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Mar 12, 2013

Akali Shroud Nerfs Coming Soon (TM)

After your team just got pentakilled by an Akali who just dashed 7 times you might be thinking she needs a few nerfs...especially after she was invisible with a sliver of health the whole time. Well fear not, shroud nerfs may be on the way!

See what RiotFeralPony has to say:
Good discussion post Postal. I'm happy to see these types of well thought out discussion threads and thinking outside the "nerf pls!"[should be Nerfplz imo] box

I agree that the shroud is lacking some of the crucial counterplay it needs due to her ability to get a large distance outside of the circle before being revealed, and I know full well how frustrating that can be and its power that goes pretty much unappreciated when playing Akali. In general these types of mechanical changes can be more effective than straight numbers adjustments and its something we look into often. This change seems like a big win in that it opens up more counterplay to a champion who could really use more.

Personally I'm a lot less confident in causing the stealth to be delayed from taking or dealing damage. It's something I'd have to test pretty thoroughly but my gut is that it would really destroy the feel of the ability. I'd rather introduce the stealth breaking faster upon leaving the zone mechanic you mention earlier as that is far more intuitive and I think feels pretty fair to all players.

I wouldn't expect anything next patch since that's far too soon to get any type of changes like this which require heavy testing, but I believe the team will be looking into Akali in the following patch. Source
Chinese Crimson Akali
Pink Wards are for chumps.

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  1. SSJSuntasticMarch 12, 2013

    He's a very very good Akali indeed.

  2. dont nerv akali. She is weak allready

  3. twisted dealerMarch 12, 2013

    akali doesnt need nerfs people just need to learn to use vision wards easiest thing to do but people think only supports are allowed to buy wards or somthing -_-

  4. Yees because it's completely ok to pop a pink ward everytime akali does her shroud, not to mention she gains 10/20/30/40/50 mr/ar and slows everyone in the shroud. There are counterplay options against Akali but it's really not reasonable to go extra mile for one champion alone.

    Akali is good in terms of damage and assasination abilities but the shroud lowers her risk way too much, which I think FeralPony is thinking about adjusting.

    Make a mistake against akali and you are dead.
    Make a mistake as akali, pop shroud and try again.

  5. Gotta agree with the user above me. You can't expect people to buy lots of Vision Wards to put down whenever she uses her Shroud. She can keep on buying whatever she needs while a pretty high amount of your money goes to Vision wards just to counter her. Not to mention the burst she deals without items the moment she hits lvl6 isn't what I'd call fair with how easy she can get away with it. Champions that deal that much damage should be harder to play and need strategy, Akali lacks this. The reason she's played so much is simply 'cause she's easy to play, deals lots of damage, and his hard to focus.

  6. She's weak? How is she weak? She's hella strong. I think you must be talking about a different Akali from a different game.

  7. in lane you just need 2-3 pinks who help a lot if know what are you doing(akali mid lane after you caught him in his "safe area" she will be so pasive for the next 3-5 min and if you are holding a pink in you inventary she may try to conter gank you in his next atack so you just need to be carefull) and late game there is a little pot who let you see stealh thingys for 5 min and i haerd is good your tank hold in a battle.. :D

    seriusly people need to start to use his brains

  8. well health meta is not good for akali. reason she cant kill target with more than2600 in 3-4 seconds like the last season she is a burst AP so thanky guys make her sad panda

  9. The shroud is what makes her feel like an actual ninja. But if there is a problem with how the invis works when she leaves the shroud, by all means fix it.

  10. embarissing...nerf her? lol Buy pinkies! go oracles! l2p -.-

  11. ryan bruizMarch 13, 2013

    I agree that Akali need to be nerf Twilight Shourd is OP even though theres ward it can counter with it.

    I hope they reduced the skill effect to 6 seconds and remove slow effects

  12. Justin WinkerMarch 15, 2013

    That 375 gold you just spent on 3 visions is too much to counter her. MR is great against her, but she gets it from her shroud. I disagree with you and agree with @Lagoz:disqus and @disqus_9Y2Htd3gwd:disqus on this.. Plus, chances are if Akali is doing well (which she should be for anyone who's played her before), your tank may not have enough money to get an oracles, or you may not be able to afford a vision without sacrificing the damage you need to kill her (don't forget, you still need to get two wards as mid or 1-2 ward as top at minimum to protect your lane from ganks).

  13. Justin WinkerMarch 15, 2013

    Name one AP caster that can burst a high-health champ down in less than 3 seconds that doesn't do % health damage (i.e. Lux or Twisted Fate against a 4K health Malph or Alistar). Health is in general a strong counter for AP casters... Not so much for consistent damage from an AD carry.

  14. she is not OP is what im saying people need to start to use his brains she is an easy target if you team work together.

    ''well health meta is not good for akali. reason she cant kill target with
    more than2600 in 3-4 seconds like the last season she is a burst AP
    so thanky guys make her sad panda''
    here im saying the last season we got tanks by resistenses where for akali was so much easy hurt a tank cuz she buy some MPen, now is other history people staking health makes so dificult to kill people for ANY burst in general.

    for me akali never has been pain in the ass now is less anoying she didnt need nerf

  15. Jacobs6GenoMarch 23, 2013

    Well.. I hoped for a cooldown tweak or something more serious.. I played Akali only once, went 0/4 in the lane (vs an Akali) then got to 7/4 to lategame. Her poke and trade are outrageous, she has energy which refills quickly, IMO the best gapcloser in the game, an AoE farm/harrass skill and a mr/armor boost with invis and a slow. Basiclly, oracles or vision ward every teamfight, your ad carry will always explode and she'll get away (she doesn't need hextech, enabling tankier items such as Rylai's to be built without the massive damage lack.
    Besides that, she's a great roaming mid, and with considerable burst after 6, she can pretty much destroy any lane with sufficient cc to get off her combo. To conclude, she really does need a nerf, since if you're not Mordekaiser, you'll probably get eaten alive..


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