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Feb 4, 2013

New Free Champion Rotation (Season 3: Week 1)

The new free champion rotation for the first week of Season 3 is now available and should go live tomorrow! Again, there are a bunch of really older champions that are going to be free...hope they don't make this a habit!

  • If you're looking for a challenge, give Nautilus or Viktor a try!
  • If you're looking to learn to play the strongest heroes possible, I suggest picking up Amumu Xin Zhao, or Graves this week to practice;
  • If supporting is your thing, Janna is your best bet;
  • If you like to button mash, play Ryze!
  • If you want to AOE down your opponents try out Annie, Graves, or Viktor!

450 IP 1350 IP 3150 IP 4800 IP 6300 IP 
AnnieAmumuXin Zhao



Excited for this week's champion rotation? Disappointed in the selection? Post in the Disqus comment section below!

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  1. "If you to button mash, play Ryze!" missed a word?

  2. SSJSuntasticFebruary 05, 2013

    Caffeine withdrawal is a terrible thing Jordan :(

  3. Tried Naut.. he feels.. so slow. Not sure if it's because of his appearance, or if he really is just slow. He's kinda fun though, feels more like a really tanky support that's really annoying in a team fight because of his skills. Can't wait for the upcoming champs, Thresh should be F2P now. Gonna have some fun supporting with him at bot lane.


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