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Apr 7, 2013

Teleport Ryze - The Better Ryze

Chinese Ryze

Several of you were a little incredulous as to Ryze's newfound placement back in Tier 1 in the solo queue list after several updates. His 48% win rate in solo queue certainly makes you wonder if he deserves a first tier position.

While Flash Ignite Ryze seems fairly average in terms of carry power, I think that Flash Teleport Ryze is beyond powerful in solo queue and may need to be moved up again in the next update.

Check out the benefits:

1. Teleport Counterganks/Ganks
By teleporting to countergank, Ryze can easily turn a double death bot into a triple kill. On the offensive, his snare is 100% hit rate, and in the right position is almost a guaranteed kill.

2. Forcing bot lane to ward/control side bush.
I personally think this is the greatest part about Ryze with teleport. Many support players refuse to "waste" money on warding the side bush bot lane and prefer instead to keep river lit up in fear of junglers. 

While a jungle gank can break a lane instantly, not controlling the side bush properly causes bot lane to lose regardless of jungle interference. By running teleport on Ryze, you can convince your allies to not only ward the side bush, but to also pink it so that you can "teleport". Even if you don't teleport, they are more likely to win their lane as a result of the bush control.

3. Snowballing potential
Ryze is by far one of the most tanky AP mids that also deals an insane amount of damage. Only Swain can compete with his damage/survivability, but Ryze beats Swain easily in the next category...

4. Easy to play.
Indisputably, Ryze is one of the simplest champions to play in the game. He has no skillshots, and all his skills are offensive. This means that learning to master Ryze will take a much shorter time than most champions, and his damage output late game is insane.

5. Spammability
Many AP Champions suffer from cooldowns, meaning that once their cooldowns are used up, they must wait several seconds before dealing any kind of useful damage. Ryze on the other hand, can continuously throw out bolt after bolt of damage providing he has mana. This means that as long as he's alive, you have to focus him or die with no safe moment in a teamfight.

As you can see, a lot of Ryze's power comes from that 48% that you see on the statistics. However, I think that by carrying TP and convincing your bot lane to ward early and control the side bush, his win rate is much higher than it is at first glance. He's definitely Tier 1 material.

What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Comment below!

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  1. Somehow, I can't get the hang on Ryze. I mean, I love his playstyle and know more or less how to combo his spells, but I somehow end up getting roflstomped in lane, or not being as powerful as I should be :/ I guess I'll be training with him for some time.
    BTW, what can you tell me about muramana ryze over archangel ryze?

  2. He's getting slapped in the face by PBE changes to muramana.

  3. There's a lot about how Ryze fits in the current meta here: I used to play Ryze and I think he's deceptively simple. His short range makes positioning more critical and while there are no skillshots, there are a couple combos whose execution will affect your success. Spamming everything works but is suboptimal. One of the hardest parts though is probably just farming well and especially under your turret. Maybe it's just me but I found Ryze more difficult than Singed, Akali, Diana and Kassadin - which are what I play most of my games. Karthus was a bit harder to me though, more because of mechanics than anything.

    Anyway, if the changes to PBE go live, it means that the best Solo Que Ryze is gone. Muramana imo won't be an option since you are not building APEN on Ryze. Seraph's Embrace is nerfed for Ryze's deep endgame builds too. Thus, while I already think his abysmal results in LCS and Solo Que put him in Tier 2, it clearly will be the case if these changes go live.

  4. I still don't get why people pick Muramana over Seraph's on Ryze. I know it has a great passive, but I still feel like Seraph's passives beat Muramana's for AP champions.

  5. I liked it before, but obviously Seraphs is the way to go now. TBH I think I and many others probably undervalue Seraphs as an item... it's actually pretty legit. I love it on Kass... hopefully I'll like it on Ryze as well.


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