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Jan 30, 2013

New "Special" User Positions Available on PBE: The Huntsmen


Ever want a fancy colored username like the one pictured above? Well they're generally reserved for Riot employees and few very old players. However, a new one is available as they announced a little over an hour ago on the PBE forum! It's called "The Huntsman"; check out the official post below for details on how to get it!
Greetings summoners!

JD here, and I wanted to introduce to you a new volunteer program being piloted called The Huntsmen. The TL;DR is this: The Huntsmen are passionate players on a mission. That mission is to find and report bugs in the Public Beta Environment (PBE) so that Riot QA can squash more of them before hitting the LIVE environments.

Below is a brief FAQ introducing the program. If you have any additional questions, please ask them below.


How Can I Get Involved?
It’s easy; If you have a PBE account, just help focus your efforts on finding bugs. Check the PBE forums for open issues and issues currently being tracked, and help contribute to the conversation with The Huntsmen. They’re there to help guide those conversations and organize the seeking and destroying of these bugs!

How do I become a Huntsman?
For now, like all other volunteer programs, Huntsmen are recruited based on pretty basic criteria: How active a player is on the PBE server and forums, how helpful they are to the PBE community, how substantial their input is and are they sportsman who follow the summoner’s code. Exceptional players that stand out from the crowd are identified and encouraged into the program.

In the future, the process for applying to volunteer programs will be more open than this.

How do I identify a Huntsman?
Like other volunteers, Huntsmen are identified by a unique icon and username color on the forums. Their color is dark blue, and they’ll have the “Huntsmen” title under their avatar.

I don’t have a PBE account, how do I get one?
Registration for the PBE is opened and closed periodically. The PBE is limited in size, and only so many people can play on it concurrently. We noticed login queues were consistently too high, and have metered registrations to help mitigate. Keep an eye out on the PBE forums for when registrations open.

This doesn’t mean you can’t be active though! Finding bugs on the LIVE environment (especially localization bugs in international territories) would be a huge help, and can be reported on the Bug Report forums. Source
Sound cool to you? Are you going to try and become a Huntsman? Comment below!

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  1. SSJSuntasticJanuary 31, 2013

    Sorry dimitar, it was a slow day.

  2. I mean it's usless update for the game, not for the website "nerfplz".You always give us the news and everyday i watch here and youre the best ! But im talking specifically about the title Huntsman, also sorry if offend you and sorry for my great english ! :)

  3. imo this is a good update, just because it will give riot better feedback on the pbe by encouraging players with a fancy new name. Even though that the people who know better are probably the ones that would give decent feedback anyway and wouldn't be enticed by that in the first place....... Who knows.


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