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Mar 14, 2013

Thoughts on Warwick In Current Meta

If you follow my solo queue tier list you'll notice I have Warwick listed as Tier 4. Naturally, Tier 4 champions can always perform decently as long as the person playing the champion is competent. On the other hand, seeing the sudden surge in Warwick plays lately, I think it's time to reassess his kit.

In some situations, he can actually be insanely powerful:

- Tons of sustain
- Tanky
- Easy to use CC with a long duration and short cooldown
- Good team aura
- Forces squishies to save CCs for him or build Quicksilver Sash

- Can be countered by ignite and Quicksilver Sash
- Poor jungle ganks until level 6
- One dimensional attack pattern

Chinese Big Bad Warwick
You think you know me?

On the other hand, he has one glaring strength that can't be ignored in the current meta: With 3 AD champions instead of an AP, he's insanely powerful.

Also, if your team can pick up Taric, they not only lose out on the easy way out of Warwick's stun, but also allows him to get almost a 100% kill bot if he's jungling.

The reason for his strength in a no-AP composition is simple (some of you may have figured it out already). Since the enemy squishies will generally need to build Quicksilver Sash to counter Warwick's ultimate (cleanse doesn't work), this means that the entire magic resist component of the item is completely wasted gold. 

This combined with his attack speed aura being insanely good for an AD based composition, you can definitely see where he can fit into some niche situations.

I'm still very against Warwick jungle as a result of its limitations early-game, but I can't deny that getting jumped by a Warwick ultimate is one of the most disheartening and life-threatening ganks in the game.

What do you guys think about Warwick? Comment below!

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  1. disqus_qJgjITkmZBMarch 14, 2013

    I think you make a great point about WW's viability in a "no-AP" composition. Although, I feel as if he's outclassed by junglers such as Jarvan, Volibear, Nautilus, Lee Sin due to their CC capabilities and greater versatility. I think Tier 4 is a great spot for WW.

  2. WW is garbage. without his ult up you can just ignore his minimal damage output. As for amazing ganking ultimates: amumu, nocturne, and nautilus do just as good a job and are more useful after they ult.

  3. TheMooseOwnsMarch 14, 2013

    In my opinion Warwick has never really been good.

  4. I have played warwick Alot the last few weeks, and i won almost evry game.

    His sustain is amazing if you get a Botk and a Boodthirster also with a early warmogs you wont die.

    as for jungling he can be pretty good even below lvl 6, as long as you have a red buff and come from behind you can quickly strike them down and slow them with the buff, also will that (most of the time) get them below 50% hp so you can keep up with them as they are running back.

    Overall i think ww is a rlly Fun and good champ- and he is one of my favs :)

  5. vickthesickMarch 14, 2013

    if u are a ww, try to play with a leona support, it is very strong ult+ult+e/stun= enemy bot is dead

  6. If you manage those items on nearly any DPS jungler, you will be virtually unkillable.

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