Mar 17, 2013

FOTM Report: Volibear

It's been a while since I've taken a look at Volibear, judging by how I've kept him at Tier 5 for a while. On the other hand, I'm not only getting a lot of comments on moving him up, but also seeing a LOT of Volibear action. So what's going on with this big brute and why is everyone saying he's good now?

It's really no surprise judging by his statistics, sporting the 14th highest winrate in solo queue and a surprisingly high popularity as well.

Top Lane
Top lane he's got some very strong match-ups, and it's hard to dive him down because of his passive heal. He's also great support for jungler ganks with a gap closing toss and a small-scale fear/slow. Once late game hits he's also super tanky. Although I feel like his attack pattern is a very one-dimensional, he still does his job well.

I'm not really sold on Volibear being on par with Hecarim or Jarvan as a jungler, but his ganks are surprisingly effective considering you just run up and throw them, which is definitely more reliable than Jarvan ganks.

I think that with the Xin Zhao and Vi nerfs, Volibear really started coming into the spotlight and I think we'll be seeing a lot more of him in the future.

Tier Movement
Likely moving him to high Tier 2 next update (I know it's a big jump from Tier 5, but it was hard to see the effects the 3.0.1 patch aspd buff had on his clear time)


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  1. High tier 2? Let's not get ridiculous. He still can't jump over walls like Jarvin and VI.

  2. SSJSuntasticMarch 17, 2013

    Maybe low tier 2 then, I think he's comparable to Udyr.

  3. Interesting topic here SSJ !
    Small n.b: About his roles you can see on lolking he is played 85% games as jungler and ofc 15% (ST or Support)
    The only problem i found in Volibear is what his ultimate offer...i found it pretty low considering other champion and it got AP ratio..... (I really don't get RIOT on those ratio ap on physical champion...)
    Even so Udyr is more one directional champion or you go Phoenix AoE damage or Tiger for more individual burst :(

    Have you seen Volibear in competition lately?

  4. Finally Volibear get's the respect he deserves xD
    Well I agree with David Dos Santos; his ult doesn't really offer anything. It is a low buff you can counter with MR. However his ganks can be deadly with his throw and heavy hitting paws.

  5. César LemusMarch 18, 2013

    Tier lists are so dumb for me, they get a lot of influence from the pro players picks without thinking there's a whole strategy behind, team composition, sinergy, etc. A pro player could pick a trash tier champion and move it to tier one. I'd like to see Scarra picking Heimerdinger in a tournament just to see a Heimerdinger fever in solo Q XD. Just play the champion you like, practice a lot and you'll see the potential it has.

  6. yes, i would compare him to udyr aswell. dunno in what aspects he beats udyr. Early ganks are easier on voli since he gets flat +45% on Q where udyr needs to put alot into bear for this. The cooldown is about the same but udyr can hit more targets.
    Tankyness is about the same i think. So that leaves damage and itemization.

  7. Always thought he's strong, but overlooked.

  8. Volibear doesn't win games. Go easy with the tier placement!

  9. Volibear is a really strong champion right now. He was good before, but now everybody knows that.
    He was always a "super-tanker" the hole game, but this new "Tanker Meta" just let he be discovered.
    Like, Pix Allorim played Volibear for a long time, and the other players that use him do well with him even before the patch or wathever.


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