2 lmfao

  33. why is jungle jax not in this list?

  34. JMart_JonesyNovember 23, 2014

    I recently read another of NightBlues' posts where it said no to buy a jungle item with fiddle and start amplifying tome? Any idea on which seems to be the better option?

  35. PumpkinbreadNovember 23, 2014

    um...he can do it level 1. All he needs is his w and attack speed. He does the entire thing with only taking 2-3 hits from dragon

  36. Josh ThurlowNovember 24, 2014

    I guess it depends on preference. Go tome if you're ganking and snowballing (which is what Fiddle is built for). getting the jungle item hinders that a little. He doesn't need the extra sustain from machete either, the tome will help enough. Though his clear could be great with the rangers maybe, he really doesn't need a smite power, he can get his core item earlier.

  37. Josh ThurlowNovember 24, 2014

    This is an early list. He's still managing and updating the list. Here it is so you can stay up-to-date with it, he added a couple more junglers in there a couple days ago

  38. Josh ThurlowNovember 24, 2014

    As I said above, this list is the early workings. Here is the list so you can stay up to date :)

  39. Josh ThurlowNovember 24, 2014

    Well his only sustain has quite the cooldown early, and you can't attack, while the strong sustain junglers damage with their sustain.

  40. Josh ThurlowNovember 24, 2014

    wolf is great just to tab the enemy jungler, cuz you can smite theirs and get vision

  41. Josh ThurlowNovember 24, 2014

    Panth can solo at lvl 3, w/out backing. Trick2g does it. I didn't believe it til I saw it.

  42. Josh ThurlowNovember 24, 2014

    Yeah, but idk if just that will get him nerfed. Panth has always been really strong, doing any position except ADC (that I've seen) and just steamrolling his opponents.

  43. Josh ThurlowNovember 24, 2014

    Start with w/e camp is closest to bot lane, you can get the best leash that way.

  44. Oh so by crab he means the rift scuttler? I thought he meant the rock crab things that replaced the golems at first

  45. Yeah you weirdos talking about all kinds of stuff LMAO!!!! WTF! Pantheon solo drag and very early? how? passive, yeah, STUN W. yeah? wtf... the dragon does a lot of dmg.... what... i dont understand.

    Nunu can maybe solo at some point, with Consume and Smite, etc.

  46. Yea the problem is when we are on purple side and I'm playing eehh say Rengar. Gromp and Smite blue?? Sounds like a smite waste if you ask me

  47. Taric does very well in the new jungle. Early clear/sustain is great. Mid game clear is very fast. Late game Taric with 40 cdr and the right items is a beast and can 1v1 most champs and 1v2-3 quite a few champ combos.

  48. please get rekt.

  49. Not to mention, he's FABULOUS!

  50. Josh ThurlowNovember 24, 2014

    Well if you look into the link for the jungle guide, rengar would be classified as a low/no sustain champion. So you could either A: smite gromp and then get blue. or B: do the recommended and start Gromp w/ heavy leash, smite blue, get wolves, then back and then go to your red. I would go with option B. get heavy leash on Gromp, allow your passive to get a few stacks. Then you can do blue w/ smite, and after doing wolves and then backing, your smite will be available for red or the birds.

    in case you don't have the link, here it is:

  51. When was this posted? I've seen a guide that has nearly the exact same information....

  52. No Olaf? He's kinda a sustain jungle with vicious strikes

  53. November 20th 9:26 PM

  54. Those are called Krugs, and the Rift Scuttler is actually called the Scuttle Crab.

  55. It's really just the first clear that's hard, other than that it's not bad at all.

  56. He still falls off really hard though.

  57. I'm thinking Olaf can go ranger's into devourer? juggernaut and warrior's also seem like possible options though. Anyone else play Olaf jung in this patch?
    Stalker's is possible to help with ganks, since Olaf's ganks depend on landing his Q.

  58. on Jax I'd say you go Ranger's into Devourer, if carry, Juggernaut if tanky.

  59. "You can smite any camp if you are going to back afterwards, or wraiths are not up"

    Shouldn't that be in the DO not the DONT?

  60. On Shaco you can kill Gromp with 5 boxes when he spawns, which requires 10% CDR from runes/masteries. Then you get leashed at blue

  61. I'd imagine that rito may make his passive not work fully against dragon. That would be a balanced nerf that wouldn't hurt panth too much but would make it where he can't solo drag at 3 minutes lol

  62. Any words on if they will? Because right now with blue buff and dagger pantheon can solo drag at level 2...

  63. Josh ThurlowNovember 24, 2014

    Maybe. That would make more sense

  64. Josh ThurlowNovember 24, 2014

    Well luckily for carry junglers there is the Rangers item. the AOE stun smite (with a reduced CDR) will really help them out, and they can still get the enchant, to get w/e power they need.

  65. doesnt need this as you can also do buff buff camp without leash in new season.

  66. AD malza with hextech also works great according to nightblue. never tried out personally.

  67. hey guys

    warriors jungle item upgrade stacks cdr and armor pen with brutalizer

    just saying

  68. i m sure riot will make changes accordingly before the 2015 season begins. We are still in preseason.

  69. RobotofjusticeNovember 26, 2014

    So which is a better jungle choice? Jarvan IV or Pantheon?

  70. Definitely Pantheon.

  71. I think it's a note of whole section "Do & Dont", as in his original doc it was wrapped by some star

    **You can smite any camp if you are going to back afterwards, or wraiths are not up**

  72. It's true Taric does very well against AD-based champions. I'm trying Kayle and Taric for new jungle as well, Pretty good so far but I would not put them to the any tier list - still need more experiments :D .

  73. Since the last nerf he became squishy like Riven. Even in old jungle it's feel like there are at least 5 other champions can do better than him.
    In new jungle I don't have much time trying yet I think Jax is even less viable (since the new jungle is harder to clear and Jax don't have built-in heal/shield) .

    Jax is getting a little buff next patch so that he don't fade into obscurity - but will that little love save him? Or he remains in mediocre zone until his 20 counteres are all nerfed ?

  74. if you hover over the scuttle crab in game it says rift scuttler tho. are they changing it?

  75. Nope I'm an idiot. It was Scuttle Crab on PBE.

  76. John LortimerApril 09, 2015

    Will use in conjunction with my other guide I just bought! I have a friend out there who is super amazing at the game. He wasn't always, he bought a guide book from when he first started playing with friends, now he does it competitively !


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