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Apr 4, 2014

Thoughts on Ultra Rapid Fire Mode Strategy (URF)

So Ultra Rapid Fire mode's been out for a few days now, and it seems like there's no limit to how many champions should be banned since well...everyone's broken.

A couple things definitely stick out though, including the following:
  • Teleport is broken, Flash + Teleport is definitely the way to go on this map.
  • Common strategies include the following:
    • Poke Spam: Lux, Jayce, Nidalee, Urgot, Ezreal, Maokai, etc.
    • Tanky Utility Spam: Brand, Zyra
    • All-In Spam: Soraka, Leona
    • Heal Spam: Nidalee, Alistar, Sona (removed), Nami, etc.
    • Speed Spam: Hecarim, Skarner, Shen
    • Invulnerability Spam: Fizz
    • Ultimate Spam: Swain
  • AD carries don't seem to be very popular on the map except for Ezreal and Lucian
  • Junglers are not particularly recommended since there are very few champions that can stand up to a 1v2 kill lane.
It's definitely been the most fun out of all the "fun" game modes so far in my opinion!

Share your thoughts and strategies below in the comments section!

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  1. Travis AchimasiApril 04, 2014

    Skarner is better than Hecarim, hands down.

  2. how about shen? :p

  3. I thought Ryze is banned for this game mode. But yesterday i could take him against AI. In my opinion the best of all, because of his Q.
    I personally prefer ghost instead of flash. movement speed is everything. :)

  4. Eihab KayedApril 04, 2014

    AP Shen is broken,no one can beat him

  5. SSJSuntasticApril 04, 2014

    Added him in =]

  6. Scott HillierApril 04, 2014

    Taric has been amazing as well. I know most people don't play him but you can spam stuns and heals. In a lane with a bruiser they can't fight you at all.

  7. Rafael A. PereiraApril 04, 2014

    Ezreal AP is OP, Yi is really broken and Malphite is pretty good as tank.

  8. Philippe MazzoneApril 04, 2014

    What about Ziggs? No one can lane against him

  9. I find that Hecarim is much better early game, but after about level 12, Skarner should have a Hextech Gunblade for the spellvamp and he sustains better as Hecarim's sustain comes mostly through his Spirit of Dread. Between Skarner's spellvamp/lifesteal and W shield spam, Hecarim can't keep up especially when Skarner locks him down with his ult. Additionally, since Hecarim's Q can't damage towers, late game Skarner takes towers better as he can spam his shield to tank tons of tower shots.

  10. David HaasApril 04, 2014

    Zed is really broken if you know how to swap shadows!
    16sec CD on your ult is HUGE

  11. Poppy Is insane. Vlad should also be in the invincible part. But overall this is a good list. :P

  12. you can consider at poke spam Sion and Brand... they have perma stun on you... brand after he deals a skil an you have his passive on you he can deal all the time Q to stun you.. when the stun time is over he will Q you again and you will be all the time stuned... the same thing with sion... bugged champs

  13. Dont forget Taric! and for ultimate spam anivia! and also consider jax

  14. Mid-game on Rammus counters Hecarim. If neither side bans Hec, pick Rammus...

    I've had 3 games vs fed Hecs and was able to shut them down once I had 3-4 items.

  15. my go to support when Hecarim isn't banned.

  16. He's a bully. Almost every team comp I've faced is AP heavy, Spammable ranged AOE is amazing.

    I'm running full MR runes (+38 MR) and stomping lanes.

  17. He synergizes great with Panth.

  18. Veigar is pretty good,with cd reduction and farm,and can nuke almost anyone

  19. MyNutsDontLastApril 05, 2014

    In my opinion the best most broken thing is AP Warwick. It really hilarious. You're q can heal your whole bar while stealing half of theirs. Haven't lost a game with it yet. The only way you die is if they 4 or 5 v 1 cc you. Give it a try :)

  20. MyNutsDontLastApril 05, 2014

    The technique is q ult q. Death lol

  21. MyNutsDontLastApril 05, 2014

    Plus no one can get away with e

  22. Maybe it's because I keep going against gold players (as a plat player)

    I take Heal with all my friends. 48 second CD MS Boost and a chunk of health removing grevious wounds is amazing.

    We always first blood level 1, I only lost with my partner once doing this.

    Also healers are musts, but heal on 5 fills that void

  23. Look lolking, galio in urf is 9th least popular and 7th best winrate. Idk why people don't pick him :s

  24. ben dowdenApril 06, 2014

    AD Malzahar is broken, he has 4 minions at all times and will just kill you instantly if you get space aids or ulted

  25. randomguy101April 09, 2014

    Agreed. I only played 1 URF game and used him. Went up against Ziggs in mid lane. It was hard at first because Ziggs out-poked me in early levels, but you can easily start stacking Q's for insane damage. What's great about Veigar is that he has utility in AOE stun and can get other itemizations since Q stacks increase your AP so you don't necessarily have to focus on AP items unlike other mages.


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