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Apr 9, 2013

TPA Toyz Shares Secrets of Mid Laning!

TPA Toyz took the opportunity to describe the secrets of Mid laning to us in an recent interview. As one of (in my opinion) the strongest mid laners in the world, I think his interview is worth a watch!

Summary Points:

Seeker's Armguard evened the playing field for AP mids against the heavy AD bruiser meta. It's great to build into hourglass, and by starting Cloth 5 into Seekers, AP heroes can compete effectively with bruisers.

Boots and 3 pots is no longer good to start with after the speed nerf.

Flask is viable with a ward and a pot

The most op champion in the game right now is Ryze

- Tear of the Goddess is cheaper than before;
- Ryze can run 9-0-21, which is extremely good for the movespeed bonus;
- Seraph's Embrace is OP on Ryze, and he doesn't think Muramane is good.

Deathfire Grasp is OP for Veigar and Twisted Fate, but don't get it for your first item.

Twin Shadows is good when you're winning, but you do no damage when you're losing.

Athene's Holy Grail is good if you're against another AP and have low mana.

Liandry's is amazing on champions that have a single target slow like Kayle.

Deathcap is still good.

Seraph's Embrace is the BEST ITEM in terms of gold cost and utility.

Rod of Ages is very good right now.

Instead of boots of mobility, get Sorc boots with Homeguard.

Furor is a decent secondary enchantment late game on certain champions like Ryze and Twisted Fate.

My darkest secrets...revealed...

What do you think, agree/disagree? Comment below!

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  1. It's always subjective but I find his Ryze comments surprising since the results just aren't there at any level. Yes, he's extremely strong in skirmishes with 2-3 players but his overall game impact and the time till he gets strong is what weakens him. More about this here:

  2. I strongly disagree with Ryze being OP, lol.

  3. Who was the pro gamer calling Xerath OP recently?

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  5. Too bad he held bad reasoning. How many people think Ryze is OP? Not many, lol.

  6. hey my english isnt so good but honestly ryze is the strongest mid lane because he can build tanky and still apply mroe burst than most mid lane also his cooldowns are really low compared to other midlanes making his strong burst spammable he is useful with seraphs embrace as he scales with mana making him the best champ to use this especially if he has other tanky items the shield with the spell vamp makes him unkillable and able to duel almost anyone

  7. i am diamond 1 on korean server and i was assistant coach of taipei assasin

  8. SSJSuntasticJuly 18, 2013

    That's true, but how do you think he fares against a heavy poke team with champions like Lux, Nidalee, and Jayce being very popular at the moment? With the right team composition I agree that he's very strong. However, without a strong initiation on the team, without poke Ryze is good, but not amazing.


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