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Nov 12, 2013

Season 3 End November RP Giveaway! - SIX $10 RP Cards!

Harken! It 'tis the end of Season 3 and in the spirit of victory and/or battles to come, Nerfplz is giving out

(Image is for visual purposes, I'll only be sending you a code)

We'll also be giving away more in the spirit of giving when December hits, so stay tuned for that as well!

Meanwhile, Check out the details below on how to snag yourself that $10 victory bonus for hitting that tier you wanted, or that $10 consolation prize to hold you over until you achieve your dreams in Season 4!

Three Different Ways to Enter:

1. Comment below in the Disqus comment area with the following: 
  • Tier you achieved + Tier you're aiming for in Season 4
  • Summoner name (I need it to send you the code when you win!)
  • Ex: Bronze I this season, but Season 4 I'll be CHALLENGER!
  • Tier you achieved + Tier you're aiming for in Season 4!
3. Follow Nerfplz.LoL on Twitterretweet this postand tweet @SSJSuntastic your:
  • Tier you achieved + Tier you're aiming for in Season 4!
You can win one from each pool, so be sure to do all 3 to maximize your chances of winning!

11/16 Edit:
Forgot I'm not actually going to be home this weekend, so I'm moving it to Monday. Just bought the RP cards today! Gamestop took forever to find...

Entries will be accepted until 11/18 at 9 PM EST. Within 48 hours of the entry deadline, I'll pick out the three winners at random (TWO from each category) and facebook or twitter direct message them with their RP codes.

For the Disqus winners I'll reply to their comment, add them on the LoL client, and PM them the code!

I've been told that the codes are only redeemable on the NA, BR, TR, EUNE, and EUW servers, so these are the only servers that this contest is open to. Non-NA winners will need to either contact Riot support to get the codes redeemed, or I can Paypal you $10. (I can give you some guidance on how to get the codes redeemed). We can also do the gifting center if you're willing to wait 2 weeks.

Be sure to follow all the instructions or your entry will be invalidated. Good luck summoners!

EDIT: Just because I liked a comment doesn't mean it's more likely to win, sometimes I just like things ._.

WINNER CIRCLE - Giveaway over, stay tuned for the next giveaway!
Disqus Winners: Friend Requests Sent, please IM me when you're on

Facebook Winners: Please Check your "Other" folder in Facebook Messages
Christopher Cunningham
Anthony Tran

Twitter Winners:

Thanks for entering and stay tuned for the next one!

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  1. I am stuck in bronze IV, but now with the new season I will hope to be in gold V mabye II or III

  2. Silver 5, and I hope to hit at least gold 5 next season. Summoner name is Halfcharge

  3. James MenardNovember 12, 2013

    Bronze 3, and I hope to hit at least gold 1 next season. Summoner name is Tryam27

  4. Aurelio Zuniga SepulvedaNovember 12, 2013

    Diamond 5 this season will aim for bronze 5 next. or was it the other way around?

  5. SSJSuntasticNovember 12, 2013

    Yep, you can potentially win one per pool, FB, Disqus, and Twitter :)

  6. Gold 5 and hoping to go high plat/diamond in S4. IG is Vivva

  7. Alexander DiamantopoulosNovember 12, 2013

    Finished this season Silver 4 (reached my goal!) but I am going for Gold in S4!

  8. Silver 4 + Going for Platium 5 season 4. IGN is Grand 70.

  9. SSJSuntasticNovember 12, 2013

    AFKs are just a part of the game, just hope they're on the enemy team! As you move up the ladder there are definitely less and less of them if that makes you feel better :)

  10. Maximilian StephanNovember 12, 2013

    I am Platinum V now and aim for Platinum I, maybe Diamond V. My IGN (EUW): Fenryn

  11. Eleuterio NoSleep AmaralNovember 12, 2013

    Gold V and going for atleast Plat V
    IGN: STZ ReckOninG (NA)

  12. I am Bronze 3 and now I aim for Platinum 5.

    IGN : J 1 (NA)

  13. Chekhovs GnuNovember 12, 2013

    I am RANKLESS (not level 30 yet) and I aim for Silver III.

