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Aug 8, 2013

Master Yi "Nerfs" Incoming!

25 comments you didn't see that one coming...check out the official posts below on the upcoming Yi nerfs! (He calls them "fixes" but we all know better...) Check out the official posts by Morello below!

Morello sayz:
We're looking at some Yi fixes currently and want to get them in for 3.11 - I'd like to have some direction locked by Monday.

Unfortunately, we did not meet one goal we'd hoped to - better in high-ranked games, and not as stompy in low-ranked ones. This is still occurring, which means Yi is in beast mode for a vast majority of players.
Q: How are you planning to fix (nerf) Yi?
A: We don't need to nerf Yi flat-out, but it's likely he needs more serious tuning to make it so he doesn't tear through people who can't deal with him, then allowing us to buff things that might be needed for stronger competitive play.

Though I know it's cool to call out how "all these noobs" ruin the game.

Q: How is Yi in high Elo vs low Elo in your eyes?
A: We're not saying he's OP, we're saying he's not terribly usable in high elo and really wrecks at low elo. Resets do -that- to an extent

Q: Are you keeping the resets?
A: It is fun, which is why we kept it. We know it's one of the big factors for why Yi is fun, but it may also mean he'll always be weak. That's something we need to really consider (and do a bit more work on if it's the resets, or if another thing can be touched). Hence why I hope for the team to have a direction by Monday :P

TLDR; Master Yi is OP in low Elo and meh in high Elo. We think the problem is with the resets, and we're going to fix that somehow with a target date of Monday, but it may not come into play until patch 3.11.

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  1. Andrew ScottAugust 09, 2013

    Yi is a noob stomper he has always been he always will be, but then again so is Tryndamere and Fiora. Any Melee ADC is.

  2. Just delete him. The reset mechanic is annoying but it isn't the stomping crazy part, its the fact that you give him resets on an unstoppable/uncounterable move.
    You cannot stop alpha strike. You can't stun him mid strike, you can't kill him mid strike, you can't do anything to him once he pushes that button which means his unstoppable so long as you keep alpha strike as is.
    I doubt Riot wants to change Alpha Strike so the best solution, delete him.

  3. Fiora is Yi "Fixed", i.e. w/o the heal and a long cd on Yi's Q, and they can't balance her either into playable for high elo w/o becoming pubstomper in low elo.

  4. Enrique ComasAugust 09, 2013

    about damn time, holy crap. I mean I have seen 5 yi penta kills in a span of a week. Really Riot?
    and 2 of them were on my team in ranked, other team like 'wtf yi"!

  5. In my opinion all melee AD carries(Yi/Fiora/maybe Trynda) should just get deleted. They don't fit the game and I doubt there willl ever be a way to balance a champion to be a squishy auto-attacker in melee range. There's a reason why squishy carries are ranged champions and how positioning is really important for them.

  6. I can't help but laugh at the comments that say Yi and other melee adc should be deleted from the game. They're part of it, you can't just delete them or nerf them to oblivion just because people can't counterplay them, that's how they work. Instead of bitching about how OP they can be, ask your team to back you up, after all, it's a team game.

  7. I find it funny that people are complaining about Master Yi being "OP". Katerina is probably also "OP" to these same people.. resets make the champion strong. I don't see why this is bubbling into an argument about deleting champions. It's people that complain and make dumb complaints like deleting a champion that make getting out of lower elo so damn difficult.

  8. I dunno about Riot though. If a character stomps in low-level play doesn't it mean that it IS low-level play so people should just learn to play?

    It's honestly easy to argue L2P in Fighting Games or other 1v1's... but in a multiplayer team game, it's easy to get dragged down by people who don't L2P...

  9. longxiao chenAugust 12, 2013

    I'd like to have some direction locked by Monday.

    Unfortunately, we did not meet one goal we'd hoped to - better in high-ranked games, and not as stompy in low-ranked ones.Buy LOL Coaching
    cheap elo boost

  10. Diogo AmorimAugust 13, 2013

    You sir should unninstall the game. I heard Hello Kitty Online is fun.

