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Sep 5, 2013

Garen Gets a Visual Update!

The latest in a long line of visual upgrades belongs to none other than...Garen! Check out the official details below:

Visual Upgrade: Garen, the Might of Demacia

Demacia's favorite son is brushing off some of the dust and scars of so many battles and coming into new focus with a complete visual upgrade. Decked out with new armor and weaponry befitting his victorious prowess, Garen's new model solidifies his image as the quintessential poster boy of Demacian valor.
In addition to the new model, all of Garen's abilities, animations and particles have been upgraded. His ultimate, Demacian Justice, shines with righteous energy, and the winningest spin in Valoran has been refined in its motion, making Garen's signature techniques as polished as his intimidating pauldrons. With updated sound effects and voiceover, the Might of Demacia sounds the battle cry loud and clear, assured of many victories to come. All of Garen’s skins have been sharpened up as well, with the exception of Steel Legion Garen, which Demacian High Command deemed already fit for service.
So don't be surprised if the next time you face check a bush the guy waiting for you looks even more handsome and dangerous than usual. DEMACIA!

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  1. It's ok, he doesn't look so old now. I love steel legion garen, so big!

  2. Matthew RobinsonSeptember 07, 2013

    >posts a thread about Garen's VU
    >doesn't post a thread about Viktor's VU

  3. He looks like his cinematic counterpart now in "A Twist of Fate."

  4. Ahh. I fondly remembered the time I killed a 50% health Vlad from out of a bush as Garen. Silence disabling Vlad's pool and flash was very funny to my teammates.

    Ok back to the visuals.
    1. I dislike Rugged's look in this VU. He looks like some teen final fantasy protagonist now rather than an old hardened mercenary. Look at that hair! And I couldn't see his stubble anymore! Gosh Riot, you gonna make me buy a new skin?
    2. Desert skin looks wicked now. I'd get it immediately IF IT WAS AVAILABLE. Screw you Riot. :D
    3. Consolation prize for me: Commando looks OK now.

    Nah, never liked Steel Legion, sadly.

  5. Disgusting ugly face, hair, and bubble shoulders


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