    IGN: Chekhovs Gnu (NA)

  14. William GrahamNovember 12, 2013

    I am Silver 3 and I aim for Gold 2
    IGN: vipe

  15. D5 and I aim for Challenger.
    IGN : All Greenes

  16. I am Bronze 4, aim to be at least Gold
    IGN: FoKingLegend

  17. I am Rankless (not level 30 yet) and I aim for Gold 5

    IGN : Cryptiikz

  18. Jarrett BowlingNovember 12, 2013

    Finished this season at Bronze 1, failing my promos with 15 min to go. Hoping to make it to gold next season. My tag is Gramamanamanees, have fun spelling it if i win!

  19. Gold V this season, but will be in DIAMOND next!!!
    Summoner Name: ScarletƒAcacia
    ƒ = Alt 0131 or Alt 159

  20. Silver V for this season, but I'll get to Gold next time!
    Summoner name: Tauros113

  21. Diamond 5 this season! Diamond one is within reach!
    Summoner Name: KAG Tdot

  22. Silver II for this season, but I'm aiming to get to at least Platinum III in season 4!
    Summoner name : SirpwnsalotXD

  23. Gold III this season, but Season 4 I'll be Diamond I

  24. Gold 1 this season. AIming for Diamond V in season 4!
    Summoner name: Buttpirate123456

  25. Levi MiedemaNovember 12, 2013

    I achieved Gold III this season, next season im aiming for diamond V at least
    Summoner: Ezio Cicero

  26. I achieved Gold II in this season, but will be in PLATINUM or DIAMOND in next season!!!
    Summoner Name: KingƒSolo
    ƒ = Alt 0131 or Alt 159

  27. Levi MiedemaNovember 12, 2013

    I achieved gold III, I will be aiming for challenger, SHOOT FOR THE STARS !
    In game name: Ezio Cicero

  28. Durem FeetkillerNovember 12, 2013

    I achieved platinum III s3
    I'd like to aim straight to challenger, if i get enough will to tryhard and carry 1v9
    name: Durem sit0

  29. bcamargo02962November 12, 2013

    Unranked this season, but Season 4 I'll be SILVER! haha

  30. Got Silver this season, but going for Gold in Season 4!

  31. Silver This Season, but going for Gold in Season 4! :D -Tickaa

  32. Unranked this season, but I'll be Diamond in Season 4! BELIEVE IT!

  33. TheeGuardianNovember 12, 2013

    I've achieved Silver 2 this season, I am looking forward to get to Diamond.

  34. Kyle BentainNovember 12, 2013

    Finished Gold III, hopefully mid-plat next season or even by the end of 2013!

    Summoner Name: Oryx 2

  35. Anthony MartinezNovember 12, 2013

    Finished Bearly In Silver 5, hopefully going for gold 5 soon!

    Summoner Name: RaichuAM

  36. Tier achieved: Silver III
    Goal Tier: Gold+

    Sadly, I didn't make it in time due to missing 3 days of League and going down a Division, but that whole season is just another year of mistakes I've learned and a memory of the long journey I've taken so far.

    Summoner Name: Darktofate

    - coughs - It's my birthday tomorrow, lol.

  37. Gold 4 this season, but going for platinum for next season!

  38. Jose NegreteNovember 12, 2013

    Unranked this Season but going to be Diamond I in Season 4
    Summoner Name: Sir Swag I

  39. Achieved Platinum II this season, going to Diamond I S4 maybe even challenger XD
    Summoner Name : sXKilo

  40. I achieved Silver II in season 3, but I'll be going for at least Gold or Plat in season 4.
    My summoner name is Le Titienne

    Good bye :)

  41. I ranked this season but I'm probably going to be bronze next season because I suck
    Summoner name Chiggs

  42. Silver IV this season but I can feel Diamond embracing me with her lustrous hands. ;)
    Summoner Name: Seossis

  43. Gold V this season, but trying for diamond in season 4.
    Summoner's name: MetaPocky

  44. unranked this season, but Season 4 I'm gonna gold at least!

    summoner: wolwex , at TR

  45. Didn't play ranked much during Season 3, but tried to get to Gold at the last minute; only managed to go from Silver 2 to Silver 1 before running out of time. Oh well; there's a spot reserved for me in Platinum.

