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Nov 29, 2013

2013 Self-Given Mystery Skins Are Live!

Alongside the re-release of legacy skins, the self-given mystery skins are also live! (Seems like Riot's going to be making bank this weekend...)

Treat yourself to a Mystery Skin

During the Harrowing, many of you asked if you could send a Mystery Gift to yourself. Well, fromNovember 29th through December 2nd, you‘ll be able to do precisely that with Mystery Skin! Each Mystery Skin will deliver a randomly selected un-owned skin currently in the store at 520 RP or higher. As with the first round of Mystery Gifting, you'll only unlock skins for champions you own.
As an extra treat, we'll be including several legacy skins that won't be coming out of the vault for the rest of 2013.
  • TPA Shen
  • TPA Ezreal
  • TPA Orianna
  • TPA Nunu
  • TPA Mundo
  • Riot Nasus
  • Riot Graves
  • Riot Blitzcrank
Mystery Skins will be available in the Skins tab of the store for 490 RP and are limited to three per day. Surprise yourself with an early holiday treat this year; check out Mystery Skins on November 29th!

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