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Jul 1, 2014

Patch 4.11 Analysis


Welcome back to another riveting round of patch note analysis! This time around we'll be checking out the Patch 4.11 notes, which feature a TON of jungle/jungler changes along with nerfs on a handful of popular champions. Let's take a look at the goods~

Nerfs: Braum, Jax, Kayle, Skarner, Yasuo, Ziggs
Buffs: Nautilus, Nidalee, Vladimir, Zac
Tweaks: Maokai


The reduced cooldown on his passive is going to make him very strong late game, and is an ideal counter to certain champions rising in poularity such as Galio.

I've seen some Nidalees already at an absurdly powerful level even at Patch 4.10 after the rework, and also seen some absurdly useless Nidalees in the same said patch. That being said, I think that the buffs will start working in more of the first. Currently, 27% of Nidalees are still building Deathcaps, which means many are still going down the AP route, possibly the straight AP route. While her overall performance based on solo queue win rate is looking pathetic at the moment, I think that in time it should even out simply through the uniqueness of her kit.


Awesome change on Vlad to give him some more utility during pool, but most players won't see an immediate change. However, with AD champions growing in strength, he may see more power top lane to combat armor itemization.

Too little too late, but at least the jungle item changes will benefit him as well. I'm hesitant to say that he's going to make any meaningful comeback in the next patch, but maybe in another patch or two we could see a rise in strength.


Still a great champion despite his nerfs, the only people who say he's not strong anymore are the same people trying to get him off the permaban list.

A nerf that was a long time coming, and hits him all around. He's probably still going to be very strong, but I don't see a clear competitor to take over his spot as the strongest top laner just yet. We'll likely see a comeback on certain other popular snowball champions like Darius, Irelia, and Jarvan IV.

It'll be interesting to see how her nerfs affect her as they're all numbers based. However, again it's tough to say who will take her spot. My money's on Katarina though.

My blades are getting itchy...


Q: Nerfed, not a big deal
W: Cast time removal reduces chance to flash during jump, which can be good/bad depending on the situation. The percentage based damage is pretty cool, especially at high levels and gives him a lot more presence in teamfights. 
E: Nice change on the saplings; the slow gives him some needed extra utility, especially with the nerf on his ultimate.
R: Large nerf on R to be self cast, and takes away from a lot of his utility, especially when simultaneously coupled with the radius decrease.

Overall, I think it's a buff on him, but he might need a bit more before being "strong" again.

Minor nerf, I think he's still very strong.

Fairly large nerf to Yasuo, I'm not sure if this was warranted, and definitely gimps his early game a good amount.

Minor nerfs as nobody really complains about him, but he just appears to win a lot.

Jungle Changes

The new Quill Coat item seems very interesting, and will definitely accelerate a lot of jungle cleartimes for slow, tanky champions like Nautilus. I could definitely also perhaps see jungle Shen making a comeback as well. The fact that it builds into Spirit of the Ancient Golem is also amazing as it allows for a quick transition from the jungle to tanky teamfighting, and takes away a lot of the advantage that high damage junglers had prior to this patch.

Beware Amumu this patch, he might be at his strongest yet.

What do you think? Agree/disagree with the analysis? Think I missed something? Post your thoughts below!

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  1. Fr4ntic95July 01, 2014

    Completely agree with you on all points. Concerning Kayle nerf, my money goes to Kata...but a bit of my bet will go to Kassadin too :D. I'm very curious about how much their nerfs will afect Braum and Jax superiority over all other champs and curious about Maokai and Skarner futur in the jungle ^^

    Wait and see B-)

  2. I'll be pleasantly surprised if Jax hold on to his throne. It's important to remember that scaling well is only relevant if you have the gold to scale *with*. If Renekton can walk out of lane against Jax potentially up dozens of cs and possibly multiple kills, it doesn't matter if Renekton scales worse because he has so much more to scale with.

    If it weren't for the nerfs to Kayle, I'd probably expect her to be the best top laner. In light of that, I'd be inclined to vouch for Renekton or Ryze - two relatively easy champions with very good lane matchups and not-awful late game presence (better than Darius, at least). Especially with the nerf to teleport making it more difficult to mitigate a losing lane matchup, I think Renekton's success is in the stars. I mention Ryze because he dumps on Renekton and outscales to boot, so he's pretty awesome in any meta where Renekton is popular.

  3. I will laugh maniacally if Katarina ever comes remotely close to Kassadin.

  4. Played on the PBE... My god. Rammus, Amumu, and Sejuani were pure monsters..

  5. SquirrelNutkinsJuly 02, 2014

    Awesome, I'm a jungle main so I'm excited.

