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Dec 30, 2013

Invisible Rengar Wall Glitch

So the NA LoL servers have been down for the better part of the day. But meanwhile, several redditors have discovered that there's a strange bug involving Rengar afoot. Apparently, when Rengar moves close enough to a straight wall, he disappears, becoming completely invisible.

Check out the videos below!

Meanwhile, just to show what kind of effect it has on the game, here's an in-game replay of player reactions: kudos to Jeremy for realizing that it wasn't just two professional level players going full derp mode!

What do you guys think? Game-breaking? Comment below!

Back into the shadows I go...

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  1. SSJSuntasticDecember 30, 2013


  2. what the fuck indeed

  3. First the triple Q, now turning when hugging walls, this rengar is a box full of surprises! Still I find quite hard to exploit that, time will tell

  4. You can also do Quadra Q and Triple Q at level 1/2. There's also the bug with his passive + Q.

  5. Matheus Squizatto SchoenbergerJanuary 04, 2014

    Just pointing ou, I don't have replay of this, but I can confirm this can happen at least on one other champ: Zac. He went invisible near a top wall (the curve that goes from lane into jungle tribush from purple top tower) with a minion wave just passing by, with me (as jax) and my jungler (as Lee) noticing the bug.


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