    IGN: Theruler221
    Eune server

  46. Nicolas CageNovember 13, 2013

    Was Bronze III in Solo Queue, but Gold V in 3s and got the rewards. Shooting for solo queue competency at a gold level or higher, primarily from the mid-lane.

    SN: 69NicolasCage69 (NA server)

  47. Bronze 3, gonna try really hard to get to gold div next season since season 3 was the first season i tried ranked after playing for 2 years. Summoner Name: ArchsataNZ

  48. Highest I got was Gold 2, but I'll get Platinum this season.
    IGN: Freedoritoes

  49. Andreas BarnickelNovember 13, 2013

    Silver III this Season. Aiming for Gold II in Season 4.

  50. I've reached Plat 1 this season, the saddest part is that I cannot sing "Shine bright like a diamond" instead I'm yelling "Shine bright like a platinum". Next season I will try to do my best to get into diamond.
    IGN: drmlol

  51. silver 5 going to try to get to gold in season 4!
    ign zsg dr a

  52. ZephyranthesNovember 13, 2013

    Silver I that I probably didn't deserve for playing just 10 games, and shooting for Gold and beyond in S4! Summoner Name: Zephbro

  53. Blonze tier 1 this season, but aiming for Gold or Plat Season 4.
    Summoner name is: Coldd Elf

  54. Gold V this season, but next season I'll be in Platinum! My summoner name is Raposan.

  55. Bronze 3 this season, aiming for Plat 1 or higher :) Summoner name: Battletaco

  56. florian.toiflNovember 13, 2013

    i am silver 2 this season but hope for Gold or Platin next season.
    Summoner Name: flaemel

  57. Silver 1 this season, with some more games I could have hit Gold! So, season 4 I'll be Gold for sure!

    Name EUW: Shingen1

  58. I reached Platinum V, and I aim for Diamond for the next season 2014. Hope I can make it! :)
    Summoner name: Mykra (EUW)

  59. Reuben BartlettNovember 13, 2013

    I achieved level 30 and got placed into bronze II, I'm aiming for gold in season 4. Pocky Desu Ka

  60. Ex: Gold V this season, but Season 4 I'll be at least Plat.
    IGN (EUW): De Dominee

  61. I got placed in bronze 5 and managed to work my way up to gold. I'm aiming for at least platinum next season! Truly a fete to get out of bronze!
    Merky2k (NA)

  62. Platinum 1, Aiming atleast for Diamond 1 in Season 4
    Summoner Name: xHe4dHunterZx
    got this Season Platinum1 But i Believe that im better than this, so im
    Training and forcing to Diamond or maybe Challenger in Season4!

  63. hey was unranked in season 3 but managed to climb to platin 1 but dropped then to platin V when the season ended.
    this side helped me a lot bro!
    next aim for s4 is diamond, maybe dia 1 : ))
    tschuschi from euw!

  64. Bronze 1 this season, but Season 4 I will be Platinum 1

    Name : Costakis96

  65. I made Silver 3 this season, but I'm Plat material in Seaons 4!!! HATAZ!!!
    Summoner Name: Docx33

  66. Trastes BogdanNovember 13, 2013

    Bronze IV this season but going to get Gold I in Season 4
    Summoner Name: GambitTheBrave

  67. Joshua BiddleNovember 13, 2013

    Silver V this season but plan to be challenger 1 in S4

  68. Silver IV this season but going to get Platinum II in Season 4
    Summoner Name: Vbos

  69. Gold V this season (hell yeah, Victorious Elise) but going for Plat in Season 4 :)

  70. Bronze 3 this season but hoping to be Platinum in Season 4!!! :)

    IGN: Best Sushi
    Server : Oceania

  71. Philipp DaubNovember 13, 2013

    Gold 3, that was all i want - aram here i come :)) IGN: Philastan

  72. Nightcraft66November 13, 2013

    Went down to Bronze 1 from Silver 5 this season, missing out on my rewards.
    But I'm aiming for Gold next season.
    Summoner Name: Nightcraft66

  73. I ended up in Silver II (too short on time to climb back to Silver I). I'm aiming for Gold this season. If I reach Gold quickly, it's try hard mode to get to Platinum!

