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Jul 29, 2013

Updates On Rengar Testing

In the latest wave of Rengar testing by Riot, they speak to initial testing on giving Bonetooth Necklace the ability to build stacks of killing neutral minions, placing Rengar in much more a of niche Jungle role, similar to what they did to Nunu. Check out the full post below!

Hunters belong in the jungle...

RiotWav3break chats about Rengar
Hey everybody, just wanted to update you guys with the current testing status of our current iteration of Rengar.

Heavy destructive testing will continue for the Empowered Savagery refunding 3 ferocity points play pattern. This past week we found that Rengar was still doing too much damage in too little of a time frame which is a problem we still need to solve within this iteration. This iteration also makes jungle Rengar incredibly resourceful as he can walk away from each creep camp with more ferocity stacks and gank lanes without as much preparation.

The big changes we will be testing this week are Bone Tooth Necklace which will now give Rengar a personalized jungle item which has a really favorable build path out of Long Sword and Hunter's Machete. The overall price of the item has stayed the same but as Scarizard said in his posts, "mini-brutalizer" - esque stats will no longer exist on BTN. BTN is now an item that gives Rengar bonuses that directly impact his mobility in the jungle and thus his overall map pressure. The current bonuses in place look something like this:

3 Stacks - Rengar gains 15% movement speed while in brush(bonus does not persist outside of brush like Nidalee's)

6 Stacks - Rengar gains 100 range on his Leap(slightly nerfed due to having access to it earlier.)

9 Stacks - Rengar retains movement speed from his Ultimate for 5 seconds after exiting his ultimate. (Rocket cat goes zooooooooom)

The 14 stack bonus is still a pretty big grey area as we want Rengar players to reach this epic state at 14 stacks but we don't want them to do so at the cost of making his game play toxic again.

An additional mechanic we will be testing with BTN is allowing Rengar players to build stacks out of neutral monster kills. Currently the amount of neutral monster kills required to build a stack is pretty hefty, which encourages jungle Rengar to invade the enemy jungle to take camps but also hopefully interact with the enemy jungler. This mechanic is still kind of the grey area as well because it might give too many advantages to a jungle Rengar over a lane Rengar and we don't want to make laning Rengar's feel bad for purchasing this item.

If you guys have any thoughts on what epic thing Rengar should get at maximum stacks toss'em out! I look forward to the ideas you guys will give me and Scarizard!
Meanwhile, Scarizard had a little extra to add as far as where they're leading in terms of allowing laning Rengar to still have strength.
Going to be testing this iteration today - then i'll be able to elaborate more on how it went, and give you a general confidence read on where everything is. So far we're pretty signed off on the direction of the Q-Train, pending numbers tuning.

Goals are:
- Simplify the warning on ultimate. Whether it's short-range icon, long range VO, etc, we're going to make a decision soon on which version of the warning we want, but likely not to do both of them.

- Heavy iteration on BTN. Already see a couple of things i'd like to see changed, would also like to respond to concerns/feedback that the item has no actual stats that would make you want to keep it end-game. I think we can fix this without saying 'flatly gives Arpen/CDR/Stuff'. Want this to be good for Lanegar as well, so paying special attention to the jungle-specific interations to see how they're playing out. Would also like to clarify that AD is not taken off of this item, and is a tuning point we can use for its efficiency.

Will post more stuff after playtests/conversations with the team and give you guys an update.
What do you guys think about the upcoming Rengar changes? I know a lot of you already like him as he is now, will you play him more after the changes?

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  1. It's good.. He just dies way to easily as soon as he jumps his target. If you think about it you really put yourself out of position once you Ult+Jump your target unless they are out of pos. I'd say either make is w give him ferocity stacks based on how many people it hit or give him some sort of escape.

  2. I don't like the change to the movespeed on btn, i like how it is now because then if you get Trinity or zephyr you don't need boots making btn an item you can keep all game

  3. ShinyLancerJuly 31, 2013

    Best burst in game. I used to main him. got first blood every single game top

  4. i was hoping that they rework him not as a jungler, as a solo top laner because i think that what fits him

  5. He is fine as he is now, At least keep the 3 stack bonus. After these changes, All of the current Rengar players will cease to play him, Myself included.


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