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Jul 8, 2013

New Bundles Incoming!

Earlier today RiotUdyr relayed a message on Reddit regarding a score of new bundles coming our way soon. Check out the details below:

New bundles, prices ranging from 1000-4000RP (excluding any Champions for skin bundles).

Coming in weeks not months.

This is a heads up so if people want to take advantage of Extra Bonus RP.

Edit: looks like the bundles were activated by mistake. They are turned off right now because they weren't supposed to be on.

Here is the pricing so there isn't any speculation or bad information, since the breakdowns are posted already:

Pretty in Pink: 2067RP, 4116RP if you need Champions (Champions and skins both at 40% off )
-Bittersweet Lulu
-5th Age Taric
-Dynasty Ahri
-Sewn Chaos Orianna

Pentakill: 2325RP, 4345RP if you need the Champions (both champions and skins at 50% off)
-Pentakill Morde
-Pentakill Sona
-Pentakill Yorick
-Pentakill Olaf
-Pentakill Karthus

Ranged Rovers: 3585RP (No skins, flat 25% off)

Retirement: 935RP for skins, 3000RP total if you don't own the Champions (75% off for skins, Champions also included at 50% off)
-Caterpillar Kog
-Hextech Galio
-Muse Sona
-Molten Rammus
-Sailor GP

Buy the band fangirls go!

Excited? Going to buy one of the bundles? Comment below!

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  1. Well those retirment skins I guess are being retired (duh, heh heh)? I'm at least sure muse sona looks kinda... "low quality" right now and needs a VU.

  2. Jaaz ValeJuly 09, 2013

    I liked the pentakill one, btw I'm not gonna buy a bundle if I don't like one of the skins.

  3. AnonymousJuly 03, 2014

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