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Mar 6, 2013

Ward Stats to Be Implemented!

According to RiotXelnath, some new projects on tracking wards are floating around! For those of you who would like to see how much gold is spent towards warding, this should interest you :)
Hey guys, 

I'm coding up some stat tracking for wards now. I want to give support and solo lane players some more recognition for amazing warding. Specifically, following up on the rule to prevent people from spamming wards in their base to cheese warding stats. 

I plan to add: "Placed a new ward" and "Killed a ward" as end of game stats. 

Is there anything else obvious you guys feel is worth noting at the end of the game?

Disclaimer: Everything we intuitively "get" as players may not be as easy to detect procedurally for a computer. 

My wards are outrageous!

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  1. The wards should give assist to the summoner/champion who place it

  2. maybe this could help in elo placement?

  3. too much to calculate i think also only support would be high elo

  4. example?

  5. There is a long way for doing what you thinking still its a great tweak which he is doing to give more credits to careful players ;)

  6. For example (maybe sounds crazy), if the jungler/mid or support put a ward in the enemy blue and somebody (ad carry, or what ever) its chasing 1v1 lets say, and he dosnt have any vision of that place of the map, if that ward wont be placed by himself and another champion do it, that should be an assist, why? its was a help "assist" give him the vision for chase and more in the enemy side, its 25% of the credit.
    (Sorry for my english, its no my main language, i do my best u.u)

  7. RollingCloudzMarch 09, 2013

    I really enjoy League largely in part because of updates like this, keeping the game fresh is such an amazing feat when you literally play the same 2 maps for years and years to come.

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