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May 8, 2013

New Champion Hinted: A Winged Swordsman?

Earlier today on the forums, a new thread opened up by RiotEzreal...

Hey, everyone. Ezreal here.

Normally, I wouldn't ask for help. I've come across a lot of interesting relics in my travels, but never anything like these.

I've gathered everything on my desk for all of you to take a look. The important thing is that these relics were found all over Runeterra, and they date from different and completely unconnected eras. The thing is… they all share one similarity: they show a dark figure, clearly inhuman, wielding a jagged blade.

This is a mystery I'm not sure I want solved. From what I can gather so far, this dark figure has been at the center of many bloody conflicts and tales of war.

What do you think? Who is this figure, and what role has he played in Runeterra's history?

Oh, and if you really want to hear some of the stories about these things… I'll tell them, but some of them aren't pretty.

Excited for the new champion? Comment below!

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  1. I remember something said that the new updates would revovle around the mountain place where leona, pantheon, and diana originated from

  2. what do you think about tristana lately? i've played her since season 2, but i fell she's stronger lately

  3. WindAerisMay 09, 2013

    Another (potentially female) swordswoman champion?

    ... I can dig it.


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