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Apr 28, 2013

Blitzcrank Revive Bug....OP

Check out this bizarre video of Blitzcrank's revive bug, I'd explain more, but watching it first will be more interesting!

According to the maker, cool1cj, this is how he did it:
This is what happens when you Rocket Grab right before you die and then cast revive.
The effects seem pretty interesting! I wouldn't say this is game-breaking in any way, and definitely needs a very specific situation to be of use. For it to be bannable is somewhat unlikely considering how difficult it would be to pull off, but I wouldn't do it on purpose too much regardless. Your teammates may be a little upset at revive Blitzcrank who's saving his pull for right before he dies too...

Chinese Blitzcrank Wallpaper
Who says you can't teach an old robot new tricks?

What do you guys think? Comment below!

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  1. Now try to execute that successfully against people. Funny but not that worthy, due to the painfully long cd on revive (I'll try it anyways with some friends lol)


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