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May 3, 2013

Morello Chats About Sion Remake

Earlier today, Morello gave a little insight into the upcoming Sion remake. Basically...he'll likely have completely different skills and be more of a lifestealing undead tank he was built to be. Check out the details below:
Let me clear up one thing, though - there's no world in which we make an old champion with a schizo kit into two complete champions. This is really about resource allocation usage and efficiency, as it obviously takes 2x the work to make 2x the champions, and whenever we're doing one thing, we're not doing another thing (and there's lots to be done!) Sion being reworked faithfully is not worth another rework not coming out, another champion who brings something new, or any myriad of other fixes we could be doing.

Additionally, and while I understand very well the attachment people can have to a champion, I think retaining Sion faithfully is exactly what I don't want to do. "Why?!" you may ask!

Sion's AD kit has some bare-bones tools that can apply well to a lifesteal guy, but those could use updating as well (AS on this guy...hmmmmm), but importantly, the AP kit has little-to-no counter play or interaction at all. There's something to be said about the shield being interesting, but I think it's bad when combined with a single target stun and as a burst nuke overall. Additionally, he's basically a creative mess - a Zombie Axe guy that casts spells and does an assortment of disjointed things with old Arnold movie quotes. The only reason to even consider that is for legacy - which has value - but not enough on its own in many cases.

In this case, unlike someone like Urgot who is just niche, Sion is a low attachment character with low counterplay, interaction, and no creative hooks. What I do think could be interesting about Sion isn't his kit, but the idea behind him - a massive, unmovable undead lifesteal tank. That has legs (heh) and can really be developed into a resurgence/HP Steal character befitting of the idea, and it gives us lots of opportunities with the art.

Thought I'd just update our direction here so you guys could see our thinking and there can be discussion. I know there will be people attached to original Sion, but in this case (and this is not by any means a default stance for me), I think it has to play second stage to making the character something not-bad. Source
What do you think Sion should be remade as? Does he need a remake? Comment below!

Chinese Sion Art
Is this...undead enough for you?!

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  1. Silver21May 04, 2013

    I don't want Sion changed at all! I almost played him exclusively in season 2 and had such a good win rate, will be a shame to see him go

  2. Gangplank StyleMay 05, 2013

    What is his pick and win rate now? I suppose that must be on of the main reasons for "fixing" him.

  3. Remake Sivir...Her model is so out of date and old...She needs it desperately lol!


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