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Sep 24, 2014

Official Patch 4.17 Notes Released!



Buffs: Cassiopeia, Garen, Heimerdinger, Karma, Leblanc, Miss Fortune, Nautilus, Rammus,
Nerfs: Maokai, Nidalee, Talon, Tristana
Tweaks: Viktor, Soraka

Patch 4.17 notes


Hi Summoners,

Welcome to patch 4.17, THE PATCH OF CHAMPION UPDATES. We don't have a lot of high-level balance tweaks in the mix (small taps for Nidalee, Maokai, Tristana, and Talon), but there are some cool "pump up the unique!" changes for champs who may have been lacking in that category. Much in the vein of promoting more meaningful choices, our hope is that by giving champions like Garen and LeBlanc more uniqueness (like out-of-combat health regeneration or stealthy deception), they'll be able to feel a little more interesting in their roles.

Speaking of meaningful choices, our two new gameplay updates (Viktor and Soraka) are also in 4.17, with both focused on creating a little more unique gameplay for their respective champion. For Soraka - what's it mean to be League's premiere healing / banana throwing champion? Or for Viktor - what, specifically, is a GLORIOUS EVOLUTION!? A lot of questions we can potentially answer in 4.17, so be sure to check out our new champion reveal pages for Soraka and Viktor.

Final note, we're continuing to patch out bits and pieces of the updated Summoner's Rift as we start polishing up on work. Once again, this doesn't mean you'll get to play on the updated Summoner's Rift right now, but just that you won't get hit by a mega-sized patch in the distant future. In anticipation of this, we're also rolling out some updated character textures for older champions so they can still look good when their environments change.

And that's all for now! Remember that the World Championships are happening right now, so head over to the page to keep up! 

P.S. If you want even more discussion on today's patch, be sure to check out the Patch Rundown at the end of the notes! Join MsPudding, Scarizard, Seb, and Scruffy as they talk about Soraka, Viktor, and the future of Champion Updates.
 Chris "Pwyff" Tom



Viktor has received a Gameplay and Texture Update, as well as a spiffy new splash! Check out the update article for all the details.


Soraka has received a Gameplay Update! Check out the update article for all the details.


Some small buffs to Cass's mana, Q's damage scales better with AP, and E's resetting its cooldowns correctly.
We know Cass isn't doing great on the live environment, but we also want to make sure we don't react too quickly as players are learning a champion and then that champion goes on to demolish everyone(*cough* Kassadin *cough*). Still, we can give Cass a little bump as we watch her being picked up. This might be a conversation we'll revisit next patch!


BASE MANA300  330

Q - Noxious Blast


E - Twin Fang

28.6% MORE FIXEDTwin Fang now correctly resets its cooldown to 0.7 seconds  0.5 seconds, as indicated by the tooltip


We fixed some longstanding clunkiness with Pulsefire Ezreal's animations in 4.16. Our bad on forgetting to list this in the last set of patch notes!

Pulsefire Ezreal

CANNONS PRIMEDSmoothed out Pulsefire Ezreal's autoattack and Mystic Shot animations


Garen's going to be a lean, mean, health recovering machine.
Right now, Garen's identity is centered on his ability to run at people in a threatening way and, since we have a few people who already do that, we decided to give him a more unique strength. These buffs are to really cement Garen as a tanky sword-dude who can shrug off most forms of poke damage - that is, if he can find windows of safety to recover (more reason to hide in that brush!). You might say this gives him more perseverance. You would be correct.

Passive - Perseverance

NEWYOUR PUNY WEAPONS ARE USELESSPerseverance is no longer removed by non-epic monsters at level 11 and above
HEALTH REGENERATION0.4% maximum health per second at all levels 0.4% / 0.8% / 2.0% maximum health per second at levels 1/11/16
COOLDOWN9 seconds at all levels  9/6/4 seconds at levels 1/11/16


A player raised the concern that Heimerdinger (and Karma) had to casttwo spells when empowering abilities, thus ever-so-slightly delaying his ability to fight back in high-pressure situations. With this change, Heimer will be able to preemptively use Upgrade while crowd-controlled so he can immediately mash faces when he recovers. This is a repeat of the below context.