    Summoner's: Djorak
    Server: EUW


  75. Gold 1 this time but aimong for the Plat next season (: vickeiy on EUW

  76. Diamond in this season, but season 4 i will be BRONZE!

    Summoner Name: Tamerek or Tamer ( 2acc)

  77. I started playing about 2 months ago, managed to play my first 10 ranked just before the season ended and I got in Silver IV :) Not bad after all, next season i'll be aiming for high Gold or low Plat :)
    Summoner name: Bocaci

  78. SIlver 2 this season but going to be gold-plat in season 4
    summoner name :Jdigital

  79. Silver I this season but for season 4 atleast Gold I

  80. Silver l this season, Gonna aim for platinum V next eyar atleast! LETS GO

  81. Bronze 3 this season and aiming for Gold next season

  82. Gold 1 this season, but Season 4 i'll be platinum
    Summoner name: Himald

  83. Gold 1 this season, but Season 4 i'll be platinum
    Summoner name: vendett

  84. Started LoL at summer. Placement matches put me into Bronze 2 and 170 rankeds later i'm now silver 3. Aiming for diamond season 4 :)

    Summoner name: Smg24
    Server: Eune

  85. Gold 3 this season, but Season 4 I'll be Diamond!
    Summoner Name: GhettoMama

  86. Gold 1 this season
    want to be platin in S4 (:
    Name: Lixi THOL

  87. No Tier D: + DIAMOND

  88. Silver III (Try-harded too much and fell from silver I) but next season I'm only going for Diamond next. Summoner name: Nethirious

  89. Zachary PolenNovember 13, 2013

    Silver III this season. Gold III S4. Summoner name: ZackPolen

  90. Unranked this seanon,but next year ill be bronze
    Summoner name: porkfloss_2

  91. Got gold in s2 but i will hope to get plat in s4 :D
    IGN: Hypersloth

  92. Ill DarkistinoNovember 13, 2013

    Bronze II this season, but Gold III Season 4! Here we go!
    Summoner Name: Ill Darkistino

  93. Paul van HartenNovember 13, 2013

    Went from Bronze IV to Silver III last month :)
    I'll try to reach Platinum next season.

    Summoner name: Pharetra (EUW)

  94. Diamond 4 and my aim for season 4 is to be still in Diamond 4 and hopefully higher ^.^
    Summoner name: GH Dragir (EUW)

  95. PiccioneScuoiatoNovember 13, 2013

    Bronze I this season, i hope to get Gold V or more in Season 4!!
    Summoner name: PiccioneScuoiato (EUW)

  96. James WunderNovember 13, 2013

    Went from Silver 2 to Plat 5 and having high hopes of at least diamond 1-3 in Season 4

  97. Diamond 1 last season, diamond I next season.
    Summoner Name : Krucho

  98. Silver 5 this season, but aiming for Platinum in season 4!

    IGN: 47Kills

  99. Isaac E. Toman GriefNovember 13, 2013

    Managed a respectable Bronze I right at the end of this season, let down by AFKs and such in my last preliminaries, so I'm going to get together with some friends, start teams, focus on my main, perfect some team compositions and (most importantly) not rage my way into Gold I! (Summoner Name: Isaac Wormtongue)

  100. Samuel ComayaguaNovember 13, 2013

    Unranked this season but hoping for atleast silver I Summoner Name: Taurenburger

  101. This season Platinum III and I try to climb higher to DIAMOND III :)

  102. Silver IV this season, but Season 4 I'll be GOLD!

    IGN: IBrokenYou

  103. Bronze 1 this season, but season 4 I'll be silver 1
    Summoner Name: Perfectac3

  104. Silver I this season. Season 4: PLAT

  105. Gold V this season but next year I'm gunnin for Plat
    Summoner name: Elwe Singollo

  106. I achieved Gold I this season but failed to get to Platinum in the final week. ;=;
    I'm shooting for Diamond in Season 4! :D
    IGN: NoLag

