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Jan 20, 2013

FOTM Report: IEM Katowice Shows Olaf Love and Warmog's Favoritism

In the recent IEM Katowice Tournament we've seen a myriad of picks and bans, some expected, and some a little more unusual. However, one thing that stood out more than any other was Olaf as the #1 champion on the radar for picks and bans collectively.

Chart by Polarclaw

As you can see from above, save for Olaf, the common solo queue monsters Kha Zix, Evelynn, and Shen followed suit on the professional radar. One possibly reason Olaf has been showing up more often than other champions might be his versatility and his ability to 1v2 easily, especially if given blue buff. Naturally, he's also got some very favorable 1v1 matchups as well.

Meanwhile, Warmogs seems to be getting some extra lovin' lately as we've seen it built on almost everyone lately, including common tanky champions you know and love, but also other heroes like Urgot and Kha'Zix as well.

HP stacking is definitely the way to go right now with the excessive amount of magic and armor penetration floating about. As we all know, Riot's against favoring one item heavily over every other one though, so expect some tweaks in the future!

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  1. Arif GökdaşJanuary 20, 2013

    lol:D new nerfs are coming for kha :D

  2. Health stacking actually isn't an effective counter to penetration since your effective health is much lower unless you have health AND armor or health AND Mres. The only way it's "effective" is if you build all health and absolutely no resists, but then you're taking true damage from everything, so...

    Still, health stacking is effective on a few popular champions, notably Shen and Olaf. I also do think Warmog's is an effective item since it offers a lot of health SUSTAIN in addition to just tons of flat health. It could be the regen is the deal-breaker here, as well as the cost efficiency. Still, I'm honestly surprised Warmog's is the go-to item when Randuin's is actually really powerful as well. Strong passive, strong active, more effective health against armor.

    Time will tell what gets nerfed, though, if anything, and of course, how the meta evolves. I hope this misconception that health is king of all defenses gets dispelled pretty quickly, though. Play a few rounds as Vladimir and it becomes pretty obvious how ineffective that tactic is.


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