NEWEVERY SECOND COUNTSUpgrade can now be cast while Heimerdinger is disabled


A player raised the concern that Karma (and Heimerdinger) had to casttwo spells when empowering abilities, thus ever-so-slightly delaying her ability to fight back in high-pressure situations. With this change, Karma will be able to preemptively use Mantra while crowd-controlled so she can immediately mash faces when she recovers. This is a repeat of the above context.

Q - Soulflare

EXPLOSIVE DEPARTUREFixed a bug where Soulflare's ground effect would disappear if Karma died

R - Mantra

NEWEVERY SECOND COUNTSMantra can now be cast while Karma is disabled


LeBlanc's mirror clone is more deceptive, as it spawns stealthed for a full second alongside LeBlanc, so LB can create more distance from her clone before re-appearing. W has a longer grace period to return. Brushy brushy.
Since we removed LeBlanc's silence in patch 4.10, she hasn't been in the best shape. Rather than buffing her damage (wouldn't that be fun), we're looking for healthier ways to give her some strength, like reinforcing her deceptive gameplay.

Passive - Mirror Image

NEWNOW YOU SEE MELeBlanc now creates a mirror image after her invisibility ends  immediately
NEWNOW YOU DON'TLeBlanc and her mirror image remain invisible as long as the other is invisible (breaking the invisibility of one will break the invisibility of the other)
INVISIBILITY DURATION0.5 seconds  1 second

W - Distortion

JUKE CITYLeBlanc now has 3 seconds  4 seconds to snap back to her return pad


Maokai's currently running rampant in top lane, partially due to his ability to trade damage with most of the scrappy dudes he finds up there. Given Maokai's R is already a strong defensive ability in a team fight, we realized it probably shouldn't also have so much damage tied to it.

R - Vengeful Maelstrom

MAXIMUM STORED DAMAGE200/250/300  100/150/200 (base damage remains 100/150/200)

Miss Fortune

Strut is no longer broken by non-damaging crowd control effects, like Nasus' Wither, Lulu's Whimsy, or... the aura from Frozen Heart (sorry!).
Miss Fortune's Strut was always meant to be broken by damage (and the tooltip says this) but, for some time now, Strut also considered non-damaging forms of crowd control to be valid ways to break (like Nasus' Wither, Lulu's Whimsy or... Frozen Heart's aura (sorry!)). We've fixed that.

Passive - Strut

STEP TOStrut is no longer broken by non-damaging effects


Nautilus can drag himself to player-created terrain.
We already did this with Vayne, Poppy, and Gnar, and realized Nautilus should probably be able to do the same (some players also let us know! Thanks!)

Q - Dredge Line

NEWNAUTICAL EQUALITYNautilus can now drag himself to player-created terrain (e.g. Trundle's Pillar, Jarvan's Cataclysm, Anivia's Crystallize)


Nidalee's basic attacks do less and she has less attack speed. Takedown scales less with AD and more with AP. Pounce now resets to a reduced cooldown if Nidalee pounces to a Hunted target (rather than swiping a Hunted target).
As a super strong lane bully, Nidalee's able to poke down her opponents fairly quickly before mauling their face as a giant cat. While we think it's cool that Nidalee has access to two completely different builds (AD and AP), it's clear her AD build is a lot stronger, especially since she can put out tons of damage without needing to land a spear / trap. Our goal here is to bring a little parity between the two builds while also, honestly speaking, reducing some of Nidalee's oppressive lane power when building AD.



Q - Takedown


W - Pounce

NEWFLYING CAT PROJECTILESPounce's cooldown now resets to 1.5 seconds if Nidalee pounces to a Hunted target
KITTY RESETSKilling a unit now resets Pounce's cooldown to 1.0 seconds 1.5 seconds
NEWCOOLDOWN COUGARAbilities that reduce Pounce's cooldown now work in combination with Nidalee's cooldown reduction stat (so at 40% CDR, a hunted Pounce gets reset to 0.9 seconds rather than 1.5 seconds)

E - Swipe

REMOVEDSWIPELESSSwipe no longer affects the cooldown of Pounce when used on a Hunted target


Just a small quality-of-life buff where if Rammus uses Powerball to cancel Defensive Ball Curl (or vice versa), he gets 1 second of buffs overlapping instead of immediately cancelling one for the other.