  11. Diogo AmorimAugust 13, 2013

    Let me guess... Bronce right?

  12. Boatrider EXTREMEAugust 13, 2013

    i had a game where my team was about 38/41, and look at this shit: from the enemy team, 27 kills were on the YI. This guy snowballs the shit out of every champion in this game and our team had to perfectly coordinate every cc we had on this guy to take him out before he gets one reset, while struggeling with the rest of his team. We were extremly lucky that he wasted his ulti once, and that made us push to victory. And one single guy dragging out a game for 20 minutes is not fun, it is actually extremly retarded and frustrating. You are not enjoying this game when dealing with bullshit like this, there is no value of gameplay in this. I hope they nerf him to oblivion again, never liked this character to begin with.

  13. Jamal DakroubAugust 14, 2013

    Okay, if Riot is going to make Yi better for the people who actually play him properly, im perfectly fine with that. However, if this nerf doesn't succeed and just ruins Yi
    (my favorite champ) then this is absolute bs. Why nerf a champion just becuase pub players

  14. Good job!

  15. Personally, I think the best way to make Yi manageable in low leagues is to not touch the guy and instead fix a bug with Nasus. Wither doesn't slow an ulting Yi's attack speed, since the AS slow and the MS slow are one debuff. They fix that, and jungle/top Nasus will be the counter to Jungle/Top Yi.

  16. TonyTheLiger1412August 18, 2013

    The problem isn't with the resets. He can solo a full health turret at level 15 without going below half health, without having any items giving health, armor, or MR. In the average game I see him in, he's dealing 400 damage per swing at about level 13, against people without bonus armor. That means he outdamages most of my team, and outruns most of my team. The insane damage per swing is annoying when he also usually has about 2.1 attack speed end game.

  17. no champ in history can kill everyone in team fight with just botrk and youmu or just zeal.
    fiora? riven? darius? garen? even trynd? no one.

  18. Huds DshfhaAugust 21, 2013

    It is fun, which is why we kept it. We know it's one of the big factors
    for why Yi is fun, but it may also mean he'll always be weak. That's
    something we need to really consider LOL Elo Boost
    Buy League of Legends Boost

  19. Giancarlo R. SaldanaAugust 23, 2013

    are you serious? 'perfectly coordinate every cc' and still kicked your @ss? Yi is extremely easy to counter... you (and most of the players that are against Yi) are just little babies who are used to ranged carries and are not used to hard melee carry. It is hard to believe that a good cc team cant put a Yi on his place. I played a game not long ago and alistar was enough to keep him on line... get over it... this game should bring back the melee carries... LoL is all about ranged carries and this is a bit too boring... I am against the nerf not cause i play yi to destroy pubs... but cause playing against him bring a new different level of challenge....

  20. Giancarlo R. SaldanaAugust 23, 2013

    lol i know right... these kids are just a bunch of noobs.. yi is weak and will always be weak.. learn how to counter and stop crying.

  21. Really good argument. Shows how much your theory beats mine.
    But yeah, Fiora is really good at silver so it doesn't matter for you.

  22. Boatrider EXTREMEAugust 25, 2013

    spoken like a true yi player, and a gaylord. It isn't a challenge ma boy, it is retarded. The shit my team had to pull off to kill this guy while not getting caught by the follow up of the enemy team was of the next level. Luckily he doesn't get full resets anymore, which means that he can't alpha strike from one target to the next and become essential untargetable, which was the number 1 problem that made him so broken.

    Try out a champion next time that requires you to press more buttons then Q.

  23. Giancarlo R. SaldanaAugust 25, 2013

    LOL i played him 4 times yesterday... stilll dominated... people still cried...nerf him back to oblivion ? people need to learn to counter carries like him imo.

  24. Mohcine BennaniSeptember 02, 2013

    Yeah, buy a Randuin's, and then he uses his ultimate.
    As for thornmail, he should be having enough lifesteal. he got true damage passively, and can just buy an arpen item.

  25. If I played yi every game, I could probably get to diamond from silver 1 at least :DD. I want to refund this gay-ass champion


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