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Aug 26, 2014

Riot Introduces "Master Tier" + Victorious Morgana?!


In the latest update to the ranked scene, Riot's announced the release of yet another tier between Diamond I and Challenger (looks like I gotta get back on that Elo grind)!

Here's a quick breakdown:


Q: What is Master tier?
A: "Master Tier shares the same LP ladder as Challenger. Players who reach their promotion series at the top of Diamond 1 will enter Master Tier if they are successful. Please note that on release there will be no players in Master Tier, but it will begin to fill as soon as players start winning their promos. "
Q: What about Challenger Tier?
A: With the introduction of Master tier, we’ve changed how players achieve Challenger rank. Now, every twenty-four hours, players will be able to move into Challenger if they’ve earned enough League Points to place within the Top 200 players or Top 50 teams. Any player in Challenger who is no longer within the Top 200 will be demoted to Master.
Q: What will the victorious skin be?
A: Probably Morgana, but there's a lot of complaining going on so that may change...

Q: What are the rewards for each tier?

More FAQ -- ZZ

End of Season

Q: When do I receive my rewards?
A: You can track your progress in-client in the Leagues tab, but you will not earn the rewards until the season has ended in November.

Master Tier

Q: How can I enter Master Tier?
A: Once you’ve reached Diamond I, the next step is to make it to your promotion series. Win three of five games and you’ll cross the threshold to the next level.

Q: Can I fall out of Master Tier?
A: It is possible to be demoted to Diamond I, if you’ve played at least three games in Master and drop below 0 LP.

Ranked Team Rewards

Q: Do I have to play on a single team to earns wins towards rewards?
A: No, you can earn points towards rewards from multiple teams. Please note you can only be on 5 ranked teams at once.

Q: Do I lose the wins I’ve earned if somebody kicks me off a team?
A: No, you will retain your points from the wins. Your points will not be affected by a team going inactive or disbanding, being kicked from a team, or voluntary leaving a team. The only thing considered is the number of wins that you participated in.

Q: Do my points move with me if I transfer servers?
A: No, progress towards Ranked Team Rewards does not transfer with you should you choose to change servers.

Q: If I meet the requirements for rewards, when do I receive them?
A: All rewards will be distributed at the end of the season.

Q: Do wins I earned before the feature launched count towards rewards for this season?
A: Yes, all games that take place during the 2014 Season will count towards season rewards. Pre-season games will not count.

Q: Will wins in my placement matches count towards my Team Rewards?
A: Yes! They will add points towards your Team Rewards.

Ranked Tier Rewards

Q: What are the requirements to earn a ranked tier reward?
A: You will earn rewards based on the tier you are in at the end of the season in solo queue, or based on the tier your team is in at the end of the season. You must have won at least ten games with that team in one queue (for example, winning six 5v5 games and four 3v3 games does not count--even if both the 5v5 and 3v3 teams have the same name and the same players).


Who else is excited?! Think Riot will change that Morgana pick? Comment below! 

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  1. SquirrelNutkinsAugust 26, 2014

    Although i agree with you, i doubt it would ever happen. It already exists as a type of insult, so i2d basically be like riot insulting low elo people

  2. Bluh, Morgana. Morgana does not need a Victorious skin. She already has a fair amount of skins, and there's already a victorious support skin (Janna). There isn't one for ADCs, though, and there's a few champs that have next to no skin. In my opinion, the Victorious skin should go to someone who has very little skins and who sees a lot of play. Jinx is an ADC that fits this, I say Victorious Jinx. Who's with me?!

  3. Tomorrow HeroAugust 27, 2014

    Its not morgana, its

  4. RundownmonkeyAugust 28, 2014

    Victorious Urgot would be a good laugh.


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