Q - Powerball

OKAYWhile in Powerball, Rammus now cancels the ability immediately 1 second after Defensive Ball Curl is activated

W - Defensive Ball Curl

OKAYWhile in Defensive Ball Curl, Rammus now cancels the abilityimmediately  1 second after Powerball is activated


While we were cleaning up some code with Sona, we accidentally reduced the cast range on her Hymn of Valor. We fixed it. Sorry!

Q - Hymn of Valor

SHARP NOTESFixed a bug where Hymn of Valor's cast range was shorter than intended


Talon's E no longer silences, it just applies a high-intensity mini-slow.
Now that other high-burst low-counterplay assassins have been modified in some way (hello LeBlanc), Talon's one of the next dudes to step forward. Our focus with this change is not to entirely nerf Talon (although we realize this is a hit to his laning phase against certain champion matchups), rather, it's to reduce frustration when playing against him. Specifically, Talon's ability to obliterate a target of his choosing in the mid to late game without them having any say in the matter (literally) is a tough ability to balance around - especially as we've targeted other low-counterplay abilities like LeBlanc's Sigil of Silence. As an aside, this does mean that the ability name Cutthroat makes no sense from a thematic perspective, but naming it cut-ankles was less inspiring. We'll look into it.

Q - Noxian Diplomacy

A METAPHOR FOR POLITICSNoxian Diplomacy's animation now plays slightly faster (so it can feel more impactful). Actual gameplay remains unchanged.

E - Cutthroat

REMOVEDTHAT'S SOME BAD AIM, TALONCutthroat no longer silences its target
NEWCUT-ANKLESCutthroat now slows targets for 99% for 0.25 seconds (this is enough to sneak in one Mercy-buffed basic attack)

R - Shadow Assault

NEWA SHINY ESCAPEShadow Assault now has a particle to indicate that Talon is hasted


As a hyper-scaling markswoman on par with champs like Koggles or Vayne, Tristana needs equivalent weaknesses for her high potential. Up front: this change won't completely address that problem, but we did want to create more opportunities against Tristana in the early to mid game as we examine her power for the future.

R - Buster Shot

COOLDOWN60 seconds at all ranks  100/85/70 seconds


While this is a fairly innocuous bugfix for Yasuo, we wanted to take this opportunity to talk about everyone's favorite wind swordsman (to ban). While we think Yasuo's in a good spot in terms of his overarching gameplay and strategic fit, there's a good chance he's just a little strong for what he brings to the table. We're currently examining ways to add more meaningful counterplay against Yasuo but just wanted to let you know we're aware of his power.

Q - Steel Tempest

INNOCUOUS BUGFIXFixed a bug where Steel Tempest's cooldown was slightly too low when using the E-Q combo at high attack speeds


This change is for... CLARITY!

R - Chronoshift

WE NEED MORE TIMEVisual effect size (the rotating hourglasses) has been increased by 50%

Mass Texture Rebalance (Part 1)

Over the next couple patches we're taking a broad pass at the game's older character textures with the goal of improving parity with newer releases and making sure everybody looks at home on the Rift as its style and color palette continue to evolve.
TEXTURESThe following textures have been updated:


  • Base, Dynasty, Midnight


  • Base, All-star, Blood Moon, Crimson, Nurse, Silverfang, Stinger


  • Base, Amethyst, Freljord, Sherwood Forest, Queen, Woad


  • Base, Hot Rod, Ice Toboggan, Red Baron, UFO, Urfrider


  • Base, Royal Guard, Nightraven


  • Base, Commando, Enchanted, Gatekeeper, Hextech


  • Base, Jailbreak (for now)


  • Base, Prestigious, Mistletoe, Wicked


  • Base, Defender, Iron Solari, Valkyrie


  • Base, Abyssal, Subterranean


  • Base, Bladecraft, Gothic, Sewn Chaos


  • Base, Battlecast, Runeborn


Elixir of Brilliance, Elixir of Fortitude, Ichor of Illumination, and Ichor of Rage

