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Jul 11, 2013

LCS Team Summoner Icons Available in Store!

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As promised earlier from PBE testing, Riot's released new team summoner icons available for purchase! Although 20% of the proceeds from the summoner icons go to the team, the fact that we need to pay RP for the summoner icons without even having a free usage period is a little upsetting...oh well! Check out the scoop below:

During the break we saw five new teams enter the LCS after winning their promotion series. With so much new blood in the LCS waters, the top teams continue to fight for every advantage as they move closer to the Season 3 World Championships.
In the spirit of this rising competition, you can show support for your favorite team by grabbing an official team logo Summoner Icon for any of the North American and European LCS teams in the Summer Split. 
When we introduced these Summoner Icons on the PBE, we got a ton of insightful feedback. One thing everyone seemed to notice was that if you follow all teams equally, or if the idea of splitting allegiances makes you squirm, it was hard to collect all of the icons. As a result, we're introducing new icon bundles that'll help you pick up all of the Season 3 icons with fewer clicks.
Both of the EU and NA LCS bundles are 1600 RP each, which is 20% off the regular price for the 8 Summoner Icons included in the bundles. You can snag all 16 icons in the Summer Split Bundle for 3000 RP (25% off the regular 4000 RP price).
These icons are now available in the store until the end of the split for 250 RP, and are permanently added to your account. When you purchase a team icon, 20% of the price goes directly to that team as a bonus and the other 80% goes to support esports (prizes, salaries, events, streaming).
To show off your team pride, all Summoner Icons--including the new esports team icons--will be shown on the loading screen before each match.
These LCS team Summoner Icons will be available in the store until the end of the 2013 Summer Split, so support your favorite teams today!


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