  107. Daniel ComayaguaNovember 13, 2013

    Unranked this season but going for at least gold in Season 4!
    Summoner Name: Fortunatedan

  108. Bronze 5 thanks to afk's I want to be Gold IV or III
    IGN: vivid blurrr

  109. Got LEVEL 30 ON THE 11TH FFFF, no mater! I'm aiming for AT LEST silver V by march
    Summoner Name: Raymantis

  110. rabidtangerineNovember 13, 2013

    I got gold 3 this season, and I'm looking to hit platinum in season 4.
    IGN: RabidTangerine

  111. I achieved Gold I this season after starting ranked at the beginning of November. I'm aiming for Diamond in Season 4 =] Cheers!
    Summoner Name: FortyTil5

  112. Silver III this season but aiming to Platinum next season!
    Summoner name: Chedza

  113. The UrfmeisterNovember 13, 2013

    Gold 3 this Season but I'm aiming to be Diamond 3 in Season 4
    Summoner Name : Devastrator

  114. I have reached gold this season, and i know ill go to diamond at the end of season 4
    LOL NAME: loldudeisgay

  115. I got silver 4 this season, imma aim for plat s4 :)

  116. lol i forgot my summoner. its "EmpathY12"

  117. GOLD 4! DIAMOND NEXT SEASON :ddddddddddd
    Eu west: nabecosrulls

  118. achieved plat 1 99 lp, didnt get that diamond though in the last couple days.. :(
    going for that d1 next season
    ign: relativity101

  119. Andrei VasilescuNovember 13, 2013

    Silver I this season, duo queue is hard. Platinum minimum next season. Summoner name: Disto

  120. Gold 4. but i am aiming for plat 5.

  121. RiggieTwoShoesNovember 13, 2013

    I was B1 this season, just barely missed Silver! I'll be gold for sure next season!
    My summoner name is: bobthedoozy

  122. CloudGoesHamNovember 13, 2013

    Bronze this season, Season 4 I am going for gold!! To the top :D

    IGN: XxCloudStrife

  123. I got to Gold IV and am aiming for a higher Plat position next season. :)
    Ingame name: Loptimist (EUW)

  124. MarlonHerrorNovember 13, 2013

    Gold 3 this season but I swear RIVEN WILL GET ME TO ( at least ) the DIAMOND 5. I'm Marlon Herror !

  125. Edgar WellerNovember 13, 2013

    I am currently Silver V but I will try to ATLEAST get Platinum V!

  126. Achieved SIlver 4 this season (was at silver 3 then loosing spree). Aiming for gold 2- Plat 5 for season 4. IGN: ShroudOfMystery

  127. Made it to bronze 1 with 95 lp, aiming for gold next season because I think I have found my best champs and am ready to win!!
    Name- algity

  128. Miguel HernandezNovember 13, 2013

    Gold 5 but diamond next season
    IGN: Teemo is da bomb

  129. IGN:ShroudOfMystery
    Aiming for Plat V or gold II

    Sry fr dbl post (if my first post shows up)

  130. Got to Gold V for for my first season of League! Shooting straight for Diamond during Season 4! >:D IGN: Infinigon

  131. Brian MackenzieNovember 13, 2013

    Silver IV this season, shooting for gold next season :) NA: verybigbadger

  132. Mico De LeonNovember 13, 2013

    Hit silver 4 in season 3! Aiming for gold in season 4! summoner: mdizzy

  133. Total ApathyNovember 13, 2013

    Only got to Silver V this season (had to grind my way through ELO hell) aiming for at least gold next season.

  134. I hit Platinum 1 this season, going for Challenger in season 4! Summoner Name: Liggs

  135. I'm platinum 5 this season but next season I want to be Diamond 1.
    Summoner Name : jjjdjj

  136. Calvin BrownNovember 13, 2013

    Unranked but going to be Gold I in Season 4
    Summoner Name: Hobbes1118

  137. Unranked now but in S4 I will be bronze ^_^/

  138. Maiki ShechterNovember 13, 2013

    Silver 3 this season, next season ill be at least platinum
    IGN: Maikish

  139. Val TolentinoNovember 13, 2013

    Gold III this Gold III this season, aiming for Platinum in Season 4!season, aiming for Platinum in Season 4!

