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Jan 22, 2013

Pendragon Chats About Learning New Champions in Ranked

A lot of people are confused about what constitutes "trolling", what is "bannable", and what is not. Naturally, a lot of things are "reportable", but in the end it'll be up to tribunal and Riot to decide who gets a punishment.
First time Orianna can't be that hard right? 

Here's a recent conversation between General Discussion and RiotPendragon:

Q: I've been trying to learn Zed and I thought ranked would be appropriate since I would be paired against enemies that wouldn't be easy to kill. I went from 1740 elo down to 1600 trying to practice him + other champions. People keep saying they'll report me because I go like 1/10 and stuff. Idk if this is bannable, I'm not TRYING to feed.
Pendragon: My personal opinion is that it's disrespectful to your teammates because there's a higher chance that you will perform poorly relative to champions you're familiar with.

I think knowingly decreasing your own odds of winning in a way that you have complete control over is not really something you should do :/
Q: I know that I am at my best as an AD carry playing Miss Fortune, and I will be less likely to win playing anyone else. However, I don't think I am required to play only Miss Fortune when I AD carry in ranked.
Pendragon: Just depends on how wide your skill gap is IMO. That's why reporting and the Tribunal allows for differences in perspectives thoughThere's a TON of grey area here.

Maybe it's OK to play cait instead of MF if you're normally an ADC player because you're in the mood + like the matchup better, even if you've played 20 games of cait and 200 of MF.

If you're normally a mid player, and you decide to jungle nocturne for the first time at 1800 Elo because you just bought him, then you're knowingly and clearly putting your team at a strong disadvantage.
It seems pretty obvious that Riot is a "player-oriented" company and takes the stance that we're old enough to figure out what's right or wrong based on a collective judgement. Personally I'm of the opinion that if you play new characters in ranked and do poorly, it's okay. Eventually you'll lose enough Elo where you can play new heroes comfortably and still do well 50% of the time.

Meanwhile, let's go back to defining "trolling/bannable behavior"
Trolling [v.] - Intentionally causing teammates anger with no benefit to yourself for no reason other than the sole purpose of making them angry
Acceptable Reasons to Do Poorly
1. Playing a "low tier" champion because he's fun and/or has an interesting skillset;
2. Trying out a new build because you think it might work;
3. Trying a new strategy because you think it will help you win;
4. Getting outplayed;
5. Not purchasing wards and buying other items instead
SSJSuntastic's Hot Tip of the Day: I actually see this one an awful lot in ranked games. Some people simply don't feel like warding, and there's not much you can do to convince them otherwise. If I really want to win and gain Elo, I've bought 5 wards and an oracle on my ADC multiple times. If you think that you can't win without buying wards, then buy wards. The people who don't will simply end up lower Elo (including you!)
Some supports just like to watch the world burn...

Unacceptable Reasons to Do Poorly
1. Picking the weakest champion you can think of because you're mad at your team;
2. Not trying to win with your champion because you don't think you can;
3. Feeding on purpose (this is the grey area Pendragon mentioned);
4. Building "bad" items because you know your teammates will be angry when they see them.

All in all, it comes down to the golden rule:

"Treat summoners [and Yordles] the way you would like to be treated."

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  1. SSJSuntasticJanuary 22, 2013

    Maybe he heard imaqtpie say it's the best item on ADCs right now...pretty sure he was trolling when he said that though LOL

  2. SSJSuntasticJanuary 23, 2013

    Hi Scott, that's an interesting idea. I think it would be similar to the queue system they have on World of Warcraft, but it would extend queue times by quite a bit. You're also very right in the fact that Riot's probably against setting a "meta", since it stagnates the natural strategy development of the game.

  3. I agree with you whole heartedly about the meta, but it drives me nuts! No one can play Jarvan or Karth bot lane until someone on the 'pro scene' does it. If you do, you are labeled a troll and you have to listen to the rage fest the whole time. We talk about this kind of stuff in your team comp sections all the time. Even though things aren't 'meta' you can do them, and if you communicate, THEY WORK! Leona / Jarvan bot lane = Legit. lol.

    I guess a reason I bring it up was Pendragon's comment about skill gap. If someone is only good at jungle and top, and they are towards the bottom of the list, and those positions are picked before hand with no one willing to play something else...then that person is pretty much screwed which leads into what he was saying about 'learning a champion'. While I agree with him to an extent, I honestly believe that way of thinking lead to toxicity in the community. And/or leads to what you said, you will eventually lose enough ELO to play semi decent in other rolls you get stuck with. Lose lose?

  4. Durem FeetkillerJanuary 23, 2013

    Sometimes i try different items, but it depends on the game, and team...
    If there is also that i hate, is people who call themselves "trolls" making you lose the game, dying stupidly... Dude.. you're not a troll, you're a fucking asshole!
    I've trolled sometimes, but never tried to lose a game, always played for the victory, but some people says "you're trolling, so i'll feed" O.o...
    Wathever, if you feel i deserve report, report me, if riot thinks i deserve to be banned, ban me, be a man!

  5. Yea, I guess that's what blind pick is for eh? Can't see this happening. There will always be those 'elitest' people who say you can't do 2 top. Even though you've seen in tourneys that a 7-8 min tower is fantastic for team gold. But it's's not the 'meta'. Thanks for the comments guys!

  6. Good post... Some people just like to say everyone is trolling when in fact, they're not.

    Anyway, although the following reasons are not trolling per se, the one doing these is doing a disservice to the other players of the team.

    Trying out a new build because you think it might work;
    - why not just try a new build in normal for a couple of games?

    Not purchasing wards and buying other items instead
    - wards saves lives and ends lives(of your enemies). If you find yourself getting ganked a lot in your lane, it's best to invest your 75 g to stop the enemies from getting a 200+ gold + creeps. Otherwise, you'll end up feeding, and thus pull the team down and get reported.

  7. I have a friend that I love when he plays mid and I'm jungler because he always gets normal ward + pink whenever he knows enemy laner/jungler warded something or when we want to sneak dragon, etc.

    Too bad not everyone thinks that way.. "OMG I'M ADC I CAN'T WARD WTF"


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