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Feb 21, 2013

Xelnath Shows off New Health Bars!

Hello Summoners, 

Since the launch of the game, it's been hard to see how much health a champion has. We've revisited our assumptions in what information needs to be clearly conveyed to players and updated the champion health bars to handler higher health.

Here you can see how the original health bars worked:

Once Amumu passed 3,200 health, the notches stopped increasing and it is very hard to count how much health an opponent has. 

Here, Amumu is modelling the new health bars:

When you cross the 1,000 health threshold, a full, dark tick now appears. This makes it easier to see how many thousands of health your opponent has. 

While we tried many, many iterations, we chose this one because it balanced between familiarity (no need to re-learn what 1 tick means!) and clarity past 2,000 health. 

What do you think? Source

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  1. What were their other options? Anyone know what the other possibilities were?

  2. SSJSuntasticMarch 04, 2013

    They were thinking about taking out the little lines and just having the big ones, but that looked silly and made sona players cry with their 2 starting bars :P


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