  140. Val TolentinoNovember 13, 2013

    Gold III this season, aiming for Platinum in Season 4!

  141. Robert FacellaNovember 13, 2013


  142. Got Sillver II this Season. Aiming for Plat in Season 4!!
    IGN: theonenoblesse

  143. So it definitely won't work on OCE servers?

  144. I achieved Silver 4 this season. But next season I will be Platinum :)

  145. Bearserker75 .November 14, 2013

    bronze 1 this season but im aiming for gold in season 4

  146. I reached Gold 1 season 3, got stuck at 99lp +0 lp for 3 games straight
    Hoping for Diamond S4 :)
    SN: Best Rumble

  147. Platinum this season. Want to go Diamond in S4
    Name : XxB3RS3RKxX

  148. Silver II this season but im aiming for platinum in season 4
    IGN: xnikola93

  149. i only achieved silver 2 this season, but next one, i will play some more and become a diamond player.
    name: Rask007

  150. Michael WilbyNovember 14, 2013

    I snuck into gold in the last two weeks, next season im gonna try and be safely platinum,
    IGN: verticalmike

  151. I finished Bronze II this season dropping from Bronze 1 on the Final day! And I hope to achieve Plat I in Season 4 because I have only been playing for 5 months or so and plan to grind in rapidly over the next 10 months or so :D
    IGN: Bournehehe
    Btw I'm on OCE

  152. Aaron JohnstonNovember 14, 2013

    I got plat this season and im heading for diamond 1 next season
    summoner name: Izanage

  153. I made to 80 LP bronze I! Obviously I will be challenger next season. Or maybe just gold (I feel can make that), but challenger sounds nice to have as goal.
    Summoner name: ValentinoT (EUW)

  154. Ex: Silver lV this season, but Season 4 I'll be Platinum!
    Summoner name - Aleox (EUNE)

  155. Stuck in Bronze #sadlyfe
    Aiming for plat+ for season four.
    Aim High, Score Higher

  156. Silver 1 this season, Next season I will be platinum 5 and maybe a race to diamond 1 :D !


  157. Second BracerNovember 14, 2013

    Gold V this season, but Season 4 I'll be Platinum!
    IGN: Second Bracer

  158. I got plat this season and i'm aiming for diamond next season
    Besthum (EUNE)

  159. After much bouncing around...I landed in Bronze 5. Teams too heavy gg qq. x.x; I'm going to try and get to at least Gold 5 in Season 4, though!
    IGN: Eretsu

  160. Gold V this season, Platinum V+ next!
    Didii x3 (EUW)

  161. Thomas VernedeNovember 14, 2013

    achieved silver 5, aiming for diamond s4 !
    gonna duo q for this!
    IGN EUW : lucifertv

  162. B1 This season, hoping to get at least S1 next season.
    IGN Bleedwhite

  163. ezs MunChieSNovember 14, 2013

    Currently Unranked this season;
    Coming Season 4, Aiming for either Silver or Gold;

    IGN: ezs MunChieS

  164. Bronze this season.. :c but I'll be Diamond I in Season 4
    Summoner Name : Michael0107

  165. Ignas NorvaisaNovember 14, 2013

    I achieved Silver I this season but in Season 4 i will try to be Platinum!!!

  166. Ignas NorvaisaNovember 14, 2013

    I achieved Silver I this season but in Season 4 i will try to be Platinum!!!