Elixirs and Ichors now intelligently scale up in stats as a character levels up with them on.
Before this patch, Elixirs and Ichors only did one "check" on your level before determining the stats they gave you. If you leveled up with an Elixir or Ichor used, however, they wouldn't intelligently scale up to your new level. We fixed that.
SMART CONSUMABLESStat buffs from Elixirs and Ichors now level up along with the buffed Champion


Respawn Mechanics

Dominion currently has a balancing mechanic where the losing team has a shorter respawn timer than the winning team. Unfortunately, this mechanic would come into play immediately after one team took a lead. We've increased that band by a wider margin so that close games don't get so swingy but losing teams still have the potential to make a comeback.

Respawn Timers

DON'T CALL IT A COMEBACKThe respawn timer handicap now applies only if there is a point difference greater than 50

Ranked Updates

Master Tier

When we implemented Master Tier, we removed clamping from Diamond 1. One side effect of this has been that players who ride win streaks into Master incur pretty harsh LP penalties if they fall back into Diamond. This new LP loss cap is meant to soften the experience while players strive to enter - and remain in - Master Tier.
NEWLP LOSS CAPPlayers who quickly drop back into Diamond 1 after being promoted to Master Tier now retain a minimum of 50 LP

Ranked Decay

Ranked decay is meant to ensure that only the best active players can hold on to their position through a season. While this makes sense for the most competitive tiers, it just ends up as source of stress for the rest of the ladder. To that end, we've removed decay for silver and gold (bronze was already immune - we fixed a bug where this wasn't the case for promo series).
NEWQUALITY OF LIFESilver and Gold players are now immune to decay
BUGFIXFixed a bug where Bronze players who went inactive during a promo series were decaying out of their series

Ranked Duo Queue

Following a brief hiatus last patch due to a bug, we're reactivating the limiter that prevents ranked players from duo queuing with partners more than one tier above or below them.

Ranked Restrictions

We recently posted about a few new measures coming to ranked play as part of our ongoing effort to encourage positive behavior. Head to the discussion for the details!

Suggested Players

PREMADE FACILITATIONThe Suggested Players invite list in premade lobbies now recommends friends of friends who are currently online and available for a game


  • Nomad's Medallion now properly shows up under the "Other Movement Items" category
  • In line with previous fixes, Relic Shield and its upgrades no longer execute Shaco boxes
  • Fixed a bug where Ichor of Illumination was removing cooldown reduction when it wore off
  • Fixed a number of patcher crash issues
  • Fixed an issue with multitouch scrolling in the Mac patcher
  • Players no longer lose access to the patcher's Repair tool after closing the menu via the 'x' button

Upcoming Skins

The following skins will be released at various times during patch 4.17:

Patch Rundown

Also, check out the Patch Rundown for more discussion on today's patch. Up today, MsPudding, Scarizard, Seb, and Scruffy talk about the Champion Updates in 4.17.

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  1. i have a feeling that soraka is going to move up a whole lot in support rankings. She'll have a slow, a heal, a silence, a snare, and CC. Players wont be able to flash out of her E because of the silence so a well placed E will result with a snare everytime. In team fights, she'll be able to shut down burst champions with the E silence. all the while, she is also able to heal her team at the same time. and then she'll be able to slow with her W for when there is a chase. I have a feeling that she will be getting banned fairly often in ranked solo Q. She'll be one of the low risk, high reward champs.

  2. SSJSuntasticSeptember 25, 2014

    That's definitely a good possibility!

  3. Sadly, I think the opposite may happen for mid-lane viktor D: . Although.... He will possibly be a MONSTER in the top-lane with his current Q augment with lich bane.

  4. Maximilian StephanSeptember 25, 2014

    No Lucian and only a small Tristana nerf?

