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Feb 7, 2013

New Upcoming Demacian Hero - Quinn Is That YOU?!

Earlier today, RiotIronStylus released this short blurb about an upcoming hero of Demacia. Might be the Quinn a lot of you have been waiting for!
They are the legions of blue and gold. They are the beacons of justice. They bear the standard. They lead the charge.

Demacia has always stood a stalwart sentinel against darkness and evil, but the nation faces a world of new and terrible threats. They wield the sword and spear, marching against their foes in mighty numbers, but can an army catch an assassin? Can numbers alone hold back spells woven in shadow and flame? With such vicious forces bearing down upon her doorstep, how will Demacia endure?

The answer is simple: a new champion approaches.

She is a new kind of hero, one of new mind and new method. One who can go where armies cannot reach, where swords cannot clash.

This is her story. Her worth will be tested, her ways will be questioned, but she will forge ahead. Honor guides her path. Justice steadies her aim. Valor is the only ally she needs. Source

Excited? Don't think it's Quinn? What kind of skills do you think the new champion will have? Comment below!

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  1. Hmm, in the discussion, it is said that this is Quinn by the reds. Also, apparently there will be a pet of hers, and by the feather it would appear to be a bird. So I'm thinking possibly a Demacian Ranged AD carry that is possibly a falconer, with, as the reds might suggest, is named Val. I wonder if I'm close, at least.

  2. SSJSuntasticFebruary 07, 2013

    Thanks for the verification Erich! If that's her skillset, I wonder if she'll have some sort of love affair going on with swain?

  3. ahahaha I'm sure that there'll certainly be fanfiction, if not in lore. She sounds like a demacian through and through. Also, the discussion on her being a demacian brings up the thought of her playstyle, as most demacian characters involve strong initiate abilities, and ironstylus mentioned how people who enjoy this playstyle will not be disappointed. I'm excited. :D

  4. That ARROW...some kind of a bird head right there....XD


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