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May 12, 2013

"La Llorona" Morgana Skin for Latin American Server!

In honor of the upcoming Latin American Server release, Riot has taken the liberty of creating a new skin in commemoration of the event like they usually do. This time, it's  "La Llorona" Morgana!

Check it out below!

La Llorona Morgana

Meanwhile, if you want to check out the full legend on Wikipedia, feel free to take a peek here!

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  1. Im excited about an update of tierlist :D

  2. H0neyyBeeMay 12, 2013

    I've been checking every few hours for the past week waiting for the new tier list!

  3. The people have spoken and I'll join them. Tier list, go go go! :D

  4. The new tier list is getting a couple facelifts I think you guys will appreciate. It's taking a little longer than usual, but I think you'll all like the changes!

  5. I feel as though the Aussie skin will be very Aussiest......
    I look forward to this!


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