    Summoner name: darkasxx
    Server Eune

  167. Jonas WhatsoeverNovember 14, 2013

    I got to gold this season which im pretty happy with. As Im trying to get higher 1 tier/season, my goal for season 4 is platinum. My IGN: iiyi TaitOo , living in Germany, therefore EU West

  168. Manolianos Yperallhlos-KtonosNovember 14, 2013

    Bronze 1 this season But I ll be at least gold at season 4

  169. Silver 4:/ but next season I'm shooting for plat
    IGN: Uberwarlock

  170. I got Silver IV this season and aiming for Gold I at the end of season 4.
    Summoner name: Ryota Kazuhiro

  171. Silver V in this season but i'll be gold I or platinum in season 4. Summoner name: dofunt in server euw

  172. I reached Bronze 1 but failed to get Silver in the last 2 days :( In season 4 i aim for Gold :D
    Summoner Name: w0lfox

  173. I reached plat 3 this season but aiming for diamond 1 early next season!
    Ign: tr0y3

  174. Jona MittelstädtNovember 14, 2013

    Reached Plat in the last week, next season Diamond is my goal.
    Summoner Name: mHudini

  175. I'm Siver II, but i want be in Gold I in Season IV
    Name: Davis00pl

  176. FullmetalfuryNovember 14, 2013

    im in Bronze 4 but ill be Gold 1 by season 4

    Trust in me, trust in master yi

    name: FURYTHUNDER184

  177. LieutenantDoctorNovember 14, 2013

    I was Silver II this season, but by the end of Season 4, I would like to be at least in Platinum!!

    IGN: LieutenantDoctor

  178. I went from bronze 5 to silver 5 this seasson, and I´m going for gold in seasson 4.
    Summoner name: Matiiy

  179. Eddie MullinsNovember 14, 2013

    Silver 5 this season, Aiming for Gold 1 at least next season.
    Summoner name: tokoo69

  180. Tobias AndersNovember 14, 2013

    I achieved Silver 1 this Season and im aiming to get at least gold in season 4
    Ingame: cabcoke

  181. I was able to get Silver 3 this season, I'm going to shoot for High gold low Plat next season :D
    IGN: Civori

  182. plat this season but diamond next.
    ign: wiliiam

  183. Gold V after grinding from bronze 5 this season, but Season 4 hopefully hitting diamond 1 or even plat 5 lmfao

    IGN: Glutamine

  184. I managed to make Silver I after starting in July (amidst my A-levels) and aim to make it to Silver I by the end of Season IV (moderation and realism).

    Summoner name: Caecilius

  185. I made it to Silver 2 this season but no worries I'm going to Platinum this season (Hopefully :)
    IGN: MindStone

  186. Dan DaughertyNovember 14, 2013

    Gold V in S3
    Aiming for Diamond V in S4

  187. Bronze 2 But will be plat V season 4
    IGN beastkrazy

  188. AELIASMastersenNovember 14, 2013

    I promoed from Bronze IV to Silver V this past season. I will go Gold in Season IV. My IGN is Growlerthl.

  189. Salenicus YoutubeNovember 14, 2013

    Bronze lll this season but Season 4 I am shooting for Gold V
    IGN: Salenicus

  190. Hi, I achieved Silver in S2 and Gold in S3, .... i'm a simple guy, so my goal for S$ is Platin =) (maybe diamond, but only if I win some RP :D )
    Summoner Name: lolekaf (EUW)

  191. Got stuck in Silver I this season. I hope to reach Diamond next season. It will be interesting with the changes that are to happen in Season 4.
    Summoner Name: Angrybaby12

  192. Reached Silver 4 this season, aiming for atleast gold 1 next season. :x
    Summoner name: aButPirate

  193. Currently in Silver 4, Aiming for Gold 5 towards season 4
    Summoner Name: xxcoolmanxxv

  194. Summoner name: goragus
    Achieved this season: Silver IV
    Goal for season 4: Platinum V

  195. keltai90, Plat4 aiming for diamond2

  196. I achieved Silver this season but i didn't get to gold.
    I want to get Platinum next season ;)
    IGN: Xenetroth

  197. Nicky NecroseNovember 14, 2013

    I didn't get a rank this season since i'm not lvl 30, but i am for gold next season so i can get the victory skin.
    summoner name: CarnageEternal

  198. JimboTheAkimboNovember 14, 2013

    I achieved Silver in season 3 being a fairly new player. In season 4 I want to get to at least gold possibly Platinum.
    Summoner Name: JImboAkimbo99

  199. Austin ChienNovember 14, 2013

    I achieved Silver in S3, aiming for gold in s4


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