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Nov 10, 2013

Season 3 End Reminder

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Season 3 end is approaching!

72 hours stand between you and the Season 3 rewards deadline. Will you claim the Victorious Ward skin for making it to Silver tier, or will you push your way to Gold, earning the exclusive Victorious Elise skin?
When the clock strikes midnight, turning November 11 to November 12, ranked queues will come down and we'll start doling out rewards. You can expect direct reward deposits in your account by the end of next week. Ranked queues will be down for about twelve hours and will come back online for the duration of preseason with some upgrades in tow that we'll be discussing soon.
Find out more about Season 3 rewards!

Did you guys end the season at the tier you wanted to? Still pushing to get that last few LP over the next two days? Comment below!

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