Feb 9, 2013

Fastest Way to Unlock New Lunar Summoner Icons


EDIT: The Lunar Revel is now over and these icons are no longer obtainable.

Some of you might be strategizing on the fastest way to get the Lunar icons, and no doubt many of you have already figured it out. In case you're wondering though, the fastest (and most efficient way) is as follows:

1. Figure out which Lunar Revel Skin you want;
2. Find a friend who also wants a Lunar Revel Skin;
3. Both of you gift each other $10 of RP (Icon 1)
4. Each of you gift each other the skin you want (Icons 2 and 3)
5. Play a 5 man pre-made (Icons 4 and 5)

Simple right? 

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  1. Durem FeetkillerFebruary 09, 2013


  2. C├ęsar LemusFebruary 09, 2013

    just 10 dollars and you will get all the icons+lunar skin

  3. Durem FeetkillerFebruary 09, 2013

    Really? That's nice!
    In argentina, 10U$S = $60 ~


  4. Still haven't gotten the icon for full premade, is there more to it then just havin' 5 people?

  5. Hi its 25th, does this still work?

  6. I bought a Dragonwing Corki but no summoner Icon

  7. SSJSuntasticMarch 23, 2013

    They were only available during the Lunar Revel Lance =[ You can still refund your skin though! Sorry for the confusion.

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