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Feb 27, 2013

Countering AP Tryndamere

Chinese King Tryndamere

AP Tryndamere is one of the most mind-boggling annoying split-pushing machines out there with retardedly fast wave clear, mega-short cooldowns on his escape and heal, and the unfortunate ability to be unkillable for a duration.

As you can see by his win rate...he's kinda annoying.

Luckily, he's getting nerfed.

On the other hand, until Riot puts in the changes, how can you possibly stop this monstrosity top lane?

There's a few champions that do well against him including:

Nidalee, Teemo, Lee Sin, Garen, and Udyr

Some of you might be tempting to try Jayce against him. It doesn't work quite as well as you think. He'll likely run out of mana and die.

Darius may work if you get some early ganks, but he can't keep up with Tryndamere's split pushing escape power.

What you really need is:
1. Strong wave clearing ability
2. Chasing ability, and
3. Low (if any) mana costs.
4. Having sustaining power also helps.

On another note...Nidalee is also OP for the reasons listed above.

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  1. Might also mention that Executioner's Calling/Morellonomicon/even simply Ignite help to shut down one of those things that make AP Tryndamere so goofy... his heals. Halve his healing ability and he doesn't have the ability to just power through a trade.

    I can't think of any champions right now that have a healing reduction ability built in besides Miss Fortune and Tristana (and sending an ADC top would be silly in most scenarios) but anything that keeps Tryndamere from healing is also a decent counter.

  2. As an addition to my comment: Fizz can apply Grievous Wounds. Katarina can, too, but only through her ultimate. Still, both could be decent counters since they have waveclear and mobility (not sure about Fizz if he has mana problems, though, I don't play him).

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  4. Would Fizz be good against him? I've never encountered an AP tryn, but Fizz's w has that healing reduction too. Plus dodges, right?

  5. What about Vi or Rumble?

  6. Durem FeetkillerFebruary 27, 2013

    I played against trynda ap once with fizz..
    We fought at lvl 2, trynda hit me 3/3 crit, he went away, i barely survived, wasted all my pots, he came again full hp, spin, crit, ignite, byebye
    I really wanted to go afk... is stupidly frustrating

  7. AP Sion top lane, He clears waves extremly fast, Has a stun, Very durable with the right items, and his ult has life steal for sustain, or you can build spirit of the spectral wraith early for more Cooldowns and spellvamp. The lane will just be waveclear city and nobody will get anything done. and if trynd tries diving or anything stupid, On demand stun, and sions shield can take quite a beating at higher levels.

  8. One I've had decent success with is Tiger Udyr. He really capitalizes on Trynd's weaker early game with arguably one of the strongest pre-6 1v1 kits (provided you can't kite him), and once he closes the gap and builds a certain way he becomes an immovable rock in lane. Also, what some people might not know is even though at first glance Tryndamere may seem hybridey/AP from build due to crits/AS and building AP, his AAs and spinning slash still apply physical damage. If you build armor (in particular, ninja tabi works really well), it works very well against AP Trynd until he gets Lich Bane.

  9. SSJSuntasticMarch 02, 2013

    Hi Danny, I think the issue with those two is that their strength in teamfights is too valuable to waste chasing around a Tryndamere. Rumble is slightly weak early, but late game he can definitely take down Tryndamere if he's survived evenly in lane.

  10. SSJSuntasticMarch 02, 2013

    Yeah Durem, the fact that he uses no mana and can heal himself repeatedly really makes it frustrating to trade with him.


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