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Nov 11, 2013

Ziggs OP Revisited - Finally Experienced Why


It's been a few days since we last talked about why Ziggs is OP, and I discussed his AOE wave clear, long range poke, and overall damage, all of which remains true.

However, I missed out on a massive game-changing factor that probably accounts for the majority of his change in win rate...his satchel charge.

They buffed its range from 275 to 325. Originally, since I'm not a Ziggs player I assumed it simply made his jump easier to use, which gives him a stronger escape. This is true.

But I believe it's the satchel's offensive abilities that has given Ziggs a serious edge over a lot of other champions, which boosted him to his #3 spot on the solo queue win rate list and his continued rise to fame.

But why?

The increased size of the charge means that it's easier than ever to position the satchel in a way that not only knocks up the enemy champion, but also bounces them right into a ganking jungler as well. After experiencing it first hand a few games at diamond Elo, it's becoming more and more apparent that his ability to land kills is absolutely game-changing. (And causes me to feed uncontrollably)

Meanwhile, in teamfights, this means that while it's not as disruptive as a Gragas barrel, it's also not an ultimate and thus has a far shorter cooldown and earlier usability.

Think AOE-ranged-toss. Singed is jelly.

Too bad I'm still no good at Ziggs.

Time to mix up an AOE fling...

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  1. Jonas WhatsoeverNovember 14, 2013

    Im somehow wondering that im playing on EU West and rarely seeing any of the champs being most poicked in na/korea/whatever :D
    feel like eu players are always behind, only pickin what was in last lcs or some shit... :P

  2. Id nerf his W or E a little to balance him more.

  3. Daniel ParthierNovember 29, 2013

    Are u in Bronze?

  4. i just dont find him unbalanced, i think hes a great champ, but not at a point where you have to be permabanning it or something like that.

  5. Yeah he also not the best team fighter, and is quite squishy with i long cd ult which is easily avoidable. his traps do a lot of damage though along with a slow. to stop all the complaining id just nerf the dmg a little on his traps.

  6. Jonas WhatsoeverDecember 02, 2013

    plat 1 and gold 5 :P

  7. AwakenedMachinist .December 05, 2013

    There is nothing to complain about. He is one of those mages without a REAL gapcloser/escape. W sitting at 17 second cooldown at level 1 is just absurdly unreliable. Nerfing his damage, which is his sole reason of him being remotely viable, would render him useless. His kit revolves around skillshots, and definitely avoidable ones too. Q has a decent travel time, E takes time to set up, W can be almost insta-activated but provide little damage, and that R...I honestly feel is lacking. It gives a huge "GTFO of the huge blue circle, for a nuke is about to land there!!!" warning and takes a good 2~5 second for it to actually hit (Depending on distance), and when it DOES hit, it's not as rewarding. It hits around as much as a Lux laser, whose hitbox is semi global and on a much shorter cd, and doesnt provide the game-changing cc of a Grag R --- a lackluster imo. However, it's ziggs' poking and zoning potential with the rest of his kit that make him succeed in games. He is easily jumped on and melted down since all he got is his very gimmicky W. Taking away or reducing what is of him now would be a mistake.


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