  5. Daymond Goulder-HorobinSeptember 25, 2014


  6. Haroun BeldjoudiSeptember 25, 2014


  7. Just 2 cents:
    VIKTOR:definitely tier 1,his passive now is worthwile and his damage is solid,at least first spot in tier 2
    SORAKA:definitely tier 2 or even tier 1,aoe silence is op right now that assassins lost this feature and her kit is pretty unique and fun
    CASSIOPEIA:tier 3 or 2 cause she got buffed and she will naturally do better
    GAREN:he should raise just a bit in tier 3 if not tier 2,why? He gots a silence that right now is rare and op
    NIDALEE:now she's a skill reliant champ,tier 2 or still 1
    MAOKAI:is all in power is weaker early but he's still insane late game
    TALON:garbage,lucky if he's tier 2
    ZED:now that talon is dead he can rise the tier list...maybe
    TRISTANA:if this is a nerf i'm paris hilton
    LEBLANC:still too high skill reliant tier 2 at best

  8. Rip talon and nida

  9. Giacomo PonziSeptember 25, 2014

    As Nidalee Main, the real nerf is into her "no pounce reset on her E".
    So, Riot's changes aim to build her as AP bruiser instead of AD bruiser.... So, building now her AP again means
    -Spear dealing damage again.
    -The heal....heals again for some HP instead of using it just for the "AS steroid".
    -More pushing capabilities (more AP means more damage on her W and E).

    ...Where are the nerfs?
    On her early poke throught AA?


  10. Let's have a moment of silence for Talon...

    Oh.. wait...

  11. So now will Veigar rise after Talon nerf? :)

  12. ScrandasaurusSeptember 25, 2014

    I think Talon will still be viable, just gotta pick your engages better. Since the tiny slow procs his +10% damage passive, you can E,AA,Q then W. I think this is actually a tiny buff to his engage damage, but with that being said he is a lot less safe when he engages as there is now room for counterplay.

  13. Matias Ignacio Araneda ArayaSeptember 25, 2014

    still roaming better than kassadin :v

  14. I think Soraka is a high tier-1 champion IMO just off of playing him, Garen actually may be highish tier-2. I think Talon is not dead. But borderline tier-2. Nidalee is Tier-3 IMO because they keep changing her builds which will be detrimental to Gold-Bronze MMR players. I think viktor may be a tier-1 top and mid lane. Maokai is tier-2 like mundo for same reasons. Cassiopeia, and Lb still need more playing before I can decide.

  15. Nick CantwellSeptember 26, 2014

    Who's silence is gonna go next I wonder? Its not gonna be long before nobody has one at this rate. blitzcrank better watch his back if he wants to keep his ult.

  16. Well, nerfing a lot of her base AD and AS is really bad for early game. Her 'q' is a lot worse now for an AD build and still not that good using an AP build. Even playing her as AP, making her early game even more difficult means a nerf. I wouldn't trade that small AP bonus for that.

  17. they didn't remove her pounce reset, they just moved it to pounce.

  18. Only assassins are having silence removed, because let's face it to a mage a targeted silence may as well be a targeted stun. Riot actually reworked Soraka and, imo, significantly improved her silence. They are doing the right thing by making these assassins more interesting and less reliant on basically their prey being unable to react to them.

  19. riot definitely needs to improve garen's late game just a bit,is interesting he can just walk through enemy's team with his mini alistar's ult but his damage is too low and really screw him.
    I think his laning phase is better than darius and renekton,mages like vlad and ryze can kite you but if you menage to reach them they're easily dead cause silence(op right now)prevents them to use their escape and if you get too hits you can just camp bush and regenerate hps like a gay (taricXezreal).
    So riot,give garen a stronger late game,make him a bit less kiteable (q makes you immune of slows),give him some utility(q slows you too a bit) or just is overall damage(better scalings or ult reset)

  20. every mage is better with talon's nerf

  21. Poor kass...

  22. Philippe MazzoneSeptember 26, 2014

    Love you forever, Talon

    I'll never forget you

  23. SquirrelNutkinsSeptember 27, 2014

    Soraka got more difficult forsure...she's multi-dimensional now, not just a heal/mana spammer.

  24. SquirrelNutkinsSeptember 27, 2014

    This girl can never replace Nikasaur!!!!

  25. a moment of silence...

  26. They nerfed AP Tristana more than AD Tristana....

  27. Nick CantwellSeptember 28, 2014

    Yeah that's a good point. I do hope we get some more support style characters with silence abilities though, like blitz and soraka.


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