  6. I'm gonna be so sad if I have to play Amumu.

  7. So who thinks Kayle is not good anymore? Just 20 less magic damage good Kayle player has masteries and rune set that negates this...

  8. They removed a .2 AP Ratio. Not 20 flat AP damage.

  9. I found interesting the change to Vladimir, i have to try it
    Braum deserve even more nerfs, is really too strong if you compare to the other support

  10. She's still strong trust me

  11. Im talking in general cutting it in half makes only little impact

  12. I just hate the fact that the community hates her so much, I guess she's going to get nerfed again, SSJ put her in trash tier so people think she sucks pls <3

  13. Cutting it in half has about the impact you would expect cutting anything in half to have. Kayle deals much less damage now, particularly at full build. Runes and masteries are largely irrelevant since the nerf doesn't really touch her early game at all.

  14. what do u think about the Spirit of the Ancient Golem changes playing as volibear ? I think it could be op ;)

  15. Sad to see instead of nerfing W and R we go for DMG nerfs Riot handholding at it's finest.

  16. Please not amumu again!!!

  17. (Amumu Main)

    I've always been here, lurking in the shadows...

  18. AD Sion with SoAtG and Atma's :3

  19. Nooooooooo, Ill just ban him <3

  20. Fr4ntic95July 02, 2014

    me too <3

  21. InsolubleFluffJuly 02, 2014

    I'm pretty sure other supports just need buffing. It's not like we're carrying games any time soon.

  22. SquirrelNutkinsJuly 02, 2014

    Nidalee sounds like she'll be terrifying! lol I already see her do amazing, every one I've seen aren't OP because people are still building her AP and playing her as support (practically not even viable there anymore). All Nidalee players had needed was a bit of time to adjust, she was just made very strong, now this is going to make her incredible! She's best top lane.

  23. SilverDonoJuly 02, 2014

    Nid need Sheen item only i think the best build for her would be

    (Trinity Force, Randuin's Omen. Spirit Visage, Warmog's Armor)

    so tanky and with Trinity Force+Hunt her damage is insane, i dont see her as AP anymore

  24. SilverDonoJuly 02, 2014

    omg Finally a Jax nerf, I cant believe I lived to see this
    as a pantheon player RIP Jax

  25. I'm an Amumu main, and the Quill Coat has been interesting - the 25% bonus health and extra sight ward is interesting but the SILENT nerf here is that it replaces the Tenacity passive, which means you're stuck getting Mercury Treads just for the Tenacity pretty much, which sucks - previously, you'd get Ancient Golem and Ninja Tabi and it would give you a lot more durability, or Mobility Boots if you're ahead.

    I think this change is really going to push tanky Amumu players further towards the AP/magic pen path and the Spirit of the Spectral Wraith and 21/9/0 masteries instead of 0/21/9.

  26. We absolutely are! You carry your carry so to say. I have an 80% win rate with Karma (over 15 games) because almost every single game I've gotten my carry fed early, and then contributed late game. Then there are supports like Thresh and Leona who can get good picks and start team fights. Even though you don't rack up kills, you can change the course of games.

  27. They hit her ult pretty hard actually. Previously it was up for almost every fight. Now you have a nice window to team fight after she's already used it.

  28. Totally right, strong support help a lot to win the bot lane while the carry farm and harass if is possible.
    My last 2 match as Carry I had Sona and Soraka as support and one time against Braum and second time against Tresh we really sucks in the bot lan.
    This is not to complain the second match @ the end we were able to win but was really hard.

  29. Hey guys, you know amumu, BAN HIM!!.... jk <3

  30. It's a nice thought, but jungle Sion still has the problem that he can't really farm Enrage up quickly enough in the jungle due to less units to kill and being pressured to spend time away from farming. (Particularly in the current meta, most team comps can't afford to have their jungler AFK-farming for 20 minutes.) As for Atma's, the problem is that, while theoretically it SHOULD be really great on Sion, its numbers are just so low at the moment that it's at best situational, for if you need more armour but also more damage. If you just want damage, something like Youmuu's or Whisper is better; if you just want armour, well, you've got plenty of better choices.

  31. Ik is not strong, but the numbers should be awesome xD.

  32. Elijah KohrtJuly 06, 2014

    but that 25 mr o;

  33. RundownmonkeyJuly 11, 2014

    you missed out naught on that list but yeah they seam to have broken rammus with this patch.

  34. BootyMasterMcGeeJuly 12, 2014

    I can't believed that I lived to see this as an Olaf player. Thank the fucking lord he is nerfed.

  35. SilverDonoJuly 12, 2014

    Ikr :)
    I hope to see more nerfs in the future


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