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Feb 18, 2013

FOTM Report: February 2013

You may have noticed that I haven't been posting as much on strategy lately, that's simply a combination of the fact that work's got me pre-occupied along with the fact that I've been solo queuing...a LOT.

From Gold I I went to Platinum I in about two weeks
( Tilted to Plat II :[ )

But this isn't a pat myself on the back post, this is more of a what did I see and how did I do it type thing.

FOTM Junglers
First I'd like to chat about the three powerhouse junglers right now: Hecarim, Xin Zhao, and Vi.

I realize that on my solo queue tier list I have Hecarim and Vi a little lower, but that's simply because I hadn't seen what kind of nonsense damage they put out with Spirit of the Elder Lizard

Naturally, Amumu and Maokai are still very good in the game, and Mao is definitely my personal favorite jungler. Lee Sin is also very strong, but not nearly as strong as the other 3.

Meanwhile, Jarvan IV is an up-and-coming monster. Clearly the skin is buffing his damage.

FOTM Supports
Currently, Taric IS the BEST. Undoubtedly. It's not even a competition.

As you can see by my games played, I may be a little biased, but stats don't lie. It's very possible to get to platinum playing support. It really is. In fact I might say it's the easiest way.

Meanwhile, I think Sona and Lulu are the only supports that can give Taric a run for his money.

FOTM AD Carries
Right now the AD carries are all very even, with MF being the most boring thing in the world to play (but the most consistent). I think that most good AD carries are switching over to Draven though, since he DESTROYS Ezreal in lane. I personally think Graves is the easiest AD carry to play by far, and satisfying with his burst as well.

FOTM Mid Laners
Honestly, if I had to choose one mid laner I'd like to see banned every game unless she's on my team, it's AP Nidalee. Nobody ever lands spears during laning phase, but once that teamfighting begins, she's honestly the most frustrating thing in the world to fight against. I'd seriously prefer fighting against split pushing tanky Nidalee, even though I think she's stronger.

Twisted Fate is also mega annoying. We need more bans.  

FOTM Top Lane
I was going to say top lane is very stagnant right now with Darius still being OP, but then I remember this S.O.B. named Garen. In terms of laning phase, Garen is the most broken OP top laner I've ever had the sad experience to encounter. He's not amazing later on, but he does his job. His laning phase is just so. Annoying. Counter him with Kayle. Don't get silenced.

A-Hue. Hue. Hue.

Rumble is also just as strong as always, but luckily nobody really plays him.

Conclusions: So there it is, since I haven't posted on strategy due to my exorbitant amount of yolo queuing, I figure I'd offer some platinum level insight as to the current meta. (SOON TO BE DIAMOND)

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  1. the_megatank_pwns_allFebruary 19, 2013

    I find it interesting that you complain about how boring MF is when Taric is a goddamned snore fest. Seriously, his skills ultimately come down to "point and click" at most (I know that's why he's so effective, but still).

    I still can't for the life of me figure the ballistics on MF's Q when it hits the second target, and I play her 95% of the time lately as carry at least...

    GJ on clawing your way up the ladder btw. I'll continue my adventures in elo/league limbo...

  2. I was under the impression that AD carry had less of an impact on the game as of S3. And i see taric mostly as a laning support who does lack some TF presence compared to other supps. for example; Thresh, Sona, Leona, who all have an ok laning phase.

    For mid AP nida, i would ban it just to not have it on my team. If she hits squishies with the spear yes its annoying. but if she misses really she doesnt do a lot imo.

    Jungle: Agree. For me mumu is still ahead of the pack. Q + R is just.. ugh. for soloQ its nice cause you can initiate a teamfight when you want. If you are good on mumu you can wreck. I prefer maokai as a nonbanned jungler for the same reason i like ryze mid. Tanky and not skillshot depending.

    Top: Yeh garen is annoying. but if you switch bot and top and go 2v1 on him he will cry all day. Rumble is OP top :( he just ruins the day for so many tops and he allows for an AD mid and full tanky comp

  3. congrats on your plat! I'm still stuck at silver V T.T


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