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Oct 16, 2013

FOTM Report: Jinx, Riven, Annie - October 2013


Hey everyone, it's SSJSuntastic here with an obligatory FOTM report. Some of you might have noticed a slowdown in strategy posts lately, and that's because I've been busy grinding away to Diamond before the deadline of 

Plat I - 33 LP, keep your fingers crossed...

Anyway, on with the FOTM post before I get back to grinding solo queue:

Holy beezy this champion is strong, and definitely ban worthy. I'd say she easily flows into God Tier #1 ADC in her current state. It's hard to say she needs a nerf though, as she can still be beaten by other AD carries, and is still sitting at 52%, unlike 65% release Graves.

Her passive, poke, CC, and range simply synergize so well that she has an amazing array of options to outplay and outdamage an opponent. While she does require a significant amount of skill for an AD carry, her stats definitely more than make up for the reward of using her. Definitely keep banning until she gets hit with a number nerf.

Riven's new wall jump and knockback gives her just enough "freshness" to bring her back out into the playing field. While she wasn't exactly underpowered prior to the changes, bringing her back definitely reminded everyone just how fun Riven can be, and how insane her damage is.

Of course...Faker playing Riven also helped a bit.

Annie's getting a lot of publicity now, as any AP who can do enough insane base damage to be a viable support is of course going to be a pretty slick AP carry as well...we might see a nerf coming her way if the situation escalates, but right now she seems pretty balanced in both roles, almost to a point where she's a little overplayed.

I'm never overplayed...

Any other champions you want to chat about? Comment below!

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  1. Durem FeetkillerOctober 17, 2013

    Nice recap.
    I thought that jinx was quite op, but after playing her a few games, she is strong but not that hard.

    You can bully your lane pretty hard and the reset of mov speed of her passiv is quite annoying to deal against, but the low rang/low att speed on long attacks gives her quite a problem to deal with in a messy teamfight
    Good luck getting diamond! Go go for it

  2. I'm not super high in elo and even I see that jinx isn't broken, But right now she does need a little bit of changed, because it is the same problem with Yi and Katarina before their tweaks. While in high elo play, yea her passive might activate a couple times but it won't be to hard to deal with her. When you are talking about low silver and bronze play when games easily can have 50+ kills on teams and adcs can get to many very quickly from very aggressive and poor choices. And she will spin out of control because she thrives on bad plays like yi and katarina did. So if they tweak some cooldowns on her maybe some base damage of Zap and base damage of her ult. Possible tweak her Base damage and damage gain So that pros don't feel like she is useless and new players don't feel like she is impossible to fight. Hell even a little change will make new players feel like she is horribly nerfed and will feel more confidant about fighting Jinx.

  3. Agreed, she's high rish high reward and while she's strong, she's not brokenly OP. If you let her snowball early, you are in for a world of hurt, but she still needs a team to initiate and peel because if you catch her out she's got nowhere to run.

    I think her win rate will climb once all the new players figure out that they cannot just faceroll win with her. They hear she's strong and she's new so they pick her up and seem to think she a brainless AA champ that will rack up the pentas. In actuality, she's fragile with no gap closer and no escape, so your positioning needs to be superb in order not to end up staring at a grey screen a lot.

  4. Whysoseriousx13October 17, 2013

    nerf jinx.... nuff said

  5. Will WenzelOctober 19, 2013

    honestly i do not think she needs a nerf at all, I play rather well with her(im gold), she is by far one of the most fun carries, and she is hard to counter but she can be shut down especially endgame. if she gets cc'd and focused even at full build she is a free kill, i played a game where we almost lost due to simply nocturne ult+riven stun+kass combo, instakilled. and I was 90% of our teams damage.

  6. annie pasive, no need range, 100% kill.

  7. 90% of champs die in that situation anyway


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