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Mar 4, 2013

Incoming Blade of the Ruined King Nerfs

Ever since the recent buff to Blade of the Ruined king in patch 3.0.3 combined with the warmogs nerf, blade of the ruined king is the bane of tanks everywhere. However, fear not as Xypherous comments on the nerfs incoming!

As he puts it:
Let's get this out of the way first - I screwed up here, if only by judging from the reactions and the state of the competitive solo queue. People feel that their AD carry builds are being unduly constrained and they feel the need to buy the item to counter itself. That, in itself, the AD carry versus AD carry case - is a problem. Source
 "I messed up"

As for how he's gonna fix it:
"At the moment, the changes look like bumping the cost to be equivalent with BT (around a 350 gold cost increase), reducing the damage by 5 and changing the active heal to be post-mitigation.

While this is probably a little much in terms of overnerfing - now that everyone is aware of the power of the item tangentially, it makes it a lot easier to slow-creep it back to a good state without overshooting (which slow-creeping often does.)"
FeralPony gave a little more insight to some more specifics as well:
"I’m hopping in this thread because there is a lot of positive discussion is going on and I wanted to give you guys a heads up as to what is happening with the item. We will be hotfixing this item and I want to give some heads up as to our changes and why.

The item is too cost effective. 

We’ll be increasing the cost a bit and we’re shaving a few points off of the AD when you upgrade the item. BotRK is geared towards attack speed and making these changes helps bring it in line and keeps its intended purpose while keeping the unique elements of the item intact and powerful.

As yashinihao mentions earlier this thread a lot of high tier items are cost effective. This inherently isn’t a bad thing but in this case in particular due to the power of the unique effects we really want to keep the power of the item into its unique elements and not be just about the stat efficiency so we’re lowering the cost effectiveness overall a bit. It is currently too effective compared to comparable choices.

The active heal will apply post-mitigation instead of pre-mitigation. 

Currently Armor is the proper counter to this item and although many players have not made the transition to purchasing armor items we feel the active heal is too strong atm. This may not be the most elegant change to the problem as it does make the heal more effective against low armored targets instead of tanks and fighters due to their substantially higher armor values. We will however, continue to assess and test different approaches but we did not want to ignore this issue in the short term.

We're reducing the damage cap of the item versus minions.

This item’s identity is that of a counter to high health enemies, currently it is providing far too much power in securing global objectives (baron, dragon, spider boss) and almost trivializing these objectives. By reducing this element of the item we can focus on its core power as an item meant to counter high health enemies." Source
What do you guys think about the incoming nerfs? Comment below!

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  1. Predicted, as did everyone else. I don't mind the nerfs personally since I wanted it to be a niche item for AS bruisers (Shyvana, Irelia, maybe Vi) and some ADCs anyway. Sounds good.

  2. Tell xypherous the median xl community misses him!

  3. Why not make it a more assassin oriented Item? Something that is inherently good at high HP targets, but basically garbage against low HP targets. Being that its assassin oriented it would make
    a very rock scissor paper feel to choosing it. (Do i build to counter
    squishies or build to counter the tanks?) Sorry if this isn't as clear
    as I'd like it to be... had ACL surgery today so I'm kinda out of it
    with the meds lol

  4. SSJSuntasticMarch 05, 2013

    Sorry to hear that, I hope you feel better soon!

  5. Even after the nerfs botrk is still a good item in the health stacking meta.
    It probably shouldn't be rushed but once you see those warmogs in enemy team it's definately a worthy build.

  6. Well, the league of tanks is here to stay. Summoners who like to play tanks/bruisers rejoice! And for those who like to play AD ranged champions: screw you.

  7. I have to admit it...
    I fell in love with this item but i will not QQ to say it deserve some nerf bat hits...

    The only thing which annoys me is that AD carry's exchange this for the Bloodthirster which i feel it isn't an AD carry item but more bruiser style its a bit like the new BLACK CLEAVER but instead of shredding the enemy armor you shred his HP stacks :p

  8. iNeuroToXinMarch 05, 2013

    The BotRK is currently one of the best items in the game because of its cost efficiency. I did a series of 5 scrims with friends last night for fun, playing mid most of the time, and every single time the AD Bruiser on our team(Normally Jayce or someone of the sort) or the enemy Bruiser would build one, regardless of a Warmog's presence. The item is amazing on AD Assassins right now also. I have done many AD Mid lanes before, but never considered it, and I tried it last night Talon Mid against a Lux. Never had issues once that thing saw my items list. Getting that for the heal and MS increase saved my life, as well as singled out their ADC or APC multiple times. After a BotRK, I normally get a Sword of the Divine when playing Zed, as I feel every Zed should. It's too powerful with his ultimate.

  9. I would not suggest a BotRK on Jayce...simply because his damage source = skills and not basic attacks...

  10. iNeuroToXinMarch 05, 2013

    We were running these in scrims to test itemization in team fights. It wasn't good on him, I agree completely. I said it's a lot better on